Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little of this and that....

*Warning- Picture Heavy!! LOL

So.... Has anyone else out there discovered Squinkies yet??? A few weeks ago, I was googling Belle and came across these new toys.... There's actually a whole set... I just can't seem to find them anywhere in an actual store.... But... today... I was in the 5 and Below store and found this little pack of 2 squinkies... I think they're perfect!! There's all different kinds, they'd make really good fillers for toy stores and kids rooms:)

OK, so I LOVE Disney!! And I LOVE Beauty and the Beast! Ever since I got the tiny Belle from Disneyland (on the right) I knew I wanted a whole collection of Belle stuff.... Mrs. Potts and Chip on the left came from a Disney Princess doll set.... and the Mrs. Potts in the middle was one of the squinkies I got today....

And I got the Beast:) He's just too cute!

Here's a close up of Belle.... I just love her!! I love the whole story really... and the music... and the characters! I love love Disney....

Seeing as I was having a hard time finding Belle stuff.... I decided to try and decided to start collecting princess stuff.... Hence came this pumpkin carriage:) It's a cell phone charm I bought on Etsy. I also have a sterling silver one I got from Disneyland, but I haven't decided on whether I'm going to use it or not.... ((that's Otis I'm using as a back drop, lol))

Here's something else I picked up this week.... Not too sure what I'm going to do with it... but I knew I needed it.. and it was on clearance! Just can't pass up those deals ya know, lol.

And now for something a little different.... I've been making tags. Not too sure what I'm going to do with these either.... but it keeps my hands busy! I've been using my circle punch... and cutting up every bit of trash I can find.... Cookie boxes, cereal boxes, pizza... candy... a cat food box.. a waffle box... You get the idea. I did sand down the edges to give them that aged effect, now I just need to punch holes and tie some string to them.... Maybe I can give them out as Christmas Presents this year!

... I've also been playing around with the aging techniques..... Here's the signs that had gotten washed away.... I went back over them with fingernail polish remover to see if I could get them to do anything different. The first one just smeared more..... so did the second one. The last one I took a lot of fingernail polish remover to... and it ended up smearing the crackled paint, too. It's a neat effect, but I was hoping to see my paint bubble up. Oh well..... Lesson learned....

Did you notice the background in the sign picture has changed.... Seems the park doesn't like our trailers to look 'shabby chic'... and told us we needed to paint. I started on the porch last night.... It was just too damn hot!! But it does look better.....

Tomorrow I get to paint this side... and eventually make our way to the trailer itself. I want a green trailer! Like a sage green.... I think it will look good with all my red brick:)

My poor trailer.... It hasn't had NO upkeep since I've lived here... And it shows..... There's so much that needs to be done... painting it is really my last concern, but I don't want no crap from the office, so I'm painting right over all the bs.... LOL! One day all the rotten wood will get replaced.

Alrighty then.... I'm off to rest a little while.... Been running all day, and I'm pooped!

Until Next Time!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Cora!

I can't believe it's been 14 years since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter!!
(This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago for her 8th grade dance)
Omg... I've already got tears Over the years we have spent a Lot of time in and out of the hospital.... She has asthma and my shitty body.... not a good combo! But I am a tough Mom and have pushed her through all the crap.... and She's a survivor, just like her Mom. And I couldn't be any prouder of her! She's an honor student in an advance program... she's involved in the school's SCA.... and this year she'll be going to camp as a camp counselor! I am so glad she's not anything like I was at that age- I was a mess! (to say the least!)

I love you Cora!

This year we did things a little different! When I asked her what kind of birthday cake she wanted.... She told me she wanted to make her own...... And so she did! Of course I had no candles... so we had to substitute with one of my miniature candles, lol. Poor thing- I had her blow this candle out 4 times before I finally got a picture I liked.

I was also able to get some signs finished today.... I had made a bunch before.... sprayed them with a sealer and for some reason everything ran..... So I bought a different sealer, and this one did the job. Of course I made myself one of these- and one for the store:)

I thought the vineyards sign was neat with the blackberries?!

And then there's Mini T. He was an inside kitty, that never let us to get close to him.... And then he started spraying, so he went back out. He still won't let me touch him... but he follows me around the yard yelling at me! I sure wish I knew what he was saying! lol

.... OK.... Lesson learned.... Can't eat dinner while blogging! Cause the cats will steal my pizza and I'm left with crumbs! Nice! Not like they just ate dinner or anything!

