Thursday, December 15, 2011

OK....If You didn't know by now...

I'm a weirdo! I know it! I'm not afraid to share it.... But I have been trying to keep it off the world wide web here lately while I ride these meds out. However.... I said that, Unless anything else interesting happening, I wouldn't be back..... and then I got into another car accident. Yup! But this time.... It wasn't my fault. Actually if you ask me, it wasn't really the other guys fault either, but he's the one that walked away with the ticket. I was coming back from picking up dinner when he was pulling out from a stop sign and hit me in the front- on the other side from where I hit the other other lady a few weeks ago. Other than my shoulder really hurting and I now need all the lights on the other side of my car replaced, everything is OK. My nerves are not... and I really don't want to drive any where... At All.... But when your the only one in the house with a driver's license..... you kinda have to.

I don't know.... the whole thing has got me thinking.... Thinking that someone out there is trying to say something to me.... And without offending anyone or without getting into some big long discussion on religion.... We will just say I tend to question it a lot..... and was asking my self if a higher power wasn't trying to tell me something... so I googled "subliminal messages from God, car accidents" and I shit you not the first thing to come up was a add for the Chrysler 300-
..........................................the Car that I got hit by last night!...... Umm hello.... I had to laugh- If that wasn't eerie then I don't know what is.... I still don't know what it is that I'm suppose to take away from all of this. And believe me it will drive me crazy until I do. Yes, I am one of those people that over think life, lol. Have no fear though, there are other things in my life that I am able to start relaxing about now..... I finally found some paperwork I've been looking for that I lost earlier this summer.... and Over the weekend I found a pair of earrings that I thought I had hid in Cora's dollhouse(I've been looking for those everyday since August!!). I was at the point where I was looking in pots and pans, digging through drawers, and had even begun picking threw the curtains before I decided to look in my jewelry box....again....for the 30th time.... and there they were.... as if they'd just magically been put there..... If I didn't know any better, I'd swear there's a ghost in my house that is playing horrible tricks on me, but I just keep telling myself it's this God Damn Medicine. I do think it's working though.... :D ... I haven't had the night sweats in weeks- but it's got my crying most of the day, and it's giving my heart one heck of a work out.... Other than that life is just Grand, LMAO......

And I have I'm thinking 50 half finished 'Christmas' Birdhouses sitting on my table. Another side effect of the medicine-extreme procrastination, lol. I'm close to being done with some of them though....the little ones just need roofs, and I have some with doorknobs that I'm going to try and add snow topped roofs to. Oh- and I have new ones with faucets as perches! I have several bigger ones drawn out.... and I have tons of ideas, I just can't seem to stay focused on anything. Hopefully after Christmas.... when all the holidays go away I can try and focus and I'm just going to have to list Christmas stuff all though the Spring. Then it will be on to the bunnies:) If anything I will try and have some preview pictures for you this weekend.
But for now.... I gotta figure out how to get rid of this Bah Hum Bug attitude.
I don't want it rubbing off on the family, but I'm afraid it already has. Maybe I can learn to like Eggnog?

**Thought I'd throw in some pictures of what we call 'The MarshMallows'.... They've got their winter coats on and are as big as houses....Two big White fluffy cats with black helmet heads..... That's Boogs in the top picture and Freddy in the bottom. And then there's me... I donated my hair recently! did I tell you? I have thick hair- so they were able to get 4- 10 inch pony tails! And as you can see.... it's still pretty long(I was able to sit on it before I cut it).... My father would have a Fit if I cut it any shorter- Yes! Even at my age! lol It's what happens when you come from a family of all girls. And it is soooo much easier to take care of now- My heart loves it! lol

Until Next Time

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Red Paint and a Squirrel Tail...

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays...... We did. We spent a quiet evening at home with the kids:) Of course the drama was over where the turkey was going to be cooked. Our oven is not working at the moment.... And I had decided I wanted to try and cook the turkey in a Crock Pot- But I couldn't seem to find a Turkey small enough to fit in our Over sized pot... So then our neighbor offered to let me use her kitchen seeing as she was going to be at her families' all day. Then the day before Thanksgiving she calls me to tell me the her power is out in her kitchen. So we called an Electrician.... and I have a good friend who also called around the same time and offered to bring me a roaster. Well around the same time the Electrician showed up, so did the power company, and the pouring down Rain mind you, lol.... Seems other neighbors were having similar problems... and something about something that is way over my head- but by the end of the evening the power was working again... and all was well. LOL. Turkey got cooked on a bed of red apples and was delicious! But very dramatic, lol.

