Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This past weekend, we took my daughter, Cora to camp. She's a camp counselor now for Camp Catch Your Breath- a special camp deep in the mountains for kids with asthma. And although we didn't do any sight seeing this year, I did manage to roam around a Dollar General near our hotel. You never know what your gonna find, right. Well... I got lucky! I found a miniature Beauty and the Beast Tea set. That's what you see on the second shelf. And as you can see.... My shelf looks complete now. I say it that way because you never know what will turn up next:)

The tea set came as a key chain...The lid of Ms. Potts pops off and everything fits inside. Super cute, huh?

And.... at a gas station I found a Pink t-shirt from one of My favorite places:) Couldn't beat the price for $3.00... and it's pink! LOL... Somehow I've managed to start a pink t-shirt collection from all of our travels, lol.

All in all the trip was good. It took me 8 hours to get there... and somehow only 6 to get home? Wish it only took me 6 every time. Driving through the mountains is No joke! LOL.

So... I have minis everywhere right now. I'm gonna blame it on my camera. My memory card is full, and I can't delete anything right now... And it's making me lazy, lol. I have kettles, teapots, wash tubs and signs to finish. And we wont discuss the finished items that are stacking up over here. (or all the unfinished, put away projects, that I once told myself, "I'll do it later" items.... don't laugh, you know you have some of those too:) Why is it the older you get the less time there seems to be?

Until Next Time...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Retail Thearpy:)

I had some much needed retail therapy at two of our thrift stores yesterday:) I love it when I find something I feel is really good for next to nothing:) Like these Cupcake plates! They were only $0.69 a piece:) I just couldn't pass them up. I tried... but I went back:) I just couldn't get over how girlie and fun they are!! They read cake... doll cake... sweet cake... and dream cake... so sweet! :)

Then I found these. The color spoke to me! I love the bright yellow... So cheerful! I bought 3... but Otis got to one.. and now I have 2. Luckily they were only $0.45 a piece:)

And what would a trip to the thrift store be without buying a tin? Who could pass this up? I love the image and the poems! (...and it only cost me a quarter!:)

My last 2 buys were a little more pricey at $
But I am a sucker for a good illustration!

This one is from a book called In My Dreams I can Fly. (written by Eveline Hasler and illustrated by Kathi Bhend)... Beautiful book! And just look at that 'home'.... It's the grubs house- he lives underground in a root ball... It shows you each of their homes, and is super cute. And if you didn't notice- They're playing cards, LMAO!

The other book I bought is Alice in Wonderland (illustrated by Eric Kincaid). I collect certain books, and when they have great pictures in them... I pick them up. But this one had a picture of something I hadn't seen before... Do you know who's house this is?

It's the March Hare's. Do you see the bunny ears? The book says it thatched in fur:) OMG- I love it! Like I said I hadn't seen this idea before, so the book came home with me too.

Of course now my head is rolling with ideas about all the houses I still want to build... lol... Oh my- I just got rid of my headache, hehe....
Hope this gives you some ideas, too:)

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Good Place to read a Book:)

When my youngest came in earlier and told me there was mushrooms growing in the yard.... I had to check them out. And after realizing they were the perfect size for a photo op... I grabbed my camera and took a few shots:)

Can you guess what she's reading??

But of Course! Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:) LOL
Yes! These kinda of things make me happy:)

Sorry I haven't been around.... I've had a headache/migraine that has had a storm cloud hanging over my head for the last week. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have one, and it felt good to feel good. I did get some white benches built and painted.... And then I got sidetracked. We will just say I ordered a new 'home' for one of my critters. I got it on Ebay for a steal... and sure wish the mail man would hurry his butt up and bring it! But now It's all I can think about! I want to leave it a surprise... But I'll give you a hint. I've been making copper kettles and jars for days now. You know me, when I get that clay in my hand, I can't just make one. So I have an army of them now... In the process of being painted and aged. Once I get a set done, I will have pics:) But until then.... I'm watching the mailbox.

