Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now hold on....

This is just the undercoat.... I did 2 coats of lighter than the other. Then I did about 5 coats of Apricot. Apple Barrel paint just doesn't go on as well as the Folk Art brand. And yes! You need all these undercoats... came a layer of crackle medium... I didn't paint it everywhere, just here and there.

And then I painted it, in sections, with the Coastal Blue color. And I hit it with a heat gun. The heat gun made the paint bubble up- and I kinda liked it:) Never tried it before, now I know:)

Then I sanded for hours! Once you start sanded it, you can see why I need all those layers.... I LOVE this color combo!!

See where all the 'spots' of orange is- that was after I sanded down where I had hit it with the heat gun.

I also painted the knobs white. I then went around each knob with a black pen, and a few coats of high gloss sealer. I really, really like how this cabinet turned out:) I just need to fill it..... lol

Easier said then done.... And besides, I gotta wait to get a bigger roombox.... ... Until Next Time.....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I put this together today...

A few months ago, I found this kit at our local dollhouse shop..... And I just had to have it! Eventually it will go into The Painted Lady.... and will house some beautiful plates.

It was a really easy kit to put together... and has a lot of potential when it comes to painting it:) Thinking I might paint it orange, then do a top coat of that Coastal blue- sounds terrible, but I've tried it before and I really like how it looks. Or it might become pink? I'm just not sure yet.

Yesterday afternoon, I was going trough my blog list, and somehow deleted everyone! Still not to sure what I did..... but it was not a happy moment! That's how I keep track of everyone. The whole followers thing came out after I started blogging, and I at the time just didn't want to mess with that function. Now I could kick myself in the tush! Not to mention all the wonderful blog giveaways that I miss out on because I don't think its fair to play if I don't follow the rules. But It would probably be easier to have a back up list of who's blogs I like to read. So... I'm trying to get everyone back.... I had almost 300 people in my list..... So if you read my blog, or you know that I read yours and if you don't see your name on my new blog list, Can you drop me a comment and tell me so. I'd appreciate it soooo much. :)

OK, I'm off to nap for a little bit, I have a killer headache, and surfing the net is just not going to work for me right now.

So Until Next Time.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Signs

I just got done listing some new signs in Etsy... and wanted to tell you about what I did different. I ordered these little stamps from NORAJANE on Etsy..... I bought a fern stamp to use with my garden signs.... and if I'm right Giardino is garden in Italian....This one is my favorite:) And I also bought a coffee cup stamp to do Cafe signs with. They have soo many stamps- You might even find something you need there! This is another one of my Favorite stamps! And now that I think about it... I should probally do a green one for Cora's nursery..... This will go up in Etsy later this afternoon. Not to sure what I'm doing next...... The weather kind of has me wanting to go crawl back in ....Until Next Time......

Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Kawaii' Stickers...

Sorry, My pictures are a little blurry today.... Couldn't use the flash, it was washing everything out.... Can't go outside to take pictures because it's cold, and rainy, and Cold! Where did the nice spring weather go?? Ok, before I get sidetracked on the weather.... Let's see what I did all day yesterday. But, first let me start at the beginning!

I LOVE stickers. Always have. So the other day when I was out looking through Etsy, I came across what people call 'sticker flakes'. I thought they were just too darn cute, so I ordered myself a pack from Cute Paper Ect. I had no idea that they were as small as the were... and I got idea! Gift bags.... In miniature of course!

I just used scrapbooking paper to make the bags, and some ribbon I had in my scrapbox. And I added grommets to hold the ribbon. The pink tissue paper isn't tissue paper, it's the bag that my stickers came in:) It's this really thin plastic with white hearts stamped on it.... I just couldn't throw it away:)
The orange bags have orange tissue paper..... Still have to find my white tissue paper to finish the rest of the bags. And look, there's even one for Easter:)

My favorite's are these little girls....
And this set! As soon as I saw the panda, I thought of Minikat's project. She's been trying to add more pink in the nursery she's building... And I thought this was perfect! Then I realized that I still had the little panda birdhouse in my stash... What a perfect pair! Kat, I will get these in the mail to you sometime this week:)

I used a pattern I made to make the bags... And this time I wanted to backs of the grommets and the ribbon ends to be hidden... When they're not, things get stuck going in and out of the bag... Looks so much better now:)

Whenever the sun decides to come out, some of these will go up in Etsy! They'd be perfect in a teens room... and there's some that would be perfect for a nursery scene!

And before I go... thought I'd share a pic or 2. Here's Wilbur and Cleo napping together. The bf calls Cleo 'mini-Wilbur'..... They're just so cute together!!

Thought this was cute... Walked into the kitchen the other day... And saw this on my oldest son's desk... The babies were staring out the window, until the heard me clicking away on that camera....

Alrighty then.... I'm off to see what I can get into today:)

...until next time....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What about a quick tutorial?!

