Friday, August 28, 2009

Change in Profile Picture...

Thought I'd change my Profile Picture this morning. The new one is of Otis when he was a baby. He's taking a nap in the attic of Cora's first house. Of course Cora had to make sure he was she covered him up and gave him a mouse to sleep with. This poor little house had to be decommissioned after a much older and fatter Otis sat on the top and crushed it! He was such a cute kitten!!!
And thought while I was showing cat pics....I'd show you this one of JD and Otis playing on the Cat Tree. They were so much fun to watch!

So, when I found this:
I thought how Perfect! I have had this for awhile now......but hadn't been able to put my hands on the picture to show you. Now that I'm looking at the cat tree....I think I should repaint it!! And while I'm at it, I have to repaint these kitties, too. All 3 represent the 3 we have here....their colors are just a little off.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update on Cora's House....

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here......I just haven't done anything productive. Well, not in the mini world anyways. I have thought about making this and that, just haven't wanted to do much of nothing. You can understand that...right?! LOL I did do a post on my other blog about the health issues. If you want to read them, lol. Nothing serious, anymore.....just another bump in the road:)

So........I have managed to move some things around in Cora's house....and I thought I could tide you over with these pics....First we have the 'Gothic' room....

I found the nail polish stuff I made for her a while I put them in the back corner of the room.

....and I put her TV in here, so her bunnies could watch Twilight. Aweeee. That little cow came out of a 25 cent machine.

I put the telephone booth and Double Decker bus that my Step-dad brought back from London for us in the sitting room. I'm trying to fill her shelves with all things red, and I didn't realize that they(the booth and the bus) would fit so well in here!! between all those hospital visits last week, I snuck out to the Dollhouse store. I haven't been in months and it felt good to look around! I didn't have much money...but I was able to pick this little high chair for $6!! Now her baby has somewhere to sit.
I like this part of the process! When everything is almost done, and your still hunting for those perfect pieces to make it complete! And I like having different props, so her bunnies can have a variety of activities....Tonight, Grandma is making Lemonade!! Umm ...Yum! Who knows what they'll be doing tomorrow........

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Looooove Bread!!!

Especially, fresh, right out of the oven bread, So Yummy!!!

I figured I'd try to make some bread to go along with all that cheese I made......

And I must say...this is much better than the first batch I made a while back. I was asked if the cheese was the first thing I've made, and it is not. (It's just the first time I've been able to look at Angie Scars' book!) ......I've done fruits and veggies.....bread....and cakes. And not just any ole cakes......but beautiful tall wedding cakes! I love making wedding cakes!! I do have pictures way back in the blog...and soon I will do a post of some of my favorites! One day I plan on making a cake day!!

But for now, I'm just making things for Cora's House and Marshmallow Manor. I do like making food, I just get bored with it quick......and tend to find something else to do instead. I have to say though that the hardest part seems to be getting the color right....once you figure that out, it's really easy!! Oh.....and I use Sculpy III. I find it easier to blend together....I can't even mush Fimo down! But I do like how Fimo bakes better....and have started to play around with Fimo Soft. I have a lot of odd colors left in Sculpy I'm still trying to figure out what else I can do to use it all up. Then, I'll begin to make the switch to Fimo:)
**For all my friends in blogland....I am sorry I am getting behind on things again. I know I still owe a few people packages....and I want you to know I have not forgotten about you.

My personal life is getting in the way, and it's not making me a very friendly person:) However, I am the kind of person that seems to be able to get more work done when I'm in pain....and as you can see I've been a little productive with the clay......My mind wants to wonder, and yet I make myself forget about it and put every thing I got into what I'm working on. LOL... This coming from the girl who 'colored' her way through labor. LOL......Broke a lot of colored pencils that night:) So....It sucks to be down, but I'm trying to put it to good use! I made some mini cutting boards this hopefully next week I can make some trays up. Still want to make some more stuff, just haven't figured out what yet. ~And when the doctors make sense of what's going on, I'll let ya know...but I'm in the dark for now.