So..... I ordered a stamp for my store. I figured I stamp my signs, only seems nature to have a store stamp right. I ordered it from The Stampin' Place on Etsy. Really good customer service- Really quick turn around and shipping! And I have stamped everything! LOL.... No Casey- The cats did not get stamped, lol.... although the new box of cat litter that sat in the living room for too long did, lol. And so did that stick in the picture, lol. I know it's only half a stamp- but at least it's the part with my website...plug, plug.

But let's talk about this red paint. I've been working on this order for a friend for Christmas. She wanted signs to give her friends for Christmas.... I made them, took them out side to seal them- but I've been having problems with the sealer. At first I was thinking it was the weather. Then I thought it was clogged. I soaked it, poked it... and that didn't work.... so I bought a new can. And made the dumb mistake of spraying all the signs. Those are the ones in the bottom set. Well.... now they are frosty....

You can see it better in this picture. Look at the middle sign. That has a coat of sealer on it. Do you see what I mean. The top sign does not. I could kick myself in the butt for spraying ALL those signs. I tried to sand the frost off ( see the 3rd sign down in th epic) but then it started sanded off the ink, too. So I just redid them.... those are the ones in the picture above in the top half of the pic. I still have to cut them down, sand them and age them..... but I refuse to send something that is less then what I would want. I think I might try and Modge podge the frosty ones to see if I can't save those. I've spent way too much time on them to just throw them away.

Now see... I sprayed this 'lady' sign with those red ones yesterday and you can't tell! It looks fine?! This is a hand carved stamp that I made a loooong time ago. Don't think this one will be going in the shop, but if your interested, I can make one for you.

...Now who does this remind you of?
Too cute- I just had to buy this set!

OK.. I must warn you... If you gross out easy- You might want to leave now..... Sorry

My youngest was walking through the backyard the other afternoon... When he yelled:
"Ahhh Gross- Maa- There's a dead Squirrel in the yard..... Oh wait- Nevermind- It's just a Tail!"


Thanks Guys!

...until next time....
I'm off to start listing the unfrosty signs...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birdhouses are Listed!

OK.... So I know it took a lot longer than it should of..... but those that are done are up and listed in Etsy... and there only a few small ones left to finish and list. I only made 3 big ones... and they are listed. I won't make any more to sell. For one, I can't find the other sheet I bought, and 2- I like knowing there's only going to be 3 OOAKs! (Although I may make one ooak for Cora's Gothic room at a later date?- if I ever figure out what I did with that other sheet of stickers?!)

This red one has an image on the front and an image on the back... You can see all the pictures over in Etsy:)

There's only 2 of these little ones.... A black one and a grey one.... Sally is so sweet....

I LOVE this one.... Almost don't want to part with it.....

I have this set.... and then there is another set I still have to photograph- but I ran out of sun:(

The weather here has been horrible for pictures! I had about 20 minutes of sun and then it was gone. Tomorrow is Turkey day... and well..... I will explain that after I figure that out. drama- LOL! For now.... I'm going to go clean up the mess I've made, and prepare for all that cooking we're about to do! You all be safe! I'm thinking about you all. I might not blog or comment.. or email... but I do think about all of You. I wonder if You're out playing in that snow, and damn- I missed my opportunity for Monster acorns again... or if my mother has sent You those dang on bobbins yet.... or if You've made it back from your trip yet? Of if Your hanging in there.... There's a lot of Yous out there that I think about.... I will get back into to the grove of things one day. But for now....

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Those new birdhouses...

While walking through the mall the other day I came across these nail stickers and just knew they need to be made into some birdhouses....

Then yesterday I went back and bought another pack because if you look close there is only one single Jack sticker....and well.... I wanted one to sell and one to keep! Cora's going to need one of these in her Gothic room! To date, these are the most expensive nail stickers I have bought! But totally worth it.....

