Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Polymer clay bracelets

The beads on these bracelets have been made out of polymer clay. The first picture is of a set that I made for my daughter and I. Her bracelet has daisy spacer beads and a pair of flip-flops . Mine has roses and a high-heel. These next 2 bracelets have silver foil in them. This 'coral' braclet has a natural look to it.
This one reminds me of a storm at sea..... The Purple one, even made a charm to go with it.

An orangy-yellow one....

A beach one.....with a sea horse! Another beach themed one, this time with a sea shell...
Oh, and this one has frogs!

Dryer Lint

Well.......what can I say? I forget to clean my dryer lint out all the time! Yes, I know..it's a very bad habit.......But from this bad habit, I have found something beautiful! This picture reminds me of the layers of earth, maybe it's slice out of a mountain or hill? Either way, I love it!

My Favorite Rocks

Did I ever tell you that I love rocks??? haha
These rocks here are my favorites!! They are made from polymer clay and acrylic paint. These rocks have been wet sanded up to 1500 grit sandpaper, then polished with a pair of jeans.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Yellowstone River

This is part of The Yellowstone River in Montana. I've used polymer clay as my medium. After combining different scraps of clay into color piles, I put each color pile into my mini food processor, one color at a time, until small balls of clay are formed. (My food processor is used for clay only...it is NOT to be used for cooking again.) Then I 'painted' with the different balls of clay.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Inspired by Christi Friesen

So, a few months ago, my Mom bought me all of Christi Friesen books. Isn't Mom great! The books are BEAUTIFUL!! There are 4 books total, Dragons, Welcome to the Jungle, Under the Sea, and Cats: big and small. I don't think I can find the words to describe her creativity! Her personality shines through the pages as you read. Every page has idea after idea of what to do and how to do it. If you ever buy a polymer clay book, I highy suggest you checking hers out!! Check out her site: http://www.cforiginals.com/ You won't regret it. But for now, here a few of my creatures that I made while 'studying' her books.

This poor little fella got burned in the toaster oven...but I think it adds character! These lions are from the Cats book.

Here are a few out of the Under the Sea book.I don't think you will find this guy in her books, he was more of expression of the techinques I learned......It's a hedgehog

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Hobbit Hole, Up Close and Personal

Just a few more pictures of the detail in The Hobbit Hole.......

The Clay Rocks

The Clay Rocks

I've always loved rocks.

I've used polymer clay to make the rocks. Then I used kids rings, carved pencil erasers, and old coins to stamp into the rocks. After they were baked, they were sanded to perfection. They feel just like real rocks....but are much lighter!
The lower rock was made differently then the top rocks. I will get back to how I made this rock when I can get more pictures of the other rocks. They really are pretty!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The cakes...

Here are some of the cakes from The Cake House. This first one, is one of the bigger cakes......hopefully the picture helps you understand how little they are. All cakes are made out of polymer clay, and NO, you can NOT eat them!!
This is the first cake I made.
This cake might be for a spring wedding?

A Valentine's cake.
The Wedding Dress Cake

My Favorite.....
The cake with the 'silk' flowing down the side.
... and The Red Rose Cake.

The Cake House


All cakes are made out of polymer clay. Their stands and the furniture are made out of wood. I custom painted all the furniture and the floor to match the scrapbook paper I have used as wallpaper.

This bookcase is my favorite. I made it out of bosawood, and was so very proud of myself when it didn't collapse! I must remember to thank my best friend's Mom for teaching me how to build with it so very long ago. There are cookies on the shelfs; chocolate chip, sugar cookies, and even a few cookies with someone's initals embedded into them. In the picture above, there is a 'wedding dress' cake.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The English Cottage

Thought I'd share my English Cottage. It's still not quite finished, I'd like to make a sidewalk in front of the house with lots foliage. The first step is to make all the lumber and bricks. I added embossing powder to my bricks and stones to make them look more real.

Here is a close up of the 'lumber' and stones.

Here is the begining of the front door. I LOVE MY door knocker!!!

Here I have added the wall panels, the wood and added the door.

Here is a close up of the roof shingles. And then a picture of the house with the shingles added. I have also added the windows and the stones.

And here is a picture of the almost finshed house.