OK...Talk to Ya'll Soon!
Until Next Time

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cheese and a Black Fur Rug....

Do you remember me telling you that I went to the library the other day?? Well I did, lol....and you'll never guess what I found?! Yup, I found Angie Scarr's Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls......I was so excited...It's a book I've been wanting to look at for what seems like Years now...... So Tuesday morning I sat down and made cheese.....and then I made some more cheese....and then....

I made Salamis....and more cheese, LOL. I'm getting down to the bottom of my clay stash, so....I'll have to wait on some of the other thing...But, for now.....We have cheese!

Lots and Lots of cheese:)

....and I found a piece of black fur to make Cora's rug. I went with a circle to soften things up in here...Whatcha think??
Sorry about the colors...That floor is Not that bright, nor are the walls for that matter.

OK......that's it for now
Until Next Time:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Meet the Family.....of kittens

Well.......I think these guys are here to least for a little while. I've been working with them everyday, trying my hardest to socialize them...but don't feel like I'm getting very far with them. I can feed them from my hands, and they come up to me in the morning, Meowing, for their breakfast....I just can't touch them...or they run off.....Well, all but one does, But we'll talk about him in a minute.

So...First meet the twins. I'm starting to be able to tell them apart....The one on the right has a black stripe on his nose, and he's a little bit smaller....The one the left is really shy, and generally hangs out with the black and white one. Yes, I do think all but one are boys~ We watch them wrestle, and can tell:)

Here's a close up of the one with the stripe on his nose, it's a little black stripe, but enough to be there.

And here's a cute picture of the one without the stripe. I refuse to name these guys.....I'm Not going to get attached!! However, as you will see in a minute, they are starting to grow on me.

Here's another pic of the one without the stripes. If you click on the picture, you can see the girl kitty behind him.

And! WOW is she purty!! I do believe she is a girl, and I think the only girl....and she carries herself like a lady. Funny that you can tell what they are by the way the act:)

Here she is again.....Isn't she beautiful!!! And so dainty!

But this guy is the smallest of the group. He has a couple of white hairs on his chest, and few on his belly, but is mostly a black kitty. And he's a hunter!! He's normally the one I watch catching bugs at night, and he's actually really good at it. Yesterday he had some kind of cicada...I think, all I could see was it's butt and wings hanging out of his mouth, and it was big~ He must of had a mouthful...and he was trying to hide with it:) Too funny! Here he is sticking his tongue out for ya:)

I so wish they'd let me get closer! I hate seeing eye-boogies in their eyes, and I just want to wipe them off:) This little guy is smart the afternoon, I will go out there and bribe them with treats and this one will sit right next to me to make sure he gets his....but he won't let me touch him....Cora's in love with this one and nicknamed him Sphinx.

This next one is the last one, and he is starting to grow on me. He's the only one I can pick up.....that doesn't try and freak out on me....And instead, he plays 'possum'(lol, I almost want to start calling him Possum, hehehe)'s really funny, cause he just goes limp. I think he's so scared he doesn't know what to do, but he'll sit with me. I had him purring yesterday.......

I know he's a boy....And I think he's also the biggest kitten! He's the first and last to leave when they eat. And he's just so freakin cute.....I love how it looks like he has black eye-liner on...and that tiny black spot on his chin!!!
I so want to keep him, and if I can't....At least I know I can handle him, and hopefully get him off to a good home. The rest I still wonder about. What they really need is, a big farm to roam on...They'd make perfect Barn kitties!!

So....if you know anyone or have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. How do you tame feral kitties, can you house break them??? Anyone tried?? Know of anyone who needs Barn Kitties???
LOL, Yes, I know I'm asking a lot, I just don't want to see anything bad happen to them.

Momma and Rufus are still here, too......but we haven't seen the opossum in awhile. Wonder if having all those kitties under the trailer scared him off??? Poor Fella!