...and here's some of the birdhouses I've been working on. Each house was hand cut out of Basswood, and no two are the same. I measure each one as I go, so they are not totally perfect... But to me, that's what gives them their charm.... Then the real work begins. They get painted.... crackled, sanded, painted again, ...etc, etc.... and then some where in between all that...

...a nail sticker gets added......

...and then......'ll have to

Until Next Time.......

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Maybe it wasn't that expensive after all....

You know... It's a good thing my oldest is in that auto mechanics program at school now that his Ding-Bat of a mother is driving around town playing bumper cars, huh. I tried to avoid that phone call to the insurance company yesterday explaining that I was a jackass, but they seemed to beat me to the punchline and called me in the afternoon 'to check on me'... Turns out I've got better coverage than I thought I had and the two cars I hit are covered. All I have to pay for is the ticket I got for being a moron and the light that I took out on my car. And with my handy dandy son knowing how to work on cars.... He'll be changing that out that light for me this afternoon After I get the courage up to get back in that car to go buy a new one, lol......

Then I have a preview of those birdhouses I've been talking about...... all I'll say is I came across some nail stickers at the mall..... and that's all she wrote.....

Until Next Time.....

Monday, November 7, 2011

That was one expensive cup of Hot Chocolate!

OK.... This should be my last Med update until I find out if it works.... which won't be for several more months, so unless something else happens, that trumps today.... I'm going to leave it alone, OK? Promise.....

But First.... I gotta go back to last week.
I finally sat down and wrote a letter to the doctor. I figure it would be easier than trying to explain it on an answering machine or to some nurse who would have No idea as to what I was talking about. So last Tuesday.... I ran the letter out there, addressed to his main PA.... because I know how busy the doctor himself is..... And Friday he called me back. This medicine is giving my mind a run for it's money... As I put it.... My mind has turned into mash potatoes! Last week I went to grocery store to purchase a birthday cake for my son.... got sidetracked by some yummy looking bread.... thought about what I was going to make for dinner, went grocery shopping.... and it wasn't until about 6 hours later, when I was at home in bed, that it dawned on me that I had completely forgotten to order his cake! I repeat myself to the kids, ask them the same questions.... And then today.....

I T-Bone someone! Yup! Me. The girl who's never been in an accident....The girl with no tickets. And I was not even a block away from the house. Totally my fault! I was turning into 7-11... Trying to see if there was any parking spaces.... and I just didn't see the little white car coming at me when I turned.... Well, when I hit her, she hit the parked car that was sitting on the side of the road. Luckily No one got hurt! But I sure made a mess out of her car! And I swear to Whom ever... It's this Gosh damn medicine! I just don't go around t-boning people. I'm that girl that gets yelled at for driving to slow! You know- They call me "Driving Miss Daisy".... Needless to say..... I was a mess.... Another side effect of the medicine- I can't stop crying! So I called the bf on the phone and asked him to bring me my 'Volume' (as the kid calls it) because at this point, one of my other side effects..... My Heart..... was kicking in. Yes, I'm now getting runs of my SVT again... which means my heart beat is in the 130s- 150s sometimes. Now I take meds for this anyways... and my heart doc knows about this. Remember I have a healthy heart, I just have electrical issues.... but when one of those electrical issues starts to act up, the rest follow, and as I was told, "I was an emotional wreck!"........LMAO- And here I thought I held myself up pretty well. After all was said and done, I had the bf drive the car home, I got my hot chocolate from 7-11 and I walked! No more driving for me! I still have to call the insurance company to tell them I f*ck*d up.... but I just don't have it in me yet. I'm honestly ready for a nap. lol

Anyways.... When I talked to the doctor the other day.... They told me to go ahead and keep taking the meds. The are aware of what it is doing to me, but we both want to see what the outcome will be, and as long as the symptoms aren't too bad, and as long as I keep my butt out of the car.... I think I'll be OK...... He said my body should start to adjust to the meds after a while, so that's a bit of good news right.....

Now lets just pray it works.

Until Next Time

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The kinda days I live for!

