Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just an update:)

Still haven't got the computer fixed....but then again, I haven't really had the time either......Hopefully soon:) I'm dying to show you all the pictures we took this weekend. We took Cora to camp in West Virginia......and took a couple of detours along the way......We did make it to the penitentiary....but I'm not impressed with the pictures that were taken. We used the flash, and yet, half my pictures are black...Wonder if it was the ghosts messing with me Again??? LOL

I've also rediscovered the world of nail art stickers...LOL...Found some beautiful strawberries, and made a whole set of stuff to go in the kitchen at Marshmallow Manor!!! I also found a whole bunch of polymer clay pieces that people glue on their nails now.....My way of cheating! I'm just too lazy to break out the clay to make lemon slices, lol....and now I don't have to:)

OK....Hope to be back soon! Miss ya'll like crazy:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

....just to let you know

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my compuiter crashed earlier this week, and I'm not too sure when I will be getting it fixed. Hopefully soon though. There's some kind of virus or something.....won't even let me get to my main screen. So....I'm at the library...needed to let a few people know that I wasn't ignoring them. I have a busy week coming up......But I will be back as soon as I can. Miss everyone already:)

Until Next time:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Decisions! Decisions!!

I found some material that I really liked in my stash and used it to do the sheet and the pillow for MarshMallow Manor.......But now I can't decide if I want a top sheet or a quilt. I really like the rose in the middle of the bed and don't want to cover it up......And if I make a quilt, Should I use green or red. I don't want to use both, cause I don't want it to look Christmas'y. I like the red, it makes the bed blend in to the house. And the green makes it stand out, and I don't know if I want that. I may just use the green to do a pillow or something??? Oh, Decisions...Decisions!! LOL

Either far I like it! I also got the curtains glued in the other day.......It's coming together now!!

And I got another coat of paint on The Star Wars Toystore......

It looks a lot more like a 'sand' house now....Just need to go back and add depth and age using some watercolors or chalk...Well see what happens.....

Until Next Time....

**I'm looking for some kind of material that has berries on it that would match the sheet on the bed in MarshMallow Manor.....I'm willing to do a trade for a swatch of fabric?? :) I just need a piece big enough to make a pillow or 2.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random pictures...

Thought I'd update you on what's been going on around here......

I finally got the 2 shelves (some plastic medicine holders that I got out of the trash at my son's allergists') painted...well, actually, I should say 'sprayed' I coated them with a stone spray then glued them into the shop. Just need a final coat of paint, then I can start putting in the accessories.

Although, I may not keep the accessories in it. The cats have claimed it as one of their houses....and you can always find at least one lounging in it. Here the kittens are running through it as I was trying to get those shelves glued in. Too funny!! Look close, there's 3 kittens in there....One is in the door.

First there's Lily. Lily will be going to live with my ex-husband at his house. You know there was no way Cora was letting this little girl out of her life:)
....another shot of Lily........

Then there's Wilbur..... Wilbur doesn't have a forever home yet, but we're working on that! Don't let his cute little face mislead you, this one is 'crazy hyper' when he's awake!!

Then last but not least is Houdini! He got his name because he kept escaping from the crate I had them in. And yet no one ever seen him do it! He's really sweet, and likes to cuddle. Sunday afternoon, my sister-in-law and my nephew came to get him! They were so excited to get a play-mate for their Jack (their kitty that they've had for a couple of years)...And it felt good to know that I found another Feral kitten a Good home!! I don't care what anyone says, There IS hope for Feral cats!

And my last pic is of the spider that has taken up residency right next to our front door.....We have been enjoying watching 'her' build her webs, but now that she has a nest, I'm not too sure about her anymore.....I really don't like spiders......and I darn sure don't want a army of them living out here......Yikes!!!
Look at her shadow, lol. Neat pic, huh??

Until next time.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still in Total Shock Over here!!

So, Saturday when I got back from picking up my meds....there was a package on the table for me! It took me a minute to figure out who it was from, and being the impatient person I am, I tore into the box. However, someone was also smart enough to wrap the inside box (with some beautiful wrapping paper) so it took me a minute to figure out what it was....But as I opened I, I got excited!! And I'm still in shock over here!! I can't believe April from sent me the bedroom set for MarshMallow Manor!! Now, if you didn't know, April has the best mini you can have! A new Baby boy!! So, it shocked me to see that sent this Gracious gift!!! April, it has Definitely motivated me to getting this house done!!! Thanks again!!!

