Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With the good comes the bad....

This past weekend, we went to my bf's Grandmother's 81st bday 'party'. It was really nice to be around family, and all my kids finally got to meet his whole family:) But I wanted to share something with ya.... I gave her a miniature birdhouse for her birthday. She collects real life birdhouses, and has them throughout her yard. But she has gotten where she can't get up to see them all the time. It's too cute, cause she keeps a mirror by her chair so she can look over her shoulder, outside, to see the birds. So I figured she might like to have a mini one sitting next to her chair. She was thrilled with it:) And what made my head really swell, is when the uncles were passing it around, studying it. They are all master carpenters! So it made me feel really good to have them examine it the way they did.... 'It's hollow?!' one said...... "How did you age this thing so perfectly?!' .......Oh, I ate it up! And when they asked me what tools I had used, and I told them just an exacto knife, their faces said it all!! They told me I needed tools, and I laughed and said, I'd probably cut my fingers off...... I like working with my knife, more love goes into it when it's all hand carved, right:)?? Needless to say, I was on cloud nine for a little while:)

Did I tell you I had some barns sketched out?? I'm really excited about those. I can't wait till I get my computer back running right, and I can share pictures, again. I miss ya'll!!

And on a crappy note...... My daughter is sick. There's been a cold going though the family, and it has taken more out of her then we'd like. I got a call this morning from the nurse, telling me she was wheezing, and running a fever of 104.4. My daughter hardly ever runs a fever. But when she gets sick, the sky falls out. As soon as I seen her, I knew we needed to head to the docs office for some TLC. They had her do several breathing treatments, gave her steroids.... did a chest x-ray, and concluded that she may or may not have pneumonia. And then we got to go home:) This part always scares us. We've spent many of days in ICU, and I could tell she didn't want to spend Christmas there. I teased with her that we've spent all the other holidays in the hospital, so why not Christmas too. She tends to start to panic when she thinks they're going to keep her there, and I knew that making a joke of it, might make it a little easier to deal with if it happened. But like I said....it didn't. Her fever finally broke this evening and her numbers are looking better on her peek flow meter, so I think, I hope... it's all up hill from here! :)

Well...... I'm off to go curl up in bed with a good movie and my sketch pad. I got some lighthouse books this morning from the library, and I want to see what I can come up with:)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Go Away Mr. Grinch! You're not welcome here!!

Went to lunch with my bff yesterday and he politely reminded me that I hadn't updated in awhile... lol... Just haven't had anything big happen yet... no money has magically fallen out of the sky..... and I can't make money till I get money. Just a real frustrating time of year for me, and well.... I'd rather have my pitty party all by myself. So.....

I have been slowly plugging along on the big bird houses. Even made one for Mom and Dad to go on their Christmas tree. I rack my brain every year when it comes to them. They have everything they need....And I just don't think they could put any more pictures up of the kids if they tried.... But then I had this bright idea to turn a birdhouse into a ornament.... and I think they'll love it!! I think hand made gifts are really the best gifts:)

I've been reading a lot of books and watching a lot of movies from the library. Well...not really reading, but looking at lots of books! I love books with big beautiful pictures!

Oh, and my oldest turned 15 last Friday! People tell you kids grow up quick, but you really don't realize the truth in it till it happens. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home, wondering what in the hell to do with him....lol..... I was 16 when I had him, and now that I look back at it, I laugh because I have no idea how we survived! I was so clueless.... And yet I thought I knew it all. Then one day you grow up and realize you really don't know anything. And before you know it, You see your kids thinking they know it all..... Vicious cycle, huh!! lol

OK.... Pretty sure I won't be back until sometime after Christmas~ So I hope all of you have an amazing holiday:) XXXOOO

Until Next Time...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Just another update...

Hey ya'll.....