I hope you've enjoyed meeting the kittens....I know I enjoy waking up everyday to their little faces:) Makes me happy! And I will be even happier when I can get them from under the house:) So, if anything.....wish me luck:)

OK.....that's it for now. No minis today.....still looking for purple fabric.......and black trim that I like.....May have to wait on it though......
So, Until Next Time:)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Skeleton Pillows

I went ahead and made those Skeleton Pillows for Cora's Goth room today. I'm not impressed with the quality of my sewing, the saying will do for now.

I also pulled out some of her accessories...and spread them about the room to get a feel of where I was going with this. That silver birdcage in the background was a charm I found at Michael's.....The shoes, purse and speaker are from her Bratz stuff.....The Twilight book I made....And that little Hello Kitty doll on the night stand is what started this whole thing. I bought it for Cora a few weeks ago, and then she decided she wanted a room to match, lol! I will get a close up picture of her (the Hello Kitty doll) soon for you to see, She's really cute:) She was a cell phone charm that I took apart.

...So.....I was asked about my comfort zone with doing this kind of theme...and I have to say that I have my moments, when I enjoy the darker side of life, too. And actually when I started thinking about it.....the first Room Box, and the only room box, that I've ever completed is a little room box entitled Frankie's Place. I named it after a puppy Chris from Candid Canine made for me...and it's a Halloween Cafe. You can find the link to it here:

And ..With that being said.....I can indulge Cora into one of her fantasies for a little while. Maybe this will keep her from wanting to die her hair strange colors, or from piercing weird places on her body. Or maybe it will backfire and have her wanting more? Who knows, but for now.....we're having fun. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Been on a roll today....

And got a little more done on Cora's 'Gothic' Room. I painted the base to the bed black....this will eventually have some black ruffles around the bottom, and maybe some fancy black trim? I was able to rummage up some carpet padding and made a mattress. Then, I put the 'fitted' sheet on the bed, but until I find a piece of material I like, I mean Cora likes, I can't finish making the bed. I can make those skeleton pillows, but I have to sew them by hand....and I hate doing that, it's sooooo boring!! So for now...this is what the bed will look like.

I also painted the chest today.......Looks good in here, huh!
I painted it black......stamped some gold images onto it.....
....painted the inside 'wild iris'...and then put a coat of varnish on it. I also remembered to take the hardware off before I started painted, so I also had to put that back on...
This will be the perfect place for this 'Gothic teen' to store all her treasures!! Wonder what we can make to go in here?

I'm getting there....

I spent the day yesterday, trying to figure out how to go about making the bed for Cora's Gothic room.....And while I was hunting for ideas....I came across this little end table. It was a kit that had been put together...but sat unfinished. So, I painted it black, filed off the edges, coated it with some varnish......and added a gold star stud earring as the handle. I'd like to find a skeleton or something instead of the star...but for now it will do.

And here's where I'm at today. I got the bed frame built......Just needs a mattress. Now, I sat and thought about this issue pretty hard yesterday....and was almost ready to beg one of you for something to use...but then it hit me. Carpet padding! Duh! The bf installs carpet for a living and all I need to go is remember to grab a 3x6 scrap next time one of the vans is here!!

I thinking black satin sheets.....Some skeleton pillows......A fuzzy (black?) fur rug!~ LOL, gotta find something to break up that white floor! That little trunk behind the bed will probably get painted black, match the night stand. Oh......and the wall needs another coat of paint....and I was thinking I might stencil something on the walls!? It's a good start, huh???

Friday, August 7, 2009

The 4th picture...