Figured it was about time I did a Happy post! (as Rufus runs right across the keyboard- Damn cats!) Sunday was my Youngest 13th Birthday! I can Now officially say I have 3 teenagers....
13, 14, and 15...... and as I said to my Mother the other day... "HELP!" lol
OMG! What am I in for? lol
So this is my baby.... all grown up- covering his ears as his buddies are Screaming Happy Birthday to him! In his defense- It was rather loud!

Of course no party is ever complete without Emma- my Daughter's 50 pound Moose. I swear she's the biggest cat we know, with the tiniest, daintiest legs you've ever seen! Too cute!

OK..... I'll spare my Ex the embarrassing after shot photo of his face.... But I won't spare him the story... Bah hahahahaaaa..... Oh this Good! Don't get me wrong- Me and my Ex get along really good- But I sure do love it when this kind of stiff happens. So my son got the tube thing for his birthday.... but couldn't figure out how to open it.... Me, I was standing in the back, behind all the boys- which by the way- have grown sometime in the last year, because I now have to stand on my tippie toes to see over them (And I'm 5'10)...anyways.... I hear a "Pull this" and a BANG and the boys I'm standing behind, back me into the kitchen.... and all you see is smoke! And here's comes my ex, Bent over.... barely whispering "They shot me!"....... And well... You know me..... I'm on the floor at this point laughing..... Because I'm realizing this tube is one of those party confetti things and what my ex if referring to- is the fact that the 'boys' have just shot him with is a tube of confetti- Right in the gut! ...... And then he says to me..... All calm like...... "Ya know, It really isn't all that funny!"..... ROTFL....... I just had to walk away at that point and help my daughter clean up the mess..... there was even confetti in the kitty litter! I'm sure my ex will be finding that stuff in his house for months! LOL.....
Poor Guy!

Cameron decided he wanted a Halloween themed cake this year so I found a Frankenstein cupcake cake at Farmfresh. Anyone want to try in it mini?

And I know it was Cameron's Birthday, but it seems my daughter has hogged up my camera. She decided she wanted to be a pretty ghost....If you look close you'll notice she has flowers on her white sheet and a unicorn in her hands- and a wee bit of a crooked face, lol. (Mind you we had to take the scissors away from her- she thought she was going to cut the eye holes out while she still had the sheet on her head- duh!) Only my daughter!

See..... at the end of a bad day..... I'll always have the kiddos to make me laugh....

Until Next Time....

Monday, October 31, 2011


There's a scam artist out there trying to get you.... and his emails go a little something like this... I have copied and pasted mine in here so you get the idea...... (When he realized I was on to him, he went back and deleted the ones he had sent to me- but the dumb ass forgot about my sent box!)

Day 1:
On 09/30/11, John Benson wrote:
Hello,My name is John Benson,I want to place an order in your store,I will like to know if you ship to Philippines .Do you accept credit card?.Get back to me with your website/price list.I will await your prompt response.
Best RegardJohn Benson

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011
Subject: Re: Order Inquiry
Sorry.... when I first looked at this it almost looked like a virus?! I hope I am wrong!

Yes I can send to the Philippines. And you can order from my store here:
I do believe you can pay with a credit card directly there! Thank you for your interest!

On 10/12/11, john benson wrote:
Dear Katie,

Good to read back from you . below are the Items I want to order,

Birdhouse- Dollhouse Miniature
50 Quality

3 Miniature Birdhouses- Dollhouse Miniatures
50 Quality

1)My Customer's ID # : D7LO231101LOP
2)Delivery Full Address:
16 Ayala Avenue,
Makati City,
Metro Manila, Philippines 1226

Concerning the shipment,the likes of UPS,FEDEX and POST OFFICE always don't take care of the charges down here. Charges like handling, customs duties,tax etc. I have experienced such situation before and I don't want to be the victims of such a thing again. I will be glad if you contact this freight forwarder LECH TECH LOGISTICS for shipping quote.The shipping company will arrange the pick-up of my order from your store,so you don't have any stress to face in shipping processing at all.Here is their email address ( ,Not that I can't deal with the shipper directly,but they always prefer to deal with the store where they will be doing the pick up in other to reduce the customs duties and other charges.They have a way of preparing their shipment documents whereby the custom duties payment on this goods will be reduced and if I wanted to pay for the custom duties and other charges, at times it is 40% of the whole package amount.I do trust LECH TECH LOGISTICS ,if not I wouldn't have recommend them for my shipment.They are very reliable and fast.They will take care of everything including Handling, Customs duties,Tax, Insurance etc.Contact them to obtain a quote and get back to me in the format bellow:

Once I have these details from you, I will get back to you with my credit card information,so you can charge and make the necessary shipping arrangements.