Can you believe it's December already?? I swear every year, I have such big plans for Christmas.... and yet before I know it, it's here, and I'm stressing:) .... And I normally take December off from the doctors so I can relax and enjoy the reason I'm at the doctors so much.... not sure if that made much sense...so let me rephrase it for you.... I know I have this lemon, and I choose to fight to make my quality of living better... And I do it for my family. I have this 'illness' and it's here whether I go to the doctors or not, so on the holidays.... I like to separate myself from the 'medical' issues, and just try and enjoy things. Hope I made sense that time, I'm afraid my brain has been on over drive all week, and I'm sure it will be going again next week.

I did meet with the doctor that ran all those test a little while back, and it was so Awesome to walk outta his office feeling like someone finally got it. I can't even begin to tell you how great it felt! .....I've always wanted to write a book about my life~ and yet I've never known what the point of it was going to be.... until that day. I want to spread hope to those that are running out of it. It has taken me around 1o? years now to get where I'm at, and it's a good feeling:) I can't say there is hope for a cure, but at least I have someone else on my side now:)

I have been able to steal a little bit of time at night to work on the birdhouses.... and for the past 2 days I've been working on a barn birdhouse~ I can't wait till I get pictures up online to show you. Also found a new paint color that I have fallen in love with. It's called 'barn wood' by ....awee crap~ I can't think right now~ Folk something.....lol... Anyways, everything is getting painted with it lately, I just love it:) I've also managed to make some benches, and refinished a table~ with benches to go with it. So I've been busy! See how much work one can get done when the y don't spend all day surfing the net, lol.

Well.... Alrighty then. I'm at the library again...... getting ready to check out some more movies and books.... I've been ate up with home decorating lately... not my home of course, but thoughts of minis things I want to make.....

So, Until Next Time!
Enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and someone recently asked how I made my clay baskets... I just used my hands to make the coils:) That dang on extruder is too strong for me:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Wanted to check in with ya'll

Thought I'd take a minute to let you all know, I'm still here...... And without pictures:( Soon though, ok! I swear everybody and they're brother wants money from me right now... and well, I'm afraid getting the computer fixed is last on the list right now. BUT..... I am working. I have several 'big' birdhouse that need there final touches...... Have to make some stands, and make them look old..... And they're all differerent! Well, different colors.... and a few new models:) I'm at the library now.... and it's telling me my time is almost up, so I'll close with this:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Eat lots of pumpkin pie!!
Spend quality time with your family!
But most of all Enjoy the holidays:)

Until Next Time......

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Nope, No pictures yet! And I'm too scared to go digging around for them, So hopefully the next time I go home, I can talk my Brother-in-law into fixing it again. But in the mean time..... I'm keeping myself busy! I made some 4 tier birdhouses.... (the one I had made before had only 3 tiers) ..... And I've made a couple of fat ones. Just have to finish up the roofs, and I'll be done with this set of birdhouses..... Then I have to make some stands. I did manage to order some supplies from HBS.. So I gotta wait on that to get here before I can finish the posts. I think I'm most excited about the 'dental molding' that I bought:) Can't wait to get my hands on it!! I also ordered some drawer pulls and door knobs..... But you'll have to wait to see what I come up with.

So...On to those questions....

What color birdhouse should I make next?? I tried red last night, and could not get it crackle~ So I'll have to play around with that some more! I did make one yesterday using the 'sand' colored paint I have~ And I really, really like it. The age and green mossy stuff show up so much better on the sand:)

An Etsy question~ How do you price your stuff? Sometimes I feel like I'm over charging... and sometimes I feel like I've really cut myself short and not charged enough. I want to be able to give my customers the best price I can...... without them, my store would be nothing. But if this is a business that I want to keep going, then I've got to figure out how to price things right.

Anyone got any good pointers on making 'miniature' strawberry jam? I got 2 tiny little jams jars from Nikki, and I'd like to fill them with some kind of jam/jelly for Marshmallow Manor.....

What do ya'll use to stick things down with in your dollhouse? I have some of that yellow tack stuff, and it just doesn't seem to work like I think it should..... Or it ends up sticking out from under the object you're trying to place...... Any suggestions??? I don't want to glue things down.... I like rearranging them....