See! The bed's perfect in here!!! Although I am hoping to change the bedding a little.... I'm envisioning a red and white quilt with berries on it........ 'Ohhhh Grandma!! Make us a quilt in half scale, right after you finish Cora's Gothic quilt, ok, You know you want to!' lol

And I need to make a slip cover for that chair! Oh My! This is sooo awesome!!

So freaking awesome.....that I had to finish the floor upstairs so I could 'Get Er Done'!!!

Can't show you anything else yet! I've gotta wait for the glue to dry.................

Thanks again April!! You totally made my weekend!! :)

Until Next Time!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Inspired by a fellow blogger!

So....A couple of days ago, I was looking around online for something to make......And I came across a giveaway from Merry Jingle: ,where I saw this cute little shelf. And so I decided to break out my skinny sticks and try a few.

This blue one needs a couple more coats of white wash.....

And the little one in the middle will eventually go into Cora's Bathroom. I dry brushed gold paint onto this one.

Thanks for the Inspiration Merry Jingle!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

See I didn't forget about it!

It just takes me Forever to finish something. LOL........ So with that being said, I did get a little bit of work done on the mouse house this past weekend. I found a piece of velum that I fell in love with and used it as the windows for both the upstairs and the downstairs. I didn't want a clear window, I wanted something with a little interest.

I got the door hardware glued in..... And the floor.....

And then I started building up the sides of my house with foamcore board (that's what I that's what I used)

Once I get all the sides glued on, I will go back and plaster in the holes.....Then I'll go back and cover that with paperclay to create the bark on the tree......

It's starting to come together now........

If I could just find the energy to finish it now..........

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Time:)

Took the kids home for 4th of July this year................
And thought we'd share some pics with you!

Grandpa broke out his old uniforms, and the kids played dress up...... We are a Very proud military family. Let's see....My Dad was in the navy, My Step-dad was in the Marines...and then their other Grandfather (on their Dad's side) was in the Army...all are retired now. Then My Uncles were in Vietnam.....and both My Grandfather's fought in WWII. I'm very honored to have them as my family!! Hopefully one day, my kids can carry on this tradition:)

I love the candid shots you take in between trying to get that perfect family photo. Here's my daughter being a typical 13 year old girl, and her little brother looking at her like she's crazy, lol.

Did you notice my youngest' Mickey Ears??? My Mom had bought the hat in Disneyland....and we though it went perfectly with the flight suit! He's so freakin' cute:)

Let's see...... My oldest gave Tator a few rides around the yard on the four wheeler....It was too funny! This dog LOVES this....and actually barks at the four wheeler till some one gives him a ride, too! LOL

The kids got to light off some sparklers..... was actually hard to get a picture of this one, he kept spinning around with them!

These were Very sparkly sparklers!!

And then there was the "adult" fireworks.......

This one reminds me of a Star Wars Light Saver....hehehe

Loved this red one!

And Yes! there were a few big ones...

It was good to see the whole family....actually got to sit down with everyone and eat dinner.....don't think we've done that in years! One of us is always MIA.

So...........Did anyone else besides for me save any of the firework 'trash'?? LOL.....I did! I have the makings of a ceiling fan and a base for a table. But you'll have to wait till later for that!

Until Next Time!

Friday, July 2, 2010

This week's projects....

Look at what I did!! I've had these 3 little drawers for the longest time, not too sure where they originally came from, but for whatever reason, I've been holding onto them for a project like this. I just glued them together, dry brushed on white paint, and then sanded it before it dried all the way, then glued in the shells....And I LOVE it!!

While I had the shells out, I went ahead and filled one of my glass pitchers with them....... I also have a glass cake stand that I want to fill with shells as well, but first I have to find it, LOL!! (The shelf it's on is one from Cora's house....I took it out to age it, It's been sanded and carved~ well I took my son's pocket knife and carved away some of the areas to make it look worn......)

Oh.......and I made a 'little' basket! I haven't finished painting it yet....... it will look like the big one when I get done.

Thought I'd share these picture with you....Sums up our week. I haven't been feeling good, and I think I've bored the kids....and the sleep! Hahaha

My youngest son managed to finally get the black kitten from under the trailer...... He's so little....and very quiet! Tried to get a good pic for ya, but we couldn't seem to get him to sit still! Thought this one was cute though.....

So that's about it for the week......
Hope everyone has a Safe 4th of July!!!

Until Next Time......