NOTE:The freight company will need these 5 information to get you a quote,so provide them with the details bellow:
1)My Customer's ID # : D7LO231101LOP
2)Delivery Full Address:
16 Ayala Avenue,
Makati City,
Metro Manila, Philippines 1226
3)Pick Up Full Address : PROVIDE YOUR ADDRESS
4)Weight Of The Consignment : PROVIDE ORDER WEIGHT
5)Momentary Value Of The Consignment : PROVIDE ORDER TOTAL COST

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011
Subject: Re: Items Needed.............................................................Contact Shipper

Hi John,
After I picked myself up off the floor, I'm really going to have to re-read this again. I'm sorry... I've never had an order this big, and am a little speechless right now...... I honestly thought this was spam from the beginning......

I can totally understand the customs issues and will contact lech tech log. and see what I can find out on my end. When I ship stuff overseas, I try and mark it as a gift so people don't have to pay that charge........but then again I generally only ship a few at a time....

As for your order, which birdhouses are you referring too...... I make several kinds and several colors..... What did you have in mind.

I usually don't check this account, but now that I know I'll be expecting another email from you.. my next reply won't take so long... Sorry about that!



On 10/21/11, john benson wrote:
Dear Katie,

Have you Contact Lech Tech with this information i gave you?Remember Lech Tech ( will need all this information below

1)My Customer's ID # : D7LO231101LOP
2)Delivery Full Address:
16 Ayala Avenue,
Makati City,
Metro Manila, Philippines 1226
3)Pick Up Full Address : PROVIDE YOUR ADDRESS
4)Weight Of The Consignment : PROVIDE ORDER WEIGHT
5)Momentary Value Of The Consignment : PROVIDE ORDER TOTAL COST

Best Regard

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011
Subject: Re: RE: Items Needed.............................................................Contact Shipper

Hi Benson...

I have Not contacted them yet, because I am still unsure of what it is that you want so I don't know how big the box would be or how much it would weigh. Nor do I know how much it would cost because I am a little unsure of what birdhouses you are referring to. I make several and I make them as I go, generally no 2 are the same. Once I get a little better understanding of what you want, I can call them with a better understand of the information you want me to give them. If you go to my store site you can tell me which birdhouses you are requesting?

On 10/25/11, john benson wrote:
Dear Katie,

I just got your email right now,Just give me any good ones that can make me happy and get back to me Asap thanks a lot.

Best Regard
And it was about right here when I found out that the whole thing was a scam.......
which you can find here:
Well Hello MR John, or whatever your name really is....

I have Googled your Lech Tech and Found a wonderful site explaining who you are and what your up to.... and I just wanted to say Thank-you for F*ck*ng up my week. You know I am a single Mom with a really bad Heart trying to take care of 3 kids and when I saw your order I was so proud of myself. I can NOT begin to tell you how crushed I was when I found out the whole thing is a scam! Shame on you!!! What a terrible thing to do to people! Didn't YOUR Momma teach YOU any better? "Just give me any good ones that can make me happy"..... what kind of crap is that? Well Buddy..... Try this some where else..... My chest hurts, my feelings are hurt... and Now I'm Pissed! Thanks!

Best Regards my Ass!

What a Joke!
Like I said......
BEWARE OF PEOPLE LIKE MR. BENSON! Or whatever his name really is......

Monday, October 24, 2011

New signs.... and a med update...

I have bought a Lot of stamps lately.... too many to admit to actually..... but this little witch has got to be one of my favorites.

I can't remember where I had seen this phrase, but I knew I had to do it in mini.... and when I found the stamp, I thought it would make a cute sign- Now to find a home for it... Anyone building a witch's flying school? lol..... Neat idea, though, huh!