I've been tagged by several people to share my fourth picture in my fourth file.....And ya'll know how much I love to share pictures with you...
So here Goes:

Meet the Spy, LOL! This came from the file titled 'Girls Night Out'.....taken almost 2 years ago! ...And it was the only time I have actually gotten drunk in over 5 years!!....What? Every one needs a night out with the girls every Once in a while, Right!! So....we, mind you we range in age from mid 20s to early 30s....(Old enough to know better, if you know what I mean) so we were sitting there when in walked one of the Father-in-Laws, who is also the Dad of one of the girls we were with, too. Either he wanted a good excuse for hanging out with us ladies...or he was there to make sure we was behaving, Hahaha.......Hence, he became known as the 'Spy'. Isn't he cute!!
The way this tag plays is I have to pass this along to 4 other bloggers and they get to post the fourth picture in their fourth file for us to see....and then they get to pass it on, so Here's my 4 people:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Almost forgot the snakes!!

I finally found the head!! It was up under the curtains, which tells me, a certain kitty cat has been stealing my things again in the middle of the night.

I've had a really 'blah' week....which I'll get to in a minute...But first...Let's check out what I did with the headboard for Cora's 'Gothic' room.....

I did use a mold for the face, it was one I bought at Michael's a long time ago. And I went with an idea that Lireal from suggested. (When you get a chance, go check out her blog....She's got some neat ideas, amazing stories, and a Beautiful White kitty:) So...I went with the Medusa look, although, I got a little carried away with her hair, and forgot to add in the snakes till I was almost done. I was able to put 2 in there....

.....But they're not very scary looking....Kinda cute,
Click on this next picture....and look at her face. I wet the face down, before I baked it...and pushed in some sand around her face. After I baked it, I used a tooth brush to scrub out all of the sand. (Next time, to make my life easier!, I plan on just using a piece of sandpaper to give it texture instead...I had a hard time scrubbing all the sand out of those little holes!!) But it's those little holes that makes it look more like stone.

After I baked the whole thing again....I covered it in black paint and wiped away the excess.

Looking at it now, I think I'd like to add some more paint to the bottom of it, But it will do for now. I'm not completely in love with it...But I think I will be by the time I get done with it.

And Cora likes it, so isn't that all that really matters:)
LOL...Now I get to build a bed frame and dress a bed:)
So....getting back to my personal life, not too much going on here, LOL. Made the mistake of going to the library and have been engrossed in books ever since. Found dollhouse books, polymer clay books, Lots of eye-candy to look at! Even found Angie Scarr's book!! I did manage to pick up a novel, and spent 2 days reading it...couldn't put it down till I finished it. And was rather disappointed in the ending...but it was a good read, so I didn't mind, too much.

Oh...and I've been trying ever so hard to make friends with the strays. They are on the porch every morning to eat....and I find them on the steps quite often during the day....They act as if they live here. LOL. Still trying to figure out how to help them, they can't live under my house forever!! ....That dang on Momma cat was out there the other day getting her groove on with Rufus, and I had to go holler at them. Asked them if the 5 they already had wasn't enough or something!! Good lord! How many cats do they think I'll feed??? So.......that's it....Reading and talking to the cats! I must find a way to get out more, Hahahaha!!!
Until Next Time!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Stone Headboard comes to life....

A couple of days ago, I started mixing up A LOT of gray clay to use as stone for Cora's headboard. I mixed in black sand to give it a better texture....And then I started to build. I used rubber stamps to do the images....and an earring stud to do the frame around the headboard. This part was baked last night...........and I still have to finish the middle. I made a stone face as well, she's been baked....but I think she's hiding. She waiting for me to figure out how I want to do her hair. I want stone-looking carved curls, lol. I spent some time last night looking at images, but so far no ideas have come to me. I'll keep looking. I'm going for a Bratz hairdo....I think. lol

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taking a break.....

Do you ever get home from vacation and feel as if you need a vacation?? LOL......Haven't really done anything productive this week............Just been watching lots of movies. And thinking.....Cora's head board is calling my name, But......... I just can't bring myself to do anything....

So for now.....You'll just have to do with a picture of Otis~ See what he does for Roast Beef!