OK.... I'm off to work on the birdhouses...... And finish watching Benny & Joon........ I love Joon's studio..... I love Johnny Depp~ and all his quirks.....love the music...... Just one of my all time favorite movies!!

Until Next Time......

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its just been one of weeks!

Well..... Let's see...

My computer started acting up...
I was trying to find a link on how to make miniature jam.... Next thing I knew, I had porn all over my computer, then it said I had a virus, and that I had to restart my computer, and when I did.... my Internet was gone! So I tried again the next day, and got nothing. Then today, the bf sat down with it.... doesn't quite know what he did, but as you can see I have my Internet back, for now...... But now, my pictures are gone! I have no clue where they are, I can't even get my photo program to open up..... Not to sure how to fix this........... but I can't blog without pictures, what fun is that.

Saturday, our muffler on our car fell off. I'm still playing stupid over here......... you see, I think I'm the one who originally screwed it up. I was in a leaving a parking lot, thought I could drive through th eparking space... and next thing I know I had the car parked up on the medium thingy.... some days I'm really dense, you know. Anyways, we now have a shinny new muffler, and no one knows why:) Good thing no one in my family reads this.... Well except for Cora~ So Cora if you're reading this, this is our little secret, ok??

I'm having teeth issues. Not to sure if it's because I haven't really been to see a dentist in over 15 years, or if it's having this faulty body I have.... But I really, really hate having anyone in my mouth. Well, I had a tooth that was broke in half, and infected, so I had to break down and go see if I could get it pulled. However, the bf said he didn't want me toothless..... So, today I had a root canal done. Not as bad as heart surgery, but still no fun. They had to keep re numbing me about every 20 minutes, because it was wearing off..... No surprise there..... Remember I have bad 'nerves'..... Even had 2 roots in one canal.... and one root that I swear was connected to my nose. But I survived. Realized that sitting in a dental chair is not for me~ having my feet higher than my heart makes the room spin real bad. But like I said...... I survived. (Thank Goodness for Valium!!)

Which brings me to my next complaint! LOL..... Yesterday, the lady at the post office really got my anxiety up, and after already having a bad morning, I realized I was really going to need a refill on my Valium at some point (When the tears start, they just don't know how to stop).... So I called that doctors office, to request a refill, for the nurse to tell me that my doctor is gone. ???? Yup. Gone. So they offered to set me up with a new doctor there, and I will meet with him for the first time in December. This would be my neurologist I'm talking about. And I'm not really happy about this, I really liked the doctor I had! But..... things change...... They did however go ahead and call in my prescription! But when I got to the pharmacy.... they didn't have it.... So I had to play a quick game of cat and mouse..... and about an hour later, I finally got my meds. :)

Oh, and the lady at the post office..... I thought I was asking a simple question, and she wanted to go into some big long confuse that crap out of you explanation, and yet not even come close to answering the question you originally asked.............. and well, I don't have the energy for games, so I think next time, I'll be going to a different post office. ~She was asking me how I wanted to ship my package, and I said 'regular mail'..... And she said 'we don't have regular mail'... and then went back through that long list of shipping options..... And when she got to the bottom of the list, it said 'first class'.... Then I said to her, " So I guess when I say regular mail, I should be saying first class.' And then she said...... 'I don't know what your saying, I'm not aloud to assume anything.' At this point I was in the mood to 'Never Mind' her, and yet she wanted to go through those shipping options again. OK.... For real, I'm not 2.... I just wanted an answer to what I thought was a simple question, and yet she turned it into a headache! Gees Lady........

You still with me......
So..... Now that my mouth is killing me (actually I think it's my gums that are hurting from all those shots?) .......I'm going to take some more meds and go to sleep, Maybe tomorrow it will get better!

**As for my minis go, Wait till you see the new birdhouse I built. The boys in my house says it looks all wrong.... Instead of putting it on a post, I made a table for it to sit on. I used these tiny spindles for legs, and that's where the boys say it doesn't look right. I disagree.... And think that it's long skinny legs make it a feminine piece..... We will see what you think when I find my photo program......

