Monday, October 15, 2012

But I don't like gold!

I started painting the gypsy wagon last night. I'm using the color Magenta by Folkart:) And I really, really like it... so far. Then I started trying to figure out what color I wanted to do the trim in...If you look close, you can see that I did one in light pink, one in yellow, and I used blue. But I don't like it. So I had a look at one of my Pinterest boards this morning and it hit me.
I gotta do the trim in gold!
I'm just gonna have to learn to love it:)
 Here's the colors I started working with.... You know as well as I do.... these will change as I figure out what I want to do. There is still a lot to paint, but at least I got it started- Sometimes that is the hardest part:)
 Chops is still doing OK.... He hangs out in his tube most of the day...I think he feels safe in there:)
 And my last picture of the day is of JD..... I was taking pictures of an order I've been working on.. and as usual- He thought I needed help, lol. I love kitty shadows!!
Until Next Time...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Stamps

First... Let's start with where the idea came from...
I have my Gypsy poor neglected, unpainted gypsy wagon. I had wanted to paint it yellow with green and red trim like the one in Wind in the Willows... Until I was introduced to
Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted a girlie- pink- gypsy wagon. The critter that will live in it will be a fortune teller.Among other things, I wanted an Oujia board for her to have. So I found a rubber stamp in Cherry Pie Art Stamps store:) It's a little big for 1/2 (half) scale, but it fits perfectly on one of the walls inside the gypsy wagon.
 I also purchased this "Wheel of the Year" stamp. What witch doesn't need a pagan calendar?!
 These next stamps have been purchased over the past 2 years. This Palm Reading stamps is one of my favorites! I have so many books and notes on palmistry from when I was younger. One day I should try and redo some of that stuff in miniature, too....after I get a printer.
 This "Welcome to the North Pole" would be perfect in Santa's Workshop.... I'm on the hunt for Christmas stamps- but I'm just not finding images that would work. If I can see it 'hanging over a fireplace' then I know it will work for miniatures.
 This one a friend bought for me. I didn't notice it was a angel at first... And now that I do, I think it's perfect for all your shabby chic needs:)
 I spend a lot of time looking for the perfect rubber stamps to make my signs with! And I absolutely love it when I finish a sign, and it looks better than what I thought it would be! All of the signs shown today can be found in my store:)

And on the Home front...
We've been busy! A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that Porkchop was having a hard time walking- and his little 'knees' were swollen. So I took him to the vet, and turns out that he has not one but 2 broke legs. 2 breaks in each leg right in his 'ankles'. And we have NO idea how this happened. The vet said it looked like it had happened 3-4 weeks ago.... and that they were already starting to heal. So no casts... and no pain meds. Chops is in really good spirits and he doesn't seem to be in a terrible amount of pain... and the vet didn't want to give him pain meds because then he would think he felt better and would use his legs more. ((If he starts to act like he's in pain, I can pick up something for him.))
 And he's not allowed to play. Do you know how hard it is to keep a 10 month old kitten from playing? He's normally the holy-terror of the house (well behind Otis)... and he's just so pitiful now....
 You can see one of his swollen legs in the next picture. There still swollen, and I hope that's all it is. I'd hate for my baby to have crooked legs!
And as for me... testing went well. I have to wait to talk to the doctor, and when I know what's going on, I'll update my blog. But for now... I'm going back to bed. Chop-Chops needs a cuddle partner:)

Until Next Time:)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Things to keep myself busy

Thought I'd show you the fireplace I've been talking about. As I said before... this came out of Cora's first house- if you click on 'house' you can see what it used to look like. It has come a long way:)

OK...So you're going to have to use your imagination here... The fireplace doesn't have a mantle yet and I've just got it propped up against a piece of scrapbooking paper:) But this is what I have in my mind....I've used some of my crackled pumpkins here and there... and One of my signs above the fireplace. And if you look closely at the fireplace-
 You can see the bunting I've made. And of course I can't just make one....
 And I couldn't stop there- I had to make some for the 'Bakery', too. In the first set I used thread.. and in this set I used DMC floss. I liked using the thread better- you can move it around really easily- but I like the look of the floss better...go figure:)
 While I'm here- thought I'd show you a sign I've been working on for the bf's Man room. My poor ink pad is down to it's last it didn't print as dark as I would of liked... But we really like the idea of it. It's bigger than what I normally do- but that's how I envision it...
 ....And then my heart meds kicked in- Or should I say- my Lack of heart meds, lol. I'm on day 3 of no meds- and am pretty much floored..... So I've been doing odd things to keep my mind busy while I lay still in bed. Yesterday I needed to get out of the house- so I went over to a friends house, and laid in her bed, and we painted our nails, lol. She's got all kinds of fun nail stuff. And now.... I have One multicolored painted hand. I left it on so Cora could see:)
 And then..... That dang on Pinterest got me...I found this picture that led me to this link..... And the rest was history. I love coloring... and I love colored pencils! It felt good to just relax and doodle! ((It's not finished- my hands were cramping up the other night so I had to put it to the side.)) But I still wanted to share it with you:)
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Until Next Time:)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Product in the Scrapbooking Aisle

Has anyone else seen this stuff:)
 You can find it in the scrapbook section at AC Moore's- I haven't seen it at Michael's yet...and those are the only 2 craft stores here. Anyways... It's just beautiful! And it comes it several different colors! It's a paper type of 'fluff'? After you stamp an image- you can go back and add glue and then add this stuff to make it look pretty- For example they had a flower basket stamped out... and added this to it to make it 3-D. But you know how us Miniaturists think! I saw plant flocking!

((Not sure what I was thinking yesterday when I wrote this- but this stuff is actually in the rubber stamp section- next to the mind is just not here!))
 So I found a plant that I liked at PetSmart- for a dollar!- and this is what I did...
 After taking it apart I repainted all the pieces with several coats of green paint. (They only have one coat in this picture)- I started with a dark green, and then will dry-brush these with lighter greens before...
 I Flock...or whatever you want to call it. At first I was using a toothpick- putting a dab of glue on each tip...But that took way to long- and by the time I got 1/2 way through it- I was using the glue bottle and just gluing
 I LOVE it! Ok, it may be a little too tall- but I'll figure that out. And now that I know what the 'finished' product looks like, I can just think of all the mini plants that I could Updo:)
 And as promised.... here's a few more things that I made for myself:) This is one of the end tables that I should you a few posts ago- I just added paper to the back of mine:)
This is one of my favorite scrapbooking papers- I just love the green against the tiny pink flowers:)
 This little chair was a gift from my sister. It used to be neon green, lol.
 I painted it red....then added rust spots. It's going to live on the front porch of MarshMallow Manor.
 And I've made books- sketch pads- journals.
I used the end of legal pads for the inside paper...One day- if I can find some more legal pads, I will show you what I mean. I just can't think of how to explain it:) Duh!
I still have a few more things to show you.... so...

Until Next Time...