Until Next Time...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Someone got a new Dress...

Well, I couldn't have Miss Pig running around in her bikini.... So I made her a dress:) Besides, if you could of seen what her back looked like with the bikini on, You'd of laughed! The strings were to short to tie around her, so I used tiny bits of blue tape to attach it to her. It was a mess... but it worked:) If anyone would like for me to do a tutorial on the little dress, I can... it was really simple.

...and then you know how it goes, You can never make just one. Everyone decided they needed a dress, too. Actually, I made the yellow one first and even though I love a dress that hits the floor, I decided the next one should be a little shorter. So then I made the dress for Miss Pig. Then I started cheating. The purple dress is just material folded up and wrapped around, and held in place by a headpin... And the pink one is held together the same way. I did however make 2 pleats in the front of the pink one to give it a little more volume. I think they're happy.... for now.

I've also been working on bits and pieces for the Glass House. I sat last weekend and watched the new Alice in Wonderland movie again, and cut out printies that Ira had sent me so long ago. OK... so I am really bad about finishing things, but they do get done, one day! I even put poppy seeds in each pack to make it feel and sound like a real seed pack.

She also sent me the bulb packs... which now house seed beads:) Let's see.... I put the marble in the urn- not really liking the marble, but it will do for now- to me it's one of those big glass balls people put in their yard:) And then there's some new books. I bought them here. I put one behind the bulbs and the other two, because they're so colorful, are on the foot stool so the ladies have something to read. ...There's a metal wheelbarrow on the table- that's a monopoly piece. Oh, and I swapped out the panda for a polymer clay doll I made.

I will have better photos of everything when I figure out how I want it. LOL.. It changes daily.

So, Until Next Time...

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Day at the beach...

Last summer I participated in an International Summer Swap.... and I received this Amazing bikini from Auxi. And have wanted to do this ever since! :)

I had plans to take Miss Pig to the beach, even took her to the beach house when we went...But she never made it to the actual beach:( ...So... This morning we got up early (because I really don't want everyone watching me 'play with my dolls') And took her to Chic's Beach:) You can see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel behind her.....and if you look close- those are my 3 kids in the background:) And they say I never take pictures of them anymore, lol.

A girl after my own heart... She decided to build a sand castle first. She went walking for something 'special' to put on it.... But this green stuff was not it. No way was she touching That!

She found a few shells and built a modest castle.
Next time I will bring better tools for her to build with.

Quite pleased with herself, she decided to relax for a little while... But the sun was just a little too much for her delicate skin.

Luckily I had one of those Cocktail Umberella's in my purse for her to borrow. She built a mound and said she would get better coverage if it was up there...

I didn't argue... I just enjoyed my time talking with a grown up.

After awhile she decided it was time to sunbath for a bit. I only let her lay out for a little while.... I wasn't about to let her experience what I did the last time I came to the beach!

Hopefully we can do this again soon... And next Time I'll remember to bring a shovel!

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Poor Fella and the Tree Root

Earlier this year, my bf got himself a blueberry bush. Every day he goes outside and waters it... and talks to it... and picks the grass and weeds from around it. He loves blueberries and was really excited to see all the berries on it.....BUT.... so are the birds, lol. He'll got out and see them just starting to turn colors... and then he'll go back the next morning and it's gone. It's actually been kinda funny... in a cute way. However... He was finally able to pick one the other day and bring it in... And then it got taken again.... It sure does look like a yummy blueberry, Doesn't it?

...So... all that talk about tree roots, got me wanting to work on my Tree House. Yes... It's been a long time:)

First thing was first... I had to go outside (early this morning so my neighbors didn't think I was crazy, although.....) anyways...I had to study it... and take pictures of it.

Then I came in and worked.... I got both sides done.

All I have left to do now is the front and the top...