Oh yeah! And I managed to glue one of our pretty couch pillows to the couch! :D
Not to sure how I did it...... Didn't even know I had done it, until the bf told me he had to cut it off the couch! Nice!! LOL!!

So now that I'm a mess, I'm gonna go and sand some more wood. It's very therapeutic, you know:)

Until Next Time

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Items in Etsy

Just thought I'd let everyone know I finally got a few things loaded up in my Etsy store!

Here's the birdhouse I've been working on..... This one is on a stand.
And it's been aged a little more...

Did I tell you how much I really love these birdhouses:)

Wouldn't it look Amazing in a Miniature Garden scene??

I've also made a few shadow boxes.... These are perfect for displaying tiny seashells.... You can see what I did with mine here......

And for my little birdhouse fans.... There's several sets of little ones, Girlie Ones:) ... and some single ones.

I also listed a few other things, more signs... and a few cheese snack boards.....
....this will be short post today..... I have lots to do......... hopefully in the beginning of the week, I can get to the real posts! :)

Until Next Time.....

Friday, November 5, 2010

I think I'm in love....

Sorry, I've been quiet ........ I had an idea........

And just let me apologize now for all the pics I'm about to show you:)

Earlier this week, I went to the library and got a few books on Real scale birdhouses.... I wanted to make something more complex.... and needed some ideas. In another post I'll show you the books I got.... But for now.... I want to show you this.....

The idea came from a book, but I have no clue how to convert measurements, so the design is mine. I ABSOLUTELY Love this birdhouse. I love the color of it.... I love how the aging technique worked out...

Doesn't it look like it's been outside forever........

There's lots of layers of paint in this... Lots of sanding, and lots of Love!

However, when I was making it, I forgot I was doing it for a dollhouse, and thought about how it would be in real life, So I put it on a post.....

But have no fear! I made another one on a stand, just have to do the finishing touches on it and it should get listed sometime this weekend:)
**I plan on listing my new 'pink' houses, too this weekend, just don't know if I should sell them as groups or individually. I also made a few shadow boxes... painted them brown, and now can't figure out if I should age them, or leave them so other people can paint them they way they want them painted.... Any suggestions welcome:)
Alrighty then.... I got a birdhouse to finish.......
Happy Friday:)

Until Next Time....

Monday, November 1, 2010

I don't know how I forgot the pink??

When I was putting some of my birdhouses away, I noticed I didn't make any pink birdhouses.. And You know I gotta have a pink one, so...... I made some more houses:)

I've been using what ever I can find to finish these. Clock parts, tiny screws... more nail stickers...And Earrings..... Now if I could just find my wire cutters~ I've looked every where..and I just can't find them~ It's actually been driving me nuts that I can't find them, and I can't even tell you how much time I've spent looking for them, Uggg!!

Don't forget to make the pictures bigger so you can see all the details... There's actually 2 birdhouses on the bottom 'shelf' that have stickers on them. The peach one has a peach flower in the middle...and the pink one all the way to the right has a white flower design...

I'm really loving these 'pink' ones..... When I find my wire cutters, I plan on using some earring studs for their posts.... They're gonna be so pretty:)

~I bought some wood this past week to make some shadow boxes:)
~ I don't suggest eating chips while working on your birdhouses, cause before you know it, one of those potato chips is going to be supper hard, and then you'll realize that you just tried to eat a birdhouse! Yeah.... You can laugh.... I did!
~My darling sweet mother spent some time in her yard Saturday morning collecting acorns for me...She left them on their outside table while she went to run errands.... And when she came back, the acorns were gone... But 'Those Darn squirrels left you the caps' LMAO~ Poor Momma! Didn't realize you were setting up a buffet, did you?? LOL
~I just recently discovered the world of Victoria Plum, and would die to get my hands on some of the books! Which brings me to my next thought....
~Shhhh... this one is a secret though..... I bought the Hedgehog family(You know~ The Calico Critters!!) this weekend. I totally couldn't help myself...They bring back so many childhood memories of my biological father!! Our cats used to drag them in, and if he could, my dad would nurse them back to health and release them elsewhere..... I just had to have this family when I saw them in the catalog... and when I went birthday shopping, there they were. It was fate:) ...OK, You ready for this, LMAO~ They're gonna need a house! OH MY..... Hahaha.... Oh what to do??!!
~Oh... and I put a sofa kit up on Etsy... and a couple of ages chess pieces:)

Until Next Time.........