Just had to share these with you..... My youngest had brought one home in a milk carton and this is what they blossomed into...... so pretty! I love the rich colors of the fall!

BTW- Like my new backgrounds for my signs? It's new neighbor's walkway, lol..... I think it looks great against my 'old' signs!
I love the saying on this one......

Sorry, but before you get your hopes up, this one has already been sold...... But I can make more, but it might not be exactly like this one because I used the middle section of a big stamp to do this... I really like it, and wasn't surprised when it was one of the first signs to sell this afternoon:)

I gotta tell you..... When I went out to take the pictures, the sun was already past my yard, so I had to go across the street and use my neighbor's walkway.... And don't you know I can't go Anywhere without The Three Stooges following me... And I thought the kids were bad, lol....

... I don't think I told you yet... But do you remember me telling you about the little boy who lived across the street with leg cancer? Well.... after they took out his leg, replaced it with the rod, went through Chemo.... Went back to get checked out again and then they found out he had lung cancer. Well they removed that, went through Chemo again.... and guess what... He just went his first year being Cancer free:) And they just moved back in next door, temporally.... but it's nice to see them again every day! I miss hearing him yell... "Hi Drew's Mom!" :)

OK... You know I gotta go there..... It time for a med update.....

Last night was my recent up dose. I'm now taking 3 pills( 75mg) of Topiramate a night (don't think I've actually told you the name of the med before.) So My toes/feet/fingers/ and hands still go numb for random reasons and actually as I type my left foot is asleep. I find myself stomping my feet in the strangest of places- like in the grocery store- between my bagging issues and now my stomping issues, I know those people think I have lost my mind!). The night sweets(LOL, I had to leave that typo- to funny sweets, lol...meant to type sweats) are gone, but I'm getting hot flashes... and I'm having a hard time maintaining my body temp so I'm drinking lots of warm fluids. I'm still not hungry. I have begun my old regime of drinking nutritional drinks in the mornings again to maintain some kind of normal for my body. Not having too much of a problem with my IBS- but then again, I'm not really eating so there's nothing there to annoy me. And in the past few days I've noticed my heart rate increasing. I have SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia) anyways, and take meds daily, but if it gets worse or to a point where I think I need to call someone I will. I know how my 'Lemon' works, and I know when to push it and I know when to back off...... at this point, I'm still 'treading water'** The worst symptom is my mind and is still really messing with me. Now there's been a LOT of 'family' drama, so I can't tell if I'm just stressed or if I'm really losing it, but I've been on meds like this before and I'm kinda thinking that it's a combo of both. You know- Forgetting if I feed the cats or not- And they don't help- They always act like they're hungry! Or When you drive to the pharmacy and end up at the post office instead, but you normally catch yourself en route... well I'm not catching myself till I get to the post office and I'm sitting there trying to figure out wtf I'm doing at the post office..... go ahead, laugh... I do. I always do! Well.... I cry, too. This med just really has my head all screwed up, lol. Up down and all around. Damn it, It better be worth it! LOL...

**When I was a kid, I grew up next to a lake. We used to go swimming all the time, some days we'd swim from the time the sun came up, to the time the sun went down, and then there were the days we'd push our luck and wait for our parents to come yell at us to get out. But it wasn't till the other day that I realized that it was then that I learned how to Really tread water. Eventually you get to the other side:)

Did I tell you I had my one year anniversary with the store:) And I didn't go bankrupt, lol. One day.... I'll get around to having a blog giveaway to celebrate, but my real life just has me all hemmed up right now. So I might be giving away pumpkins for Christmas, but you guys will understand, right?! LOL

In case you didn't notice... this is why I'm not blogging.... I'm rambling..... so instead I'm working:) I'll be starting to work on Christmas signs here soon.... If I can ever get away from the Halloween signs... They are just so addicting..... SO when you get a chance- Come check out the store:)

Until Next Time...

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's me again... fussing this time!

But I have pretty pictures... So does that help? LOL...