So... The other night when I was cutting up (what I know now is the last) of my molding to do the trim on the birdhouses.... And I kept ending up with all these in between pieces that 'once upon a time' I would of thrown away! Not that day:)

At one point when I looked down, I saw a tiny plate rack!
This next picture should give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Let's pretend the piece on the right is the piece I need, and the piece on the left is trash! In case you haven't learned by now.... Nothing is trash in the miniature world. So I kept the in between pieces and sanded them down. If you look close you will see that I have rounded the corners out.

Oh Just think of the possibilities.... You could make a long plate rack, or a short plate rack. A white one... a brown one.... and so on..

To keep the 'plates' from falling off, I just used this tiny piece of wood, and glued it to the edge. You could use a tooth pick for this. If it's a round one, just sand down one side to make it where it doesn't roll.

The white one was crackled... the gray looking one was painted brown, and then dry brushed with gray.... then without reloading my brush, I used the last bit on my brush to paint the other brown one- understand? Sometimes in minis less is more. You'd be surprised about how much paint a brush can really hold.

This is something else I have started to do lately.... I first did it with the nesting dolls. If I can drill a hole in it, I can put a tooth pick in it, and it makes it so much easier to paint. The side with the hole will be glued to the wall, so no one will know:)
Hope this all made sense.... and that you can use it somewhere...
.... as I said before, I'm out of molding..... Although I could swear I had another piece around here somewhere?! And that means the last birdhouses will have to wait to be finished. the background in this post is a piece of scrapbooking paper that I forgot I had- Right up my alley, huh! And the plate is one that I picked up from the dollhouse shop- it was the only one they had. I'm not a Pisces- but one of my dearest friends is- I keep it around to remind me of her!

Alrighty then.... I'm on to the next project:)
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not what I was expecting today:)

When I saw the mail man earlier, I got excited.... was today going to be the day my package came? You see I ordered something from Etsy that I'm getting impatient about. So I was not happy when I saw that my mailbox was empty:( It wasn't till later, when the family and I were coming home, did the bf notice a package by the door! But it wasn't from Etsy!

It was the quilt My Mom made for Marshmallow Manor. She's been learning how to quilt for a little while now, and a while back I had given her some material to make a quilt for me- I tried bribing her by telling her it was really for their house- their miniature house that is. Remember Cora has a bunny family that lives in her big house.... And after we got Grandma and Grandpa Bunny- Cora decided they needed their own house!!

I knew she was working on it.... and she called yesterday to tell me it was in the mail... So I wasn't expecting it today....

I love the rose in the middle....And in case you didn't notice, it's actually different then the rest of the stripes... She even did a binding around the outside! Impressive:)

I think it's awesome.... She's annoyed that it's crooked....

But it fits perfectly!! Oh Mom! You're the best!

See even Grandma and Grandpa Bunny are happy:)

Mom's package had a rubber band around it which I thought was odd.... But when I flipped it over.... There was another package?! .... from Casey!! She sent me some material:) That top piece is what Tessie's new dress is made out of. Casey! Now that I'm looking at it closer... I'm seeing another quilt in my future, lol..... Ohhhh Mom??

Casey also sent me this piece of fabric! It deserved it's own photo.... I just love these cats! And the colors!

Thanks a million Mom and Casey! You've made my day 100 times better:)

Until Next Time:)

I'm a big dummy!

A dummy with a headache that is! LMAO!!

So I went to get something out of the fridge, and I wasn't paying attetion. I grabbed the freezer door instead, and yanked it open! Cracked myself right above the eye! Dumbass! Poor eye keeps watering and now I've got a wonderful headache! And I just keep laughing!! Thought you guys might like a laugh,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 Birdhouses listed! Check!

Well.... the dr appt went about normal. I had a new intern today... so I got to explain my story once again... I always love confusing the newbies, lol! When the Doctor finally came in he asked the intern what he thought, the poor fella said, ' I dunno, I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of it!" I had to laugh.... My thoughts exactly! No new news.... They're still waiting on my biopsy results(they're testing my nerve functions)... and are changing my meds to see what kind of difference it makes. Sounds like fun, huh. So.... yeah..... Nothing exciting....

Now on to the birdhouses.... I have 4 listed. 3 on stands...
You can find the link here:

And one on a table....

And then sometime this week.... I gotta put these on stands. I'm getting a good workout from all that sawing- might even have bigger biceps by the time I'm done, lol.

I also keep getting side tracked.... While cutting out the molding, I seen something that I thought was a good idea.... Hopefully I can get a quick tutorial up some time this week for everyone:) Let's see.... what else..... Ohh- I ordered something the other day that is going to help me make some really cool signs:) But you'll have to wait on that.....

Until Next Time.......

Ya know...

It's kinda hard to take pictures of minis when someone is blocking the light! ((Although I must admit... these kinds of pictures are some of my favorites!!)) Anyways.... I've got a few birdhouses finished..... Hopefully I'll be able to get them listed tonight. I've got a dr. appt. in a little bit, and it just depends how tired I am when I get home....

And I have a few signs to get listed.


until next time......

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Need Beads?

I have a lot of beads!
Or should I say.... I had a lot of beads. I've been trying to reduce my stash... And figured I'd make up a few bags to sell on Etsy...For now I only have one bag listed, but I have 5 more. And then I got to thinking... maybe one of you has a lot of beads, and want to do the same (reduce your stash).... Maybe we could trade?