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The whole reason it has stayed in the box this long...

Yup! That Otis!!

A little over a week ago I won A Beautiful Giveaway from Casey over at http://caseymini.blogspot.com/!! I'm still in shock that I won it actually...... But very honored to recieve something so special. You see, Casey and I both started blogging in Feburary of 2008. We didn't know each other... I actually started blogging to find friends that knew what polymer clay was.... And soon after I started blogging, I discovered Miniatures, Again. But not as I knew once them.... I had a dollhouse as a kid and it never even occurred to me that I could paint the walls. lol...or decorate it for that matter..... So, here I was...googling miniatures and one day came across Casey's Blog. OMG! She knew everything! There was nothing that this woman couldn't do! I called her the Miniature Guru in this house:) ((Betcha didn't know that, Did ya Casey?)) Poor Casey.... she thought she was going to write a blog and not get comments, lol. And here I was.... eager to tell her how awesome her things were. 3 years later, and I'm happy to call her my friend:) ..........So, when I won her giveaway..... I was floored! :)

And like I said earlier! I'm still in shock. She let me choose my own fabric, and I choose the same material that Tessie's apron was made of. I love the material, and It would remind me of Casey's Talent and Tessie's Crazy antics every time I saw it:) And now that I have it in my possession.... I couldn't be more pleased!

No! I did not let Otis eat the furniture. I let him have one good sniff, then he had to go:)

I still can't get over how vivid the colors in the material are.
And all that weaving that was done to make something like this. I just don't think I'd ever have the patience to do something like this, So Thank-you again Casey!!!

Look at what else she put in the box..... A mini house!!! ~ and wallpaper, and carpet, and the tiniest trim I've ever seen... My poor head has been hurting thinking of all the possibilities with this!

....and she sent me these 2 tiny houses:) ((BTW... I just picked up some copper, so as soon as I can figure out how to make a roof with it, I'll decorate these houses for Katie's Corner))

And as if all that wasn't enough..... She had previously sent me one of her On the Go Mini Kits! I do have to say that I've already used it several times, so it doesn't look the same as when i first got it. And we((the bf and I)) loved that little glue bottle! But it happens to be MIA right now??)
*Ya'll are gonna have to remind me about the story of the bf and the glue, but later, ok...

And there was lots of goodies in it..... A pink basket~ A beautiful leather purse with high-heels to match:) Wood pieces, findings...... Yes! Lots of good stuff!

I've been racking my brain all week with what kind of roombox I want to put my new furniture in. I thought about doing one of those scenes in a bag, but with these cats, there's no way I'm taking the chance... I could just see it now...... I think I'd cry! But, I think my new furniture would look great in the glass house.... which got me thinking, I know~ scary thought, huh?! But I was thinking that I need a bigger house anyways for The Painted Lady... I just have too much Good stuff that I think needs to be in there. SO, my plan is to get a bigger roombox for The Painted Lady, and then I want to use the glass house to house the stuff Casey sent.... I'm thinking it's going to need lots of plants....You know, somewhere cozy to sit and read a good book... A Small Patio or something.... OMG~ Did I just say I need another house? Yikes! I better get to finishing the ones I've already started, huh?!

Thanks again Casey! This stuff is Amazing!!! Hugs!
Until Next Time.....

Happy Halloween!

