Thursday, March 20, 2014

A little catching up..

I know.. Two posts in two days?! I'm on a roll! Lol... It is crazy how life changes from year to year and where your life can take you. I do apologize for not blogging as I once did.. I am still making things... But I tend to be on Facebook instead. Yes I finally broke down and opened a Facebook account. For me, it's more private and I can see Family:) But I do miss my blog friends! If your on Facebook- and I know who you are.. Come find me:) I plan on opening a page for Katie's Corner, just haven't gotten around to it yet... 

So enough with all the crap you don't wanna hear... And on to the pictures:)
This is a church I built recently. I had planned on making four, but didn't realize how much work was going to go into one, lol. 
Every piece of wood was hand cut, painted several times, and sanded before being added to the house. I wanted a beachy/shabby chic feel to it:)
I so love how it turned out.. I kinda don't want to list it:) But I will sometime in the near future. 

Next is a birdhouse clock that I have decided not to sell.. Only because I added something personal to it. The time happens to be an anniversary date:) I would however like to get my hands on more clock kits one day to make some for the store. 
And my last picture is of a Mushroom house that seems to have become another unfinished house. It needs door hardware, the inside needs to be done- but I wasn't thinking of how to get my hand in the hole when I was making it- duh! And I have a small base for it that I want to landscape. 
Not even sure what scale this house is, It's less than 8 inches tall. And so stinking cute:) 

So as you can see I have been trying to do something.. I've just been quiet:) 
Hope all of you are doing well.. And Thank you to those of you that have gotten in contact with me to check on me:) I really do appreciate it!

Until Next Time...


Ara said...

Its great to see you on Blogger. I am trying to get back into reading and keeping up with my blog buddies! The little church is adorable! Love the mush room house too! I just started a Facebook page for Bentley House Productions like 2 days ago... Would love to see you on there too! -Ara

Marisa said...

Katie your little mushroom house is cute :)


De said...

I love the mushroom house! If it's ok with you, I may borrow your idea for a personal project for me. It wouldn't be to sell. Of course, mine wouldn't be anywhere near as cute as yours. :-)

Katie said...

No Problem! I'd love to see what you do:)

Katie said...

Thank you Marisa!!

Carolyn said...

So cute - love the little church. Maybe the fairies or the pixies will come and furnish the inside of the mushroom house when you're not looking!

CA Verstraete said...

You've been busy. That mushroom house is adorable. Hope all is well with you.