Please tell me why it took me walking all the way to the Post Office this morning before I realized it was a Federal Holiday and that the Post Office was closed?! Yup... my car is still dead, so I'm walking.... Now, don't go feeling bad... it's not far... And I don't mind! I actually like walking. My heart doesn't like it, lol.... But it's good for it! Walking never hurt anyone. In fact.... when I see my head doc every week, I take the stairs instead of the elevator. I don't understand why more people don't... You're only going up 2 floors people! I always tell her I know it's going to be a good day when I can actually make it up the stairs, I may be a little winded by the time I get up there, But I'm there, and that's a great feeling. The walls leading up the stairs are soooo white! And I was telling her the other day that they should paint murals on them, and that might encourage people to walk more?! Don't you agree?!

So... I went back out yesterday for one more pic op in the garden before the sun went away...... This time I tried to set up a 'Pumpkin Patch' picture. Oh- and you asked yesterday where the bench came from- I have no clue, lol... People give me things? I dunno why? lol- I'm not complaining, I like the things they give me... but I'm not sure where it originally came from. It goes in the garden- it's not 1/12 scale..... More like a giant barbie scale, but it works.... And I like the finish on it, too:)

We also had a visitor yesterday.... I tried to get her more involved in the pictures, but she was a very uncooperative ladybug! lol ...... and now that I'm seeing my kitty planter in the back- I'm thinking he needs a couple coats of pink paint- doesn't he look like the Cheshire Cat from this angle?

And before I go..... I just gotta bitch about this new medicine I'm on..... The doc has me on this med to try and regrow those missing nerves.... It's a long shot, and I know that, but it's a chance that I'm willing to take at this point. I've been 'sick' for a long time, and Damn it, I'm ready to move again! I know in the back of my head that there's very little chance this will work, but I have Hope... so we will see.... And I'm not giving up until it's over, so there.....

OK.... So, I'm up the 3rd dose of it, and the symptoms are very apparent! My appetite is Gone. All the weight I worked so hard to gain will soon be gone. My toes and fingers now tingle for no reason. Kinda like when they go to sleep cause your sitting on them wrong- but I'm not even sitting on them kinda thing. I'm waking up soaked every morning because my body is Not maintain it's body temp during sleep. I've taken my temp during the day and it's around 97. I get hot- sweaty, icky, I'm going to throw up hot- then so cold my teeth chatter and my bones hurt cold- It's ridiculous! My IBS is driving me nuts, I wake up in the middle of the night throwing up and find myself sleeping in the tub to get a break. Oh... and I'm forgetting things. Forgetting to mail things, forgetting to do things that I do everyday, asking the kids questions twice and not remembering it. I feel like I'm losing my mind some times.... But I'm rolling with it. Mostly, lol. In 2 weeks, I'll up the dose again..... if I can make it that far. I'm suppose to be on this for at least 6 months before we will know anything. You know sometimes in life, you just got to deal with the bs to get to the light at the end of the tunnel... one day at a time, and one foot in front of the other.... Well..... today's just one of those days where I think I'm just going back to bed, lol.

Until Next Time...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Love the Sunshine!

I sure hope the weather is as beautiful there as it is here!! I just wish I could bottle it up and let it loose every morning:)

Thought I'd drop off some pictures so you could get an idea on size. This is Momma Fox (Mrs. Slydale if I'm correct). I've had her Forever- she's one of the original Sylvanians.... In the first picture she's holding a large crackled cream colored pumpkin...

...and in the second picture she's holding a small pumpkin...

Mrs. Beaver (which came from the original Mapletown figures) also came out for the photo op...

Now that I'm thinking about it, I remember taking pictures of these ladies when I was a little girl.... of course back then I would just line all of them up along a wall and a take a picture- how boring!! Don't you think they're much more interesting this way:)

Don't forget to check out all the pumpkins in my Etsy store:)

...until next time....

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Update....

I am just now Finally getting the pumpkins loaded into Etsy. Between the rain, the car dying on us, and everyone having a cold.... well.... you know how that goes...... I just fell behind. So I thought I'd drop off some pictures to share with you:) When you get a chance, you can check the rest of them out on Etsy:)

All of my pumpkins were sculpted by me using a toothpick- and not because I don't have the right sculpting tools, but becasue for some reason I am more comfortable using a toothpick?! Each were painted with a base coat before being painted with LOTS of coats of acrylic paint. After they were crackled, I went back over them with watered down paints to add more age. I feel like I've been painting for weeks, lol. Each pumpkin was also sprayed with an acrylic sealer to protect all those coats of paint.