And Happy 'Belated' Birthday to my youngest. His official birthday was yesterday, but we tend to celebrate it on Halloween. Before things get crazy around here, I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

I even made a birdhouse to celebrate. No, it's not mini.... It's for my front porch. It was one of those $2 birdhouse from AC Moore's that I had picked up. The handle is a drawer pull I took off my neighbors dresser that he was throwing away. WHat!! Those things are expensive, and I think I got about 20:) ...lol... I was out there early one morning, using a little girl's barrette(someone had left it in one of the drawers) to unscrew each one, lol....glad no one saw me:)

...Yup, I'm still crackling over here... Would you believe my jug of medium is half way gone:(

...I painted the house with 2 coats of dark brown paint, then 2 coats of crackle medium went on, then the top coat of paint was applied. After everything dried, I went back and 'aged' it~ I took the Dremel to it:) Then I went back and inked where I had dremeled~ this adds even more character to it:) When the ink was dry, I sprayed the whole thing with an acrylic sealer. ((Actually, these are the same steps I use when I'm making my mini birdhouses.))

I really like how this turned out.....

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you and your family have a Safe Halloween!
I'm off to get those last minute details done, And then it's time to Party:)

**Before you leave though, You should stop by and say Hello at the Party that Kat The Hat Lady is hosting.... You can find it here:) http://katthehatladyhalloweenhouse.blogspot.com/
Until next Time:)

Friday, October 29, 2010

A few new items on Etsy

Just wanted to let everyone know, I loaded up a few new things into my Etsy store.

Remember the candles I made... I have 3 sets listed, and 3 more ready to be listed. These were all hand dipped by me using left over candles and crayons. Talk about recycling, huh! These little guys are too much fun to play with. They really light and even burn properly. But, I will tell you, lighting and blowing them out so the wax drips down the side is pretty darn addictive. I really need to dig my candle making stuff back out, cause I'm sure there's a few of you out there that would probably use a few white/cream/yellow ones, right?!

This set of 'decorations' was listed. They look really good on a dresser.... I have my set in The Painted Lady, and I have a bird's nest that Mercedes sent me sitting on the tallest one. I plan on putting a candle on the middle one....

I also put this up. I have a few already, so I thought I'd pass it on to one of you. These kits are really easy to put together. The box is not the prettiest, but the kit and directions are in Great condition.

I have also put up some more signs...
~And soon I will have some signs that I turned into magnets available..

**And if you order anything Halloween related from my store this weekend.... I'll throw in a special Halloween Bowl. This includes orders that are placed anytime from now until Sunday night, Midnight, my time. :)

So.... Until Next Time

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm excited about this one:)

Do you ever come up with an idea, and get super excited about it when it works out?
I did.....

The past couple of weeks, I've been looking online to find different birdhouses to build. I have lots of sketches about future designs.... just don't have the right wood yet. But what I did have was some beautiful acorns from Minnesota:)
**remind me later to thank Kim from http://flowerkim.blogspot.com/ again!!

I've seen a few in real life scale made out of wood and wondered how hard it would be to turn a regular acorn into a miniature birdhouse.... So, I talked the bf into cutting the top off of one~ which was more difficult than we thought it was going to be....we cut 4, I got one birdhouse outta the deal!? Oh... And before we/he cut it, I buffed it up with a dremel attachment to make it all shinny. And yes, I used just the attachment, I was to lazy to get the dremel out, lol!)

I gutted the insides, and then went back with another dremel attachment and tried to scrub out the sides. Then I used a drill attachment and made a hole in the front. I would recommend not being lazy, and finding your dremel... My poor fingers are killing me today.

next, I drilled 2 small holes into the top.... And found the only piece of string I could find to make a hanger. And then this morning I glued it together.

Isn't it awesome!!! I'm totally in love:)

If I can get my hands on some more acorns, you will definitely find some in my Etsy shop!!

Until Next Time.......

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Mr. Sun.....

I sure wish you'd come out.... I have pictures to take:)

So for now, you'll have to deal with these....
~Made some more signs using tongue compressor sticks.... These would be perfect in a beach house, don't ya think??

