Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And then there was more....

LOL...You know me! I can't just make one! The one in the middle is the first one I made....and then I added some more texture to the beards of the next batch...I think they look much better!

Then I got to thinking....scary thought! I know! But I figured Santa was gonna need an I made this guy.

......and I had this guy in my lap the whole time! Although I must say, he kept me nice and warm:)

Then I made some more the bright white, just don't like the new noses...

Then I found my sparkly red! made a few more Santa's! These don't have heads yet cause I wanted to show you what they looked like before the beard covered up all my detail work.

I find the best way to do them is a few at a time.....You actually have to stop in between the white and red and wash you hands so your not making your white, pink! That first snowman took me a few hours to I can make a 5 in a few hours:) ....and I'd probably work faster if I turned the TV off......

Then after staring at the front of this book for hours, I decided to make a penguin....Thinking he might get a Santa hat too at some point! tub is getting fuller!!

...and considering the first elf I made was a little top heavy....I made a few more of those, too. But they have a 'pig' look to I'll have to think on that....maybe if they were to get a Santa hat as well they wouldn't look like pigs....But then again, they might just look like pigs with Santa Hats on.....LOL! I think it's the nose....or maybe those ears??

What about a 'skinny' Santa? He's not as plump as the rest! But still Cute!!

I love my little Christmas Army.....

Wonder what else I can make??
....until next time.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I've been busy!

Let's see.....

I decorated the tree a little more. Made some stars from polymer clay, then painted them gold....also added gold bells......and some confetti~ red gingerbread men and some gold one from Valentines Day that say 'Love'. I just need to add bows...but I can't make little bows. I have tried, and they're not I may have to get Cora to try it, or beg Mom to make some...That's after I get her to make a quilted tree skirt....among the many other things I have lined up for her to do. We have lots of little sewing projects for her:)

I repainted these business card holders Mom gave us! They look a lot better in person, and really add a lot of character to the room.

And I got the trim done in the dining room!!! I never did find that blue tape, had to go buy more....then I lost my tool used to cut angles~ and had to eye-ball everything.......And.......

Now if I could get the furniture on the left to look like the side table on the right.....Oh, and please excuse the lady in the background.....had to use her for her weight:)'s what the living room now looks like.....

...and a picture of the whole thing.....See how much better the dining room looks now that it has all that trim up???

I've also been working on some printies....Made a few mini Christmas cards......

...and then today I made some minis for Cora's cabinet.........
This little guy is My Favorite!! He's just adorable!
...and this little guy was made with white clay verses pearl clay like the others. He's so much brighter!! And cuter!
I'm still in the Christmas mood who knows what else I'll make??
Until Next Time........

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Well, First let me start by wishing All of you a Very Merry Christmas!!! I hope all your wishes came true and that everyone was able to enjoy the company of their family and friends!

We spent the day next door, cooking, some more.....and we got their tree up and decorated! It was nice to be around so many 'happy' people during the holidays! We came home stuffed, and promptly went to bed! We opened presents this morning.......and now all my kids are at their other families house.....for the whole week:) maybe, Just maybe!! I can finish this:

Welcome to Cora's half finished living/dining room!!!
This is what it's looked like for the past six months.......

Terrible! I know!!

But I had to wait till we had our Christmas money before I could order her her dining room set..... She got a table, 6 chairs and this cabinet......I have started filling it with some of my Christmas minis....that canister on the bottom I've had for at least 15 years.....It one of my favorites! Says "Reindeer Rations" on the side...How cute is that!! And I have recently started to collect mini Christmas plates. The one of the top I've had since childhood, and the other one I ordered last year form HBS. The one I ordered for this year is on back order:(

I found a white tree at Wallmart for a dollar! Added a string of red beads...and then glued some gold beads onto the ends of the branches. Also added the Santa Star to the top....isn't he neat?! It still needs some more decorations.....thinking I might have to break out the polymer clay for that though:)

Also ordered these 2 chairs. I'm still trying to figure out how I like the living room most, but I guess If I really think about it, it doesn't really matter how I want it, now does it, lol!