....My back is still hurting, and I've been trying to ween myself off the pain meds... I seem to think I'm super woman when I take them, and washed half the trailer this weekend..... so that may be why I'm still sore, lol. As for the kidney stones, they're not bothering me, so that's nice! And I still haven't heard back from the doctor yet... I will give him a few more days and then I'll call to remind the nurse again to get him to look at the CT report. I know he's a busy guy... but I think I just need to hear him say everything's ok and that he understands. I will say it has been nice being pain free this past week!

Well, alrighty then..... I'm off to Etsy to get some of these signs listed:)
Until next Time!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

An update on my cabinet

I know... I know.... I'm suppose to be over in Etsy listing those doorknob birdhouses.... But I just couldn't help myself..... Thought you might like to see my updated cabinet....

.... On the top (all the way to the right) is one of the new game pieces I have just acquired... painted white... On the next shelf is 2 of the monopoly houses... And 2 little coffee mugs that Sonya had sent me. I cut out the tiniest K and S from another black sticker... and glued them on the mugs... The plate in the middle on the next shelf down is another one that Sonya had sent... And so is the other one with the K on it on the bottom shelf. I did add a few shells here and there this time..... But I think it needs a few more.

Oh.... and that's a cake column next to the shelf, spray painted with that stone texture stuff.... I then put a big dinner plate on it, and sat one of my doll heads on it.....

And do you see that gap on the top shelf.... I was missing some of my little jugs.... and could not seem to find them this morning. I have since torn up the living room and found them.... but wasn't going back out side to take more pictures. You'd be surprised at how long it actually takes to set something up sometimes!!

Here's a close up of the plates that Sonya sent. They were painted with several layers of gesso, then several layers of white paint. Then I went back and stamped the letter K on one and #3 in the bowl.... but when I went to seal them... the ink smeared! So I had to repaint everything several times........ and then tried to use paint with my stamps, and the prints were horrible.... So I repainted them again.... and this time choose the easy way out and just used stickers. I don't know why I didn't try that to begin with! I just LOVE my new dishes!

And while I'm here I wanted to show you another project I've been working on. I bought these letters a long time ago at the craft store.... but could never figure out how to attach them to the house..... So I came up with this.

I'm thinking it needs a little more age.... and some green mossy stuff and then maybe I'll be happy with it?! One day it may even get put on the house, lol....

Well..... OK..... I'm off to Etsy.....

Until Next Time!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's Pictures...

Here's what I thought was going to be a finished product.... until I got the photos in photoshop and realized I hadn't dirtied up the nail holes yet..... lol, I know, you probably have no clue as to what I'm talking about... These doorknobs have nail holes... so I went ahead and dropped a drop of cream colored paint in each hole to make it look like there was a painted over nail head there.... But I forgot to go back and muck them up before I took them out for their photo op.... They have since be fixed, and will be rephotographed and listed before the weekend is up.... at least that's the plan.

But I still wanted to show you the pictures I took today:) I had door knobs, just not posts- so I made some wall hanging birdhouses instead..... I LOVE this one in this rose!!!

I tried to get a shot of them with the blackberries... but the brightness of the berries has washed away the color of the birdhouse. This one is a light teal color.

This white one washed away, too.... but I like the concept of the pic so I'll keep trying for that perfect shot:)

I do like how delicate it looks in the hydrangea bush.... Very Girlie!! And look.... we have another visitor... see the spider? one the left side?

Yesterday.... I let the kids taste the black berries and they were still a little sour..... but today, after I noticed the birds have been enjoying their new found buffet, I went ahead and pulled the ones that were ripe..... I still can't get over how big some of these are!

Tomorrow we're are either going to have blackberry pancakes or we're going to have fresh blackberries on our pancakes..... Haven't really made up my mind yet..... I just know they're so good! Reminds me of being a kid and going for walks with my Dad..... We'd pick them and eat them as we walked through the country side:)

And my last pic is of one of the little birdhouses I will be listing later this weekend.... I really do like that tiny rose image.... especially against the green like that:)

As for me.... I'm still talking it easy.... I do good as long as I'm not moving.... but I'm not one to sit still for too long. There's just too much to do, lol!

So..... Until Next Time:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check out this Treasury!

