Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still enjoying the snow...

In the middle of the backyard, I measured 9 1/2 inches!! 9 1/2 inches! WOW!! And as of today, I'm still enjoying it!

Not sure if the kitties are though. We walked to 7-11 this morning, and laughed as we followed the kitty tracks down the road. We now know every trailer that feeds them:) You'd see a trail of prints leading up to a home, then another set leading to the next home. I see why they're all so fat now!!

This set of tracks has confused me all afternoon. When you look inside the impressions, you can see little kitty prints....but where's the other set of prints, Shouldn't there be 2???

Look at what we woke up to! So freaking cute! Not a human print anywhere, Just a bunch of tiny kitty prints.....

And poor Bella....She's really cracking me up over here! I looked over at her last night and this is what I saw, LMAO!! She's so pitiful, isn't she!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Snowing!!

I know....It may not be that exciting to you....but we haven't had this kinda snow since my youngest was one......about ten years ago.
(Love how the snow turns everything into giant mushrooms, lol)
Gosh...ten years ago........hummmm.....Sorry, slipping back to a wonderful memory of my ex husband pushing the kids up and down the street in their Playschool plastic boat. The kids were about 1,2 and 4! Good times! Of course though, they're all with their Dad/Grandmother this weekend, so I'm left to day dream about what once was:)

However! It's killing me to know that these guys are outside.....
I just wish she'd come to me.....
(This is Alice, btw)

They just look so cold! That's Mini T (Mini Tabby) on the left.....and he's so tiny. And so mean! He sounds like a tiny tiger when he growls! I tried to catch him the other day and he tore me up pretty badly. But then again, I'm too stupid to let go of them when they start freaking out....

We did take this tub, and turned it on it's side, so they could at least get out of the snow to eat. As you can see though.....Only 2 of them are smart enough to actually go in there....the other 2 would rather sit in the cold?!
Listening to the weather report now, and it looks like we've got one more band on snow tonight...So far we have 5 inches in our back yard~ I know this because I went out there earlier and measured it, lol......Told you I was excited!!! :)
So I'm off to try and stay warm.......
....until next time.....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rufus is Home!

.....and he couldn't get out of that box quick enough!
(See his messed up ear~ looks so much better than it did before!)
The lady at animal control had nicknamed him Big Daddy while he was there, and I told her she didn't know the half of it! LOL She also told me his neck is so thick that they couldn't pick him up by his scruff~ told ya he's a big dude!! He perked right up when he saw me and the kid....was rubbing on his cage and purring. The lady told me he'd been sitting in the back of the cage pouting for the past 2 days~ and after I thought about it, it was 2 days ago that I went and saw him....wonder if he was depressed that I left him? I tell you this much.....He is soooo happy to be home! Went right out to the gutter , dropped to the ground.....and had a good roll in the dirt!

But not before checking on the family! And were they happy to see him!! Here he is lounging with Momma and their 4 kittens.

I just love watching them play! That's Alice on top, Boogers on the bottom and Momma to the left.

Yup! We're one big happy family!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Those Kitty Pics I promised...

Just a few pics of the kitties....

Otis does this when we're being too loud, hehehe.....

Now see.....I told you Holly(Ginger) found a great family! What better place to nap than on a big fluffy pillow in front of the fire!! She looks so cozy, doesn't she!

And here's what snack time looks like around here....Mind you there's 2 not pictured. Starting with the kitty at the bottom, we have Sphinx, then T-boy (Short for Tabby Boy), then there's Fred~ who eats as much as the rest do.....Then there's Bella......and Last but not least is Pocus~ our oldest kitty...She'll be 11 this Halloween.

I think it's cute how Sphinx keeps Bella company.....And of course Fred had to come see what was going on~ He's very nosey!

And here's my little girl, Bella, all tuckered out. Took her to the vet this afternoon, and they agreed that everything looked good! And in about 2 weeks, they'll take out her staples and she'll finally get to lose the E-collar!! Now if I could just get her to go the bathroom.....