The top is where my knots will go... When I figure out how to make them look a little better. And....I ran out of paper clay ( I had found 2 packs stashed away:)).... So, My little Tree House will go back on the shelf until my clay arrives:)

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July:) Be safe!!

Until Next Time

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I found a new spot... take pictures:) We have a tree root that goes through our yard that the cats use as a scratching post. While I was out there yesterday I noticed the mossy spots... and then today I discovered the hole on the side. My birdhouses balance perfectly in there:)

These will be getting listed in the store over the next few days. I'm still having fun photographing them, lol.

Well... until I got up and my Spot got hijacked! But then again... it is His spot:)

I also got some time this morning to play in the Glass House. I've really gotta come up with a better name, huh. I've pulled in the side table from Cora's house.... shhh- don't tell her, lol.... and sanded it down to make it look a little older. I still need to go back and add some paint though to give it that special touch:) ...and if you look under the table you'll see one of my Favorite birdhouses... I've really got to get my butt in gear and make some more of these!

And I really want to find something that I can use to wrap around the back of this to give it an outdoor feel. Like an image of a field....or a forest? I was thinking I could use a piece of poster board for now... Just something so you don't see the wall behind it.

I love that little Hippo... And my stone pigs:)

I just ordered a few Garden books to lie about... and I'm gonna need a Lot of plants. I also need to build a shelf, and hang the one from Casey. Oh and my big birdhouse needs wheels on the bottom of that stand. I have them- just have to figure out what I did with them.

As Always... Thanks for looking:)

Until Next Time...

Monday, July 2, 2012

I just love these signs:)

After selling the bicycle sign... I knew I needed one for my own collection...But I really didn't think the bicycle was something close to my own heart... So I went digging through my stamps.... And hit the Jack-Pot:) I have a special place in my heart for Volkswagens... and what better kind of car to go to the beach in, right? I have made one for myself... and one for the store:)

I also did one with a cute little camper stamp I have:)

Hope you love them as much as I do!!

Until Next Time:)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lesson Learned!

Because I am a dumb ass.... I thought I would share a "What Not to Do!!"

Last week we celebrated Cora's 15th birthday by talking her to the beach. I was having issues that morning, so I took a pain pill..... Well... It's not that bright of an idea to take a pain pill before you go to the beach, Because You just don't feel yourself burning! Yup! That's my back... I spent the day building a 10 dome sand castle with bridges and moats... and while I was bent over digging... I did that to myself. Awful! Miserable! Yes- I'm aware of that thing called sunscreen... I just didn't have any. And No... there's no pictures of the sand castle because I forgot to take my camera with me. ((My mind has gone to mush here lately! There's just tooooo much for me to keep up with these days!))

Either way, the kids had a blast:) And Cora was happy. Here she is blowing out her candles with the silliest look on her face. That's what a happy kid looks like:) ...Happy Birthday Baby!

I've been having a hard time getting 'work' done here lately. The kiddos are with me everyday... And by the time the evening rolls around, I'm falling asleep. BUT... Yesterday I got a lot done! Hopefully this week the sun comes out so I can get everything listed:) This jug however, will Not be for sale. A while ago I did a trade with my friend Becky and she sent me this terra cotta pot. I of course had to crackle it, and age it... And it will evenually go to live in my Garden Room. I did paint a few other regular flower pots for the shop- Just haven't been able to get a good picture yet.

...and then there's these guys:)

They keep me busy all day, too. We are down to 11 now... I really don't want to discuss it. I just want to think I did what was right.... So....Here's Porkchop:) He's almost like a mini Otis, without the attutide, lol. Don't let that cute face fool you... He is a monster!! This guy will climb right up your leg to steal the sandwich you are making... And he's quick!

And speaking of Otis...
He's so sweet when he's sleeping, LOL.

Almost as cute as Rufus is, huh?

Don' they just make you want to go take a nap....

Until Next Time:)