....look, it has a hat?! ...too cute!

Love those little pink flowers behind the pink pumpkin! With it being October- I just had to make a pink pumpkin! Save those Ta-tas!!

So... Earlier today, I was outside taking pictures.... came in the house for a minute.... and when I came back out the sun wasn't shining in my yard anymore.... So when I started looking around, I spotted my neighbors Beautiful Orange pumpkins.... and knew they'd make a good backdrop- my neighbor wasn't home, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind:)

My biggest pumpkin.... and my smallest pumpkin:)

And of course I can't go anywhere without my shadow!

My neighbor has dogs, so when she's home.... JD doesn't get to come in their yard..... But now that he had their yard to himself..... he was making sure he left his scent Everywhere! Poor dogs- When they finally get outside, they're going to go crazy trying to figure this out!

I still have some more pumpkins to upload into Etsy tomorrow.... but for tonight, I'm done...... well... with the computer at least. I have 'other' pumpkins that need to be finished and one that I'm hoping to have done for a giveaway here soon. Don't worry, it won't be one you can buy it the store, it will be special:)

Ok..... before I go..... I want to thank those of you that leave comments! I know I've been slacking in the whole blogging department and even worse when it comes to leaving you comments, but I'm hoping this will change soon. I was thinking that when the kids went back to school I'd have more time, but for some reason, some one is stealing my days, and I just don't know where time goes these days?

Until Next Time......

Monday, September 26, 2011

My kinda pumpkin patch..

Just thought I'd give you a peek of what's to come in my Etsy store...

Now you know.... I honestly tried to paint these normal, Really I did... but when it came down to it, they just didn't look right. I had to crackle them!

I'll have them in creams, oranges, and blues....

Big and small..... (We won't discuss How many I have sculpted, we'll just say I've been busy, lol!)

Before I go.... thought I'd drop off a few mushroom pictures as well.

It's been raining here for about a week now, and these things are popping up everywhere!

I love the colors- almost like my pumpkins, huh! And those textures!

Alright....back to the patch......

Until Next Time...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

And now a minute from the funny farm...

Since I can't show you what I'm working on right now.... I've made a deal with myself NO picture until I'm done!.... I thought I'd show you what some of the kitties have been up to....

Walked outside this morning.... and realized Freddy Foo-Foo is a ham... look at the bottom lip- too sweet!

This is how Wilbur sits..... mind you both his front paws are hanging like that.... and he'll fall asleep like this- it just Can't be that cozy!

...Cleo.... Cleo is still as crazy as ever! Really though, she has a personality like no other. She's almost up there with that Otis:) I hadn't said anything before.... but she lost her kittens right before we left for the beach house. I just didn't want to deal with the drama of it, but before anyone asks.... I thought I'd bring it up.

Silly Girl!

Otis has been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. I swear he is out to give me a heart attack. The past few weeks..... he has insisted on sitting on the tree house. But then the other day we noticed he had pushed the house out, so he could lay behind it! I'd like to have died! OTIS! And he's not the fun to get out of these kinds of places. One day I'll have to video tape him- he's pretty darn mean!

Then there's Bella.... She thinks she's a tree frog this week. I swear she comes down to eat.... but she has been there for days- I think it's cause the glass is cold. She's got herself wedged between my sons bunkbed and the window! Weirdo!

And then there's my sweet Rufus who never gets in any trouble! Ever wonder what happened to the Star Wars Toystore? Well..... we will just say it has become more of a cat house then anything! It seems to be the cool thing to do around here. Right now its sitting on the coffee table because I had to clean out where I store it, but when it's in it's home, the boys.... Teddy and Bear take turns sleeping in it. I dunno- maybe I'm in the wrong business?! LOL

Hope you've enjoyed seeing the kitties.....

I'm going back to finishing what I've started...

Until Next Time.....