Me and the bf even made our way out to animal control today to go check on Rufus. The bf was starting to worry me to death about something 'bad' happening to him, so it was nice to be able to show him that he was OK. Rufus was very happy to see us, and it brought tears to my eyes seeing him locked in a cage. He's a roamer....which I know isn't ideal for 'city' cats, but it is what it is. I'm not the only person on the block that feeds him, and now that I'm talking about it....I did see the other cat lady earlier this afternoon, and was able to tell her he was OK. She calls him Garfield, and was really worried since she hadn't seen him since Friday. I told her that I should be able to go pick him up Thursday, and that he was doing good! I know he'll be soooo happy to come back home, And officially be ours:)

Oh......Otis weighed 15.6lbs at the vet last week.......but Rufus, Rufus weighs 20 pounds!!! Talk about a Big Dude!!! And he's mostly muscle! Just thought you'd like to know.....

So...see.....there is light at the end of the tunnel:)
Thanks for all the kind comments, it's nice to know that there's other people out there that have a special spot in their hearts for these kitties, too! And that I'm not boring anyone with "more Cat Pictures", LOL!!!

Until Next Time..........

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just a quick update on life....

I'm still here Ana! Just overwhelmed with Cats!!!
(Here's a pic of Fred sleeping with Otis' tail.....kinda like a security blanket!)

We have recently discovered Otis has bad he is now on an anti-inflammatory and diet food. He actually likes the food so it makes it easier to feed him. But he's not to impressed with the liquid meds....He tries to bite the syringe, and I use the opportunity to squirt the 'honey' tasting meds in, lol...It was the vet that said it tasted like honey....and I'm not sure Otis agrees......He does seem to be doing better, and is getting more active~ Which ya'll know can be a scary thought in itself, lol.

Then Rufus showed up with a bloody ear this past week. Looks like he got into a fight with a dog or something. I tried to clean it up, but realized it was more than I could handle, so I called animal control to come get him. They told me, if no one else claims in 5 days, I should be able to adopt him.....Keeps your fingers crossed for us!! We really want to keep Rufus around!

Then Tuesday I took Bella, the female from the first litter in to be fixed/ spayed. And Saturday I had to take her to the vets because she had licked out some of her stitches. Nice! I can't blame it on anyone but myself.......I should of put the e-collar on her before I put her in her crate! The vets had to clean out her incision, and staple it back together. So.....I've been chasing her around trying to make sure she takes it easy. She's absolutely miserable, and I can't help but feel bad for her. I take her back to the vets tomorrow so they can check her far, I think it's looking better, but I'm no vet, so go figure.

I do however have some Amazing news to share with you.....Remember Ginger!! I got an email a few weeks ago from the girl at Pet Smart saying she had Ginger! She renamed her Holly~ "To represent the holiday season that she was saved in"!! And I must say Holly has settled right in with her name family! Her new Mommy sent me pics, and as soon as I save them I will share them with you! She's gotten so big, and she's still absolutely beautiful!!!

Fred's still here....the bf will Not let me part with him!! Seems everyone around here has fallen in love with him! He's just so cute, and a little bit of a dummy. But, it's all good....he keeps us laughing.

I still have the 2 boys from the first litter, too.
(This is Sphinx hanging out of the cat tree)
They are about 9 months old and are looking for a 'forever' home, not that I really want to part with them, I just need to. Hopefully this coming week, I can find a solution for Momma cat and her 4 kittens that are still outside. I just can't take any more in the house.......... I'm getting a little overwhelmed over here with the vet bills and playing nurse maid to everyone......But I'm still here.

Haven't been working on any projects lately.....but have been thinking a lot of painting! I miss painting......but haven't had the perfect image pop into my head yet.....I'm feeling it, I just can't see it yet. far as the docs go.....I still don't have any definite answers to give anyone....cause I'm still waiting on them myself. My thyroid blood test came back normal, but my ultrasound didn't . Pretty scary, and I've been trying to not think about least with the cats, I feel like I'm moving forward. I have to wait on some paperwork to go through before the doc will call and set up the next appointment. the saying goes, Time will tell.

So, ya. I've been quiet...didn't really have anything exciting to share with ya'll...and I haven't done anything mini but hang curtains in Cora's nursery.....which turned out really cute, btw!
Hopefully when things calm done around here, I can get back on track with some things.

So....Until Next Time....

Friday, January 8, 2010

And into the dining room it goes...

Thought you might like to see where the Santa Set ended up.....also gives you a better understanding of the scale of it.......