Ok.... Wish I knew how to embed the treasury list into my blog..... but I don't..... So this will have to do..... I don't know about you.... but I think teens are the hardest to buy for! So this year, I had Cora sit down with me and make a Treasury list. Figured it would help people in our family choose something.... Or maybe you have a teen in your life that has a birthday coming up? Either way... You should come check it out here:)

Me.... Ive spent the majority of the week in bed! I'm having issues with my back and finally drug my butt to my family care doctor yesterday..... Nothing serious... just thinks I've pulled a muscle or something.... but it hurts like hell to walk. It started hurting Monday.... and I had just had a CT done last week... but hadn't heard back from that doctor yet, so I went up to the hospital Monday afternoon and got the radiologist report. Seems I have several (which according to the dictionary is more than 2 or 3 but not many, wtf??) tiny kidney stones in my right kidney... And I have multiple cysts on my ovary.... 2 of which are kinda big..... and now I've got back pain..... Lucky me! ((I'd like to know why it is that the radiologist can't put the exact number of things he sees.... can he not count? I don't want to see the words several or many.... I want to know Exactly how many!!)) So I still haven't heard back from the one doctor.... so I called there the Check Spellingother day, and played stupid..... I asked the nurse if the doctor had had a chance to look over it... And she said he hadn't, but that she would put a copy of it on his desk and he would call me back.... well... I'll give him another week, then I'm going to call the nurse again and start this process over again.... fun fun!

In other words I'm moving a little slower than normal over here... But I'm trying. It's hard to stay awake in between all this medicine. And believe me I'm not one to take pain killers but today they are my best friend:) I just couldn't take it any more!

Ok.... Sorry to gripe again..... but you know what it's like when you don't feel good.... All you want is your Momma and a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup.......

Until Next Time.......

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I need Happy thoughts! ~Picture Heavy~

First Let me Thank everyone that left me a comment on my last post. You all always know how to put things into perspective!! So with that being said.... Bring on the Happy Pictures:)

I made a set of these purple birdhouses and thought I'd use one to show you my hydrangeas... I love how it blooms within the bloom!

We had another visitor this afternoon. These birdhouse were waiting in line to be photographed and when I looked over... I saw this guy.

I moved to the other side.... and he flew off.... In the next pic you can see his wings coming out.

Our Blackberries are starting to look really yummy. My poor kids wanted to eat one today.... but I told them they had to wait another day.... I'm thinking the ones that look ready are probably still a little sour.

My big roses are ready to bloom again. I love how the flowers remind me of dancers. This one has that 'arm stretched up in the air'.

Here's another new birdhouse... And one of my chairs from my personal collection.

And another birdhouse with some flowers that my son planted last year...

Later this week... I have a couple of these to list. They are the perfect size for minis!! I just have to take pictures of it 'in a scene'. These were game pieces that I found on Etsy.

I took a lot of pictures today..... Now I just need to list everything. But not today...... it's 'nap time' for me:)

Until next time....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is it just me?

Ok.... So there's a few things that have happened in the past few days.... and I thought I'd take a minute to vent/complain.... ect, ect.

We will start with last night. I am super noise sensitive... I don't mean to be... I just am! It actual makes me mental. I really do try and work with it... but sometimes there's just no way around it. So last night after dealing with what sounded like fiesta music for over an hour... I went outside to investigate. I thought it was the kids across the street, but just wasn't sure. Until I heard an announcer speaking. So I got in my car..... and went to see what was going on. Ok.... So I live in the trailer park. In front of me there is a street, then another row of trailers... then there's the main road. On the other side of that is a field where an office complex used to be.... then there's another neighborhood- And that is where the music was coming from. Now I know I'm a total buzz kill..... But I can only take so much.... So I made a phone call, and 20 minutes later... the music stopped. phew! My heart for some reason thinks it has to keep up with the beats, and it really, really sucks!

Ok... so then there's the issue of what Adults have said to kids lately that I just don't understand. My son has a friend who has been joy-riding in his parents car and got caught. So when the police were there talking to him and his Mom.... the cop said that this was normal for boys his age to do this? What?? First off.... I never in a million years would of ever taken my parents car without the permission. Not to say that I didn't get in my fair share of trouble. But, why, why... would you tell a kid it is normal to steal your parents car?? What sense does that make? You just don't tell a kid that! Especially a 15 year old boy.