And here's what I made today...... Took me 2 movies to make these...... (Halloween I and II, the Rob Zombie ones, in case anyone is wondering, lol)

These little guys are a pain in the butt to mess with. I had to jam needles in them to be able to paint them, and when you're sanding them, they're constantly flinging out of your fingers.

But they're just so cute!
....Now, If I could just get that sun to come out so I could take better pictures:)

~maybe tommorrow?!
........Until Next Time.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tiny, tiny houses....

When I was working on my birdhouses, I naturally wondered how small I could actually make them. So, I pulled out one of my sticks of wood (I have them in various sizes) ...and started cutting. BTW, I use a hand saw and a miter box, but the hand saw is about to die...lol.... and I'll just keep using it till it does....Anyways..... Once I got a few houses cut out, and sanded down, I painted them.... then I changed my mind, and went to look for my tiny letter stamps. This is what I came up with...

After each one was painted, I then went back with a brown marker and 'stained' up the sides....meaning I went over the edges with said marker, and then went back over the edges with my finger to blend them in.
See how tiny they are?!

After I did the first set..... I wanted all white ones... And what better word to use then Dream.

I made a set to go in The Painted Lady and a set to go up on Etsy.
Just think of all the words that could be used!

Until next Time....

More Random Pics....

Just wanted to drop these pictures off before I go run errands:)

So.... I bought this 'word' at AC Moore's and decided to age it a little....Thinking this will go live on a shelf in The Painted Lady....

I used the crackle medium and then sanded it....Then I went back and dry brushed some gray paint over it.

..... Casey and I were talking about different kinds of crackling methods the other day... And I was telling her that I had seen someone on HGTV take a blow torch to a painted piece of wood... and how it made the paint bubble up.... So I thought I'd try it in minis scale. I used a lighter...

It did bubble a little bit.... And I like how it aged the sign even more.... Kinda neat, huh.

..... The kids went to Bush Gardens yesterday with their Godfather..... And brought home this:

That's my daughter on the right................ And my Boys on the left. Yes, they have dresses on?!?! Sometimes they're just down right Silly!! ((My youngest has his face painted to look like it's falling off....Bush Gardens goes all out for Halloween!!)) They had an amazing time, And I feel fortunate that there's someone in their lives that can do that for them:)
And how about a kitty pic before I go?? See Wilbur?? Rufus is laying on him in that bag on the back of the TV.... And Wilbur was sound asleep!!

OK... I will be back later with what I made yesterday....
And that special gift I got..... ((I haven't forgotten, and I'm not trying to be rude, Just Trying to find somewhere special to take pictures of it.... ))

Until next Time!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Pics today....

Happy Friday Everyone!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead of them. I'm hoping that today's weather comes back again, It was beautiful today:)

I'm still working on my little birdhouses ..... and/or houses.... And have listed a few more on Etsy earlier. These 2 will be up tomorrow, once I go back and paint that roof! Didn't realize I hadn't done it until I got them on the computer. I really like these ones! Very Girlie, and yet it has that Gothic touch.....

And I made a few more Halloween ones...

Thought you might like to see the Stickers that I ordered from Etsy! Aren't they Beautiful. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Dragonflies!! So how could I resist! You can find similar ones here: http: www.etsy.com/shop/PoshGirlBoutique And of course you can order them to say anything you'd like!

And how about a kitty pic or 2.
Here's Wilbur dangling from the side of the couch. Yup! He jumps up, sinks his teeth into it, and hangs there....lol.... That's Jasper looking down at him trying to figure out what he's doing! Crazy kitty!!!

And one last pic.... Of Boogs!
This is Fred's brother, who hopefully will come inside permanently one day. He's the sweetest cat I've ever met!! And look at those whiskers, Have you ever seen em' that long before. Isn't he just beautiful!! Good Ole Boogers!! ((He was investagating me taking pictures of minis the other day, and I thought I'd get a couple of him! ....I swear he was posing for me:))

Until Next Time...............