Fit perfectly! And it makes a Great center piece!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Memory made Mini

Thought I'd show you proof that I have been working over

So...When I was a little girl, My Mom used to put this really cute Christmas set up on our bar. She took this big oval mirror, put a stuffed (a teddy bear) penguin on one side...and a stuffed snow man on the other. Then she'd put this fake snow stuff around the out side of the looked like the 2 stuffed animals were standing on ice! It was one of those things that she put out every year!, the other night I was sitting here and the idea came to me.......Why not make one in mini???

I CAN'T wait to show Mom this!! She's gonna love it! And I'll take more pics when I get it put in Cora's house.........

I love the reflections on the glass!! I used something called SNOW-TEX (by Deco-Art) to do the snow......not to sure where it came from, I've had it in my stash for years!

I've also been making more minis.....some more penguins (sorry the pic is blurry...but I thought it was funny, makes their eyes look like they're moving. LOL)

...made some blue Santas....

.....and made some more Mrs. Claus. The one on the far left is the first one that died in the toaster oven.....and the one on the far right got ate by her hat! Hahaha I'm still not really happy with them....the white is too pink, Gotta remember to wash my hands in between colors!! And their hats seems to be a little Strawberry Cake'ish.......Any suggestions welcome:)

I've also started working on the curtains in Cora's house. I made these outta polymer clay, and then painted it white.

And here is where those are going. It's what I'm going to use to attach the curtains to the wall.....Just have to find some hairspray first, hehe.

Thought I'd leave you with a kitty pic before I go........

Caught Otis and Rufus 'telling stories' again:)

So.....until next Time....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year....

Well...looks like I have a computer virus again, and it is most annoying! I AM NOT electronical! I am in fact, just the opposite....If it can be broke, then I'm your girl to do it!! So.......Here I am, sitting at My Mom's house...using her laptop! And for the record.....I realllllly need to get me one of these things! Could you image how much more I could talk, if I could do it from the comfort of my own bed! But then again......who really wants to hear every thought that goes through my head?? Heck....I don't even want to hear it half the time!! LOL!

So with that being said.......Let's see what I can cram in here. Sorry there's not going to be any pictures.......But you know I'll be back with some soon:)

...OK, So I listened to my blog friends and made a Mrs. Claus.....and then I killed her. Seems when I wasn't looking someone turned up the toaster oven...and you know what happens to polymer clay when it's cooked above 275......Yup! It burns......So when I get back home, it will be back to the drawing board!! I'll get it right eventually!

And now for the personal stuff. I took the month of December off from the doctors. They stress me out and I needed a mental break. However....It's January now, and I have a long list of stuff to get taking care of. I gotta find a new head doc.....a New OBGYN(Which, by the way, might be kinda difficult. I think I've seen most the OBs around my I'm really going to have to dig and see what I can find! I REFUSE to go back to the doc at EVMS! He doesn't really hear the words that are coming out of my mouth....and I really need a doctor to be on the same page with me! Gotta make follow-up appts with the heart doc....and with the urologist. And I've got to make an appointment with my PCP (family doc.) to get some of the other things done that I need to take care of. Maybe I should be over on my other blog telling you all this....but I'm this is what you get. LOL.....It's just that I'm OVER being sick. I really want my life back. I hate sitting back and watching it go flying by. I spent my 20s in and out of the hospital....and well, I'm over it. I don't want to tell my story again....I just want to move on. I want to go back to school, I want to go to work! Yes! I could make miniatures and sell them....but then it wouldn't be relaxing for me anymore. I want to do something with my life that means something. Not saying that my 'Art' doesn't.....Just saying I really want a purpose in life other than washing clothes.....or cooking dinner. I need something for me!

My blog is mine! To be honest with ya'll....I have one friend that I talk to here on a regular bases....and he's a dude....Even though I tell him everything....It would still be nice to talk to girl every once in a while....So that's where you guys come in. You've all been So encouraging for me! It's nice to know that I can turn my computer on (when it wants to work right) And You guys will be there! Thank you for being my friends! It really does mean the world to me! Makes the world a little less lonely, you know........

So here's to next year! May it be easier than the last one. No more Drama! No more stress.....and lots more minis!!!

I will be out and about to read blogs when I can....So just remember I haven't forgotten about you.....It's just that I really need to get on the ball with the other part of my life. It's killing me not to sit and read blogs....and then again, being off the computer has helped me to get some minis in a way, maybe it's a blessing in disguise?!

So until Next time....
Happy New Year!!