Then last week was the last week for the kids and school. My oldest is in high school, and the last week is exam week. I really really have a problem with what the school system doesn't teach our kids.... I don't think kids should be watching the twilight zone in English.... Instead why don't they spend that time teaching our kids how to write. My son is in the 10 grade and I have yet to see him have to write a paper or essay.... I won't even tell you how much in annoys me when the kids pick up a calculator to do simple math.... And it's the schools that have taught them to do this..... But going back to what I was saying........ According to the school, if the kids are 'doing well', they have the option to opt out of exams.... If there parents agree..... And well, I never have. Live is hard.... and school is suppose to teach you this. It teaches you how to push through and solve problems. I think exams are important. But what I really had a problem with is that one of my son's teachers told the kids to get their parents to sign the exempt form, because He didn't feel like coming to school. ??? Yes... The teacher said he didn't want to come to school. Now how am I suppose to keep my kids interested in school, if the teachers are telling them they don't want to be there either. So my son went to his exam.... and when he was done... the teacher told him he could go home. So about 10 am, my son comes walking through the door, and after I heard what he had to say..... I called the school. They let my son walk home?? We don't even live within walking distance. Now, yes..... he's 15 and capable of walking home.... But! He's still a kid... and the school should of never told him he could just leave! What if something happened- What if he got hit by a car crossing the main road? What if he got kidnapped? I've meet the bogeyman- I know he exists! And it makes me that much more protective over my kids. You know.... Rules are made for a reason- and when my son is suppose to be in school, he should be in school.... Not out roaming through the neighborhoods. The receptionist at his school told me I was not the first Mom to call about this, and she apologized to me. I told her I was lucky to have a good kid that came straight home!

My last gripe for the day is the day. It's Father's day..... something I try really hard to avoid! My biological father and I have not spoke in 6? years and I think it's SAD!! I can't go into the details, because. But I can tell you I miss him! My kids miss him. And it's not that I want anything from him... I just want to talk to him, and only him. I can't handle stress so I had to make a Big decision years ago, and from that decision..... I lost my Dad. It makes me Mad.... it makes me sad! And then there's Day's like today.... where everything you see reminds you of this loss. It just hurts. The last time I saw him was when my insides fell out and I had a tube coming out of me that was connected to a balloon in my abdomen that was used to hold my bowels in... Then I went through 3 back to back heart surgeries... and still he never called. And I know he knew because people in my family talk to each other. I try really really hard to just let it go... But It really hurts to know that he doesn't call because he doesn't want to. And don't think I haven't done my fair share trying... I have. I just can't take being rejected any more. So.... Dad.... if your out there- You suck! I love you... But you really really suck!

-If you're still reading this, Thank-you! I promise to have happier posts soon!

Until Next Time......

Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Update on Cora's house

Yesterday.... I had Big plans for what I wanted to do today..... But I'm still having some health issues and didn't wake up until after 3 this afternoon. And about the only thing I care to do is lie here and watch tv (btw.... we're, the bf and I, are watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape... one of our favorite movies.) ....So to bring myself out of my funk- I thought I'd share with you what I got done Thursday evening.....

If you remember..... Otis had been in here and had made a mess of the whole house. I think I have fixed this problem now.... but he's a smart cat and always finds away around what I've done.... So I've been putting the house back together.... but I've packed up a lot of the accessories until I can 'glue/stick' everything down.

So.... Here's the living room. The couch began as a pink couch and when Cora got her first dollhouse- we painted it black. Then when we built this house we decided to use this material- I'm still pleased with how it came out! The big cabinet on the right is one i had in my dollhouse as a kid... One day it will get filled, lol. Let's see.... I built the coffee table myself and the 'glass' end table in between the 2 chairs is actually an old fauctet knob.

And here's her naked dining room.... One day I'd like to repaint the table and cabinet cause they look horrible in pictures. In person it's not that bright.

In this house..... it's always Christmas, so I did put the tree and presents back in.

Here's one of the few mini paintings I have done..... It hangs in her dining room.

I also put the kitchen back together.... and kept everything in it. How would it be a pineapple kitchen with no pineapples? When I was cleaning.... it brought back lots of good memories on how everyone helped me to finish this room! I don't know if I can ever thank All of you enough!