If anyone is interested... Just let me know:)
Until Next Time.....

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Projects

Generally, at any given time.... I have more projects in the works then I know what to do with. And here lately the ideas have just been pouring in. No this is no my total idea... I see them online all the time, but I haven't seen any in mini, so I thought I'd try a few.... And they're turned out to be supper cute.... You'll have to wait to see what I'm going to do with them, because I still have to figure it out

.... My legs came yesterday! So now there's no more excuses to not getting the last of the birdhouses done!

And then last night.... The bf brought this home... It's actually a funny story. The bf has a new job- he's cleaning out foreclosed homes to get them ready for the bank to sell. And if you've read my blog before you know he doesn't like a lot of stuff around.... So when he came home last night with this I had to laugh! Not because I didn't like it...but because I'm slowly trying to convert him over to our side.... And I think it's finally working! Now if I could talk him to sanding the whole thing down for me, I'd be in business!

It is such a beautiful set!
And the more I think about it.... the more I want to repaint it.... Maybe a sage green or that blue hydrangea color.... maybe crackled?? I dunno yet... We will just have to wait and see....

And here is another project that has been in works for years.. It's was a child time out chair... I painted it first in bright primary colors, then when I got tired of that I decoupaged scrapbook paper on to it..... And now I'm ready for something different. As you can see I have started prying of the paper. Yes, I know the make furniture stripper for this kind of stuff... I just don't have the money for that at the moment.... One day it will be pretty again... One day!

*ok... quick story here. My oldest child was a mess when he was little... and always seemed to be in trouble... And we had this cute little bench that had the words 'TIME OUT' on them.... Poor kid, sat on the bench so many times.... I think he'd get board or something...because over time... the letters started disappearing. He removed the T and the E..... And then bench read "I'm out" too funny, huh! Wonder where that little bench went?

And before I go...thought I'd share a cute kitty picture with ya..... The cat tree is right next to my computer, and sometimes when I look up, I see things like this:

That's Bear on top.. sleeping on Cleo.... She doesn't seem to mind at all! And do you notice that Cleo is brown and not black.... lol.... She went from being gray, to being black... to being a brown kitty... Interesting!

Ok.... Well, if I'm going to get anything done today, I gotta step away from the computer... It's just so hard to do! Hope everyone has a good weekend...... Looks like I'm going to have a busy one:)

Until Next Time....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Table is Done!!

I finally got the table and it's 2 benches up in Etsy:) I almost don't want to part with it, but I have no where to put it.....

I just love all the detail in the crackle finish!

But it wouldn't of gotten done without Ara's help! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you Ara!! My table wobbles No More:) She had suggested that I glue a few hole punches to the shorter legs, and it worked perfectly!

... I will say I've never glued tiny hole punches together before, and it was a bit challenging not to glue them to my fingers, but all it all, I'm Very happy with it.

OK... I'm off to see what else I can finish around here..... Cause I darn sure don't feel like cleaning the real house. lol

Until Next Time

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Childhood Toys

I'll warn you now, this post has nothing to do with miniatures.... It's all about my toys:)

For one, I was a pack-rat as a kid...
and two.... I took really good care of my toys,
...and 3.... I still have all the important ones....
Now that I think of it.... it's kinda scary how many toys I have....
But for now~ We'll stick with these.

I loved Carebears!! I still do actually.... They're just so darn cute....
So the other day when I ran across one on Etsy, I decided to pull mine out to see what I had.... LOL, I didn't really realize how many I had..... And No, I do not have all of them, Yet. ((Oh...and the elephant on the left is a Wuzzle- Remember them? Wish I could find more!!))

So I decided to treat myself and bought myself a Carebear cousin! Took a minute to get here... but we won't discuss that....

....I also have these... The man needs his broom, and I'd love to find the bad guys.... But I'm glad I hung on to these.

While I was digging out my Carebears.... I ran across my Fisher Price toys. I had the firetruck, the swing and the little table but No people. So I ordered these. I also ordered the little changing table because it was one of my favorites. While looking, I also found several of the houses I had as a kid. I'll have to ask Santa for that.... or wait until I win the lottery. I can justify spending ten dollars on 'junk', but not a whole house....

Here's the link to where I found these....

I ordered my favorite people.... I loved the Mom doll...and the little girl with Freckles. And who doesn't need a dog in their collection?? Even the bf had one as a kid!

And last but not least, We have my Strawberry Shortcake Dolls. Poor things.... half of them are naked, or wearing something that doesn't belong to them... and I'm missing half their animals. I was actually surprised to see I had so many, lol. We won't focus on their haircuts, I can honestly say I don't remember cutting their hair, at all! Some of them are really bad- good thing they have hats, huh! I was also surprised to see that I had a few sets of shoes! One day, I like to have them all in original clothing.... with their animals.....

....But for now I have spent my limit on toys........

Back to the nesting dolls! I've been painting them for days! Seems like the brighter colors I'm using, need several coats. I think I'm finally at a point though where I can actually start drawing faces on them.

Until Next Time