But I will say this...there's still lots to do.....
Trim needs to go up...
The dining room set needs to be a dark walnut color....and not RED!!
The dining room chairs need to be recovered!
Curtains need to be made then hung....
Pictures need to go up onto the walls!!
She needs plants.....rugs....
...and I'm sure if I sat here long enough I could think of a million more things....but instead....I'm going to turn the computer off....and go find my blue tape so I can get started on the trim...You wouldn't know where it is, would you?? LOL
So until Next Time!
Enjoy the rest of your holidays!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

And on the 6th day of Christmas....

Otis ate the tree!

Well....we knew at some point Otis was going to remember how fun the Christmas tree was.....and needless to say~ the tree lasted 6 days...I must say, I'm Impressed!

Let me tell you now....Otis has a temper! And when he wants to do something, He wants to Do it Right now!! He's very persistent!

No, we're Not hurting him......we're trying to get him out of the lights without getting attacked!!
He managed to pull off the whole bottom layer of branches and was fighting the bf over them......He was having too much fun chewing on everything!!
......See my Tree!!
And just look at our Angel!! (That would be the Barbie in the blue dress that is hanging on for her life!!) Not to mention all the presents on the floor that Otis cleared out, too!
Dang gone it! This is My tree!!!

.....No, it's Otis' tree!! LOL
Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Garland, anyone?

Ok....first I want to get this post out....then later this week, I'll be back with the rest! And before I forget...thank-you for all the suggestions on how to upload that video...I will be trying that again real soon!

So.....While trying to rack my brain about what to make for my parents this idea came to me...Garland! One can never have enough Garland right??? I had a lot of scrap booking paper with a Christmas made this....
(This is the garland for our tree....) usual, we had help decorating the tree!
And a new angel......LOL.....Cora thought it was a good idea! OK, so I have learned one thing about Garland making.....when you think you have enough, double it! I am definitely going to have to keep my eye out for some more blue Christmas paper.
When I ran out of Scrap book paper, I drug out those outdated calendars I collect. (There's so much to do with the pictures from calendars!! The pictures on the back make for great mini prints!!) So....This is how I cut it....down the middle first.....
...then in to one inch strips........
Then take 2 (I really like how it looks when there's something to look at on the inside of the loops, too!!) So take 2 strips, put the ugly backs together......and wrap it around in a circle, and staple, twice. The tropical calendar will be turned into Garland for a beachy themed tree....The traditional red, green, and white one will be going on my Mom's tree......And there's even one I made with a garden calendar! Let me warn you now......This can be very addicting!
.....And it is in NO way cat proof. Long story short....Otis sat in the box where I was keeping these....and seeing as they're made from paper, they didn't hold up. Very, very upsetting......and now I'm outta pretty paper! Dang cat!!

Speaking of cats.....Just thought I'd share with you a pic of JD sleeping in the dirty dishes........ how he has his foot in that little bowl.....silly kitty!!! Cracks me up...there's 4 beds in the house and he's in the Dishes????
One more picture for the road???
Here's Momma kitty and 4 of her babies....
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I finally got all my Christmas cards out the other day, and other than a few stocking stuffers, I think I'm done. I've taken the month off from the doctor appointments. I can't run from being 'sick', but I can take a month away from the 'drama' at the doctors office. I just need a break, ya know. I will start at the beginning again next year, but for the rest of this year, I just want to sit back and relax! So........

Until Next Time........

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Can't Go That Way!

OK....bare with me here...this is my first official You Tube's a little dark.....but has had me and the kids rolling on the floor! Let me know what you think!! :)

oh...and how in the world do I actually put the video on my blog??

Friday, December 11, 2009

Some fun gifts!

Chris from Candid Canine recently sent me a package......and I'd thought I'd share everything with you......

First is a puppy for Cora's House

Then there's these awesome green high heels.....They are so cute!!

Next we have some prints....a bunny....and a little basket with some little books in it.

Then there was Christmas stuff! A cake, and cookies...a wreath, a puppy with a Santa hat on...and one of Santa's boots.

She also included some more plants for my little haunted dinner, Frankie's Place, which has totally outgrown it's own room box! Although I think the one with the little pink flower may go into Katie's Corner. It's one of my favorites!!

And then there was a terrarium! How neat is that!!! Thanks again Chris for all these fun gifts!!!

I also wanted to include some pictures of these kitties that my Dad recently brought back from Belgium. :)

They each have stickers on the bottom that say 'Hand-painted'......

And last but not least...we have another pic of Fred in one of her comfy spots......