The last room I put back together was the pink room. Otis had broke the bed so I had to glue it back together. One day.... I need to finish this room. I have so much to hang on the walls.... just haven't got around to it yet.

One of my favorite scenes in her house is this bed. I have a tray with nail stuff (cotton balls, nail polish and finger nail fillers) and then up front are a pair of pjs that once was a scrapbook sticker. I folded them up and wrapped a ribbon around them. The white blanket is one that my Mom made for this house.... and that dingy pillow in the back was one of my barbie pillows from when I was a kid. LOL... I really need to wash it, huh!

I'm hoping this summer we can finish this house..... but I'm afraid Cora has lost interest. She'll be 14 next week.... and well.... You know how that works.... Oh well.... I'll keep plugging away at it and one day she'll come back around. Right?

.....until next time...........

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Pictures

I hope you aren't tired of the flower pictures yet....
Here's a custom birdhouse I recently finished. It's a tiny birdhouse.... it's a little under 3/4 of an inch! I did a set of these, and while outside getting pictures.... Well, You know me... I had to play in the garden, too!

And here's a picture of the big order I just finished! Feels good to know it's done.... And you can see the different sizes of birdhouses I make, too! I like having them in all kinds of sizes:)

....and my other daylilies have started to bloom:) I've been growing these since I moved in- about 9 years now! I started with 3 bulbs... and now over 100 bloom at a time!

They're just beautiful! I told the bf if we ever get out of here.... I'm bring them with me!

Thought this picture was interesting..... I like the flower on the left... It hasn't opened up all the way yet... and it reminds me of a dancer. Daylilies are so interesting to me... I think it's so neat how they bloom for a day, and then die... And I'd swear each time you look at it, they look different. And then they're gone..... and then tomorrow another one will begin this dance, as I call it. I love the little things in life:)

Hope all is well out there...... I'm still dizzy here, lol. I guess I shouldn't laugh but what else can I do but suck it up. Now that I'm done with the 'big' orders.... I'm ready to move onto the new project.... and yet my body thinks it needs to stay in the bed. Man is this annoying!!


So Until Next Time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picture Time...

Thought I'd take the time to share some pictures with you....
First is a surprise gift send to me by Sonya! I am so happy to have these.... Now I just have to paint them and stop worrying about 'what if I mess them up'... Do you do that.... put stuff off because your afraid you might do something terrible to it?? I do.... I do know I want them all white to go in my cabinet.... But I'm thinking I might have to try an idea out with them, too.... It's top on my list of thins to do for myself:) Thank-you again Sonya for the beautiful minis you have sent me.

Next is a birdhouse that I thought I was going to love. I found these really cute cupcake stickers at Toys-R-Us.... but they just don't show up on the birdhouses like I want them to. I've tried painting different colors, and the white seems to work best.... Maybe if I keep looking I can find better stickers:) This birdhouse is not even close to be finished.... I have to sand out that hole.. add a roof... and age it... Then we will see if I feel like it's 'sellable'.

Then there's the item's I've recently ordered to start a new project. As soon as I saw this I thought of a garden fountain... I plan on making a mold of this... and then use the cast to make some wall fountains... But we will see.... I sure do have a lot of Stuff on my 'to try' list!

These I swear were meant to be mine. I stalk Etsy for certain items that I can re-purpose and use in my miniatures. And I have been trying to find a bust for some time. So when these game pieces popped up, I couldn't help myself. I want to do some white... and some stone... And there's that blue one- I was using this color for something else and didn't want to throw away the extra paint I had.... so one got painted.

And last but not least... I wanted to show you what I have to put up with. This is me.... trying to get some 'work' done on the laptop. That is Otis.... Who doesn't care what I'm doing. He looks small in the picture- but he's not. I can barely see over or around him... and his butt will rest on the keyboard and type a conversation all on it's own. I have to fight him to get him to get down... and then he tries so hard to come back! Some times it's just easier to let him sit there!

You can't tell from me yacking away.... but I'm dizzy! Now I'm normally dizzy due to the change in my blood pressure when I move, but this is crazy. And I am so over it. Now that I've said it out loud, maybe it will just go away! I don't like feeling like I'm on a boat! Needless to say... I haven't got much done. I did re-organize my Etsy page... I now have shop sections:) But that's about it. Just been laying here waiting for the room to stop spinning. And thinking about all the things I could be doing....... *sigh*

until next time....