Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scrapbook Stickers

Look at what my Mom sent!! She cleaned up her sewing/craft room this weekend, and found some scrap-booking stickers that she thought would be cute in the dollhouse!! I have to agree, they're very cute!! She sent the Candyland Game!! It even has game pieces and a box....

And the game of Life and Monopoly!! I can't wait to get them out and set them up!!

Click on that last picture to make it bigger so you can see all the details!! They're really cool!! :)

And look at this set for the kitchen!!
And this last set for the sewing room....

She even sent these little Easter things....
I love it when she cleans...We always get the neatest things:)!! Thanks Mom!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Look at what I won:)

I don't think I told you, but I recently won a giveaway from Kim at http://flowerkim.blogspot.com/ !! Please take the time to go check out her pics! Here's a link to the original giveaway:

I won this Beautiful Book!! Completely handmade! There's a fairy on the front that Kim painted, and all I can say is my picture does not do it justice!! She's so cute!! And look, she even has a pink dress on! Her crown and her wand are also 3-D!

The inside is lined with flowered paper and bordered with a purple ribbon. I love my new book! So much I'm afraid to even write in it!! I don't want to mess it up, lol! It's beautiful!!

Also included in the giveaway was this set! Two hand painted pictures and a mirror to match.....When I took the picture, I did laugh at myself thinking this picture should be included in the what not to do when taking a picture...but It was the only way I could take a picture of it without blinding you with the flash!

As an added bonus, she sent me the most adorable pair of mini Moccasins!! I just love the bead work in them! Aren't they cute!!

She was even kind enough to send me some acorns and a gourd from her garden! Thank-you Kim for all the great gifts you sent me:) I can't wait to put them all into place!!

Oh.....and a gift Kim sent, that she didn't realize was a gift...........The box!!! LOL......Otis sat on the table for a long time figuring out how he was going to get in there......I was able to grab the camera cause I knew what was coming.......

If you have cats, You know what I mean...You can see the excitement in their eyes right before they get ready to pounce on something! And in this case, I knew he was getting ready to dive into the box.....

Like This!! LOL.....This is about as far as he got before he realized he just wasn't going to fit, LOL!!!

I tell ya! He's always good for a laugh!! Thanks for the box, too Kim:) hehehe

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The party...

I promised my family I wouldn't post any embarrassing photos of the skating party......but I figured I'd sneak in just a couple!! The traditional picture of Cora blowing out her candle. This year she choose the cake 'with the peace sign on it'....as she put it! LOL

Look.....and the lucky dog got to go in the Money Box. It's a glass cage that blows money and air all around....and whatever she can grab....she got to keep:)

:) And she loved her new minis!! See the excitment in her face:) Even better, Look at the excitment in her bff's face!! *Mercedes, Liberty!!.....Look!! Cora still has her bracelet on:) She's been wearing it ever since she got it!!

And I thought I'd show you what an awesome Dad looks like! Poor Fella....The look on his face says it all!!

I had promised my ex I'd try not to laugh.....but I swear I spent the whole afternoon laughing, laughing so hard it actually hurt!!! but I wasn't laughing at them, I was laughing with them:) Promise;) This was Dad's first time Ever skating, so I have to give him props for trying!! Actually I was impressed with a lot of them!! The bf actually skated more than any of them, and was rocking it by the end!! My daughter's godfather was even out there......helping the younger ones get across the rink, even though he could barely stand up himself!! I was so proud of them for getting out there and skating with the kids!

Good Day! Great memories!!! Just what every Mom wants for her kids!!

....And Cora's House turns One!!!!

It was a year ago this week that the new house came to life. While we were away for a family reunion......The bf built the shell of Otis', Um, I mean Cora's House! So I thought I'd take you on a picture trail of Otis' visits....Seeing as he thinks he's the Foreman on this job!

Here's what the inside of the house looked like when we got home....I was in shock over how big it was! Seriously......I had no clue it was going to be this massive! (At least in this house it seems enormous...but then again, that's what happens when you live in a single wide trailer, haha!! Everything's too big!)

I started with painting the outside......And Otis was there to inspect on a daily bases!! Here the bay window has been installed, and I was about to finish gluing in the last window.

One of my favorites!! LMAO!! Otis' tail is sticking straight out of the side access panel!! And he was sound asleep!!

Before the kitchen got painted......Otis spent many of days in there watching me work in the other rooms....At this point, I'm still gesso'ing everything...

He had to test the durability of the wrap around porch on the second story. Luckily, he didn't break anything......but, I tell ya, it scares the crud out of me when I think of what may happen when I get around to actually installing the rail and spindles around both porches, Yikes!!! Not to mention the shingles..... Remember what he did to the dining room table?! (He ate the legs!)

And another one of my favorites!! Now he's inspecting the ceiling in the living room, lol.......actually, again he's sound asleep in there, I actually had to go in there and wake him up to make sure he was alright!! LOL! And as you can see.....I've started to paint the rooms..

I do not have a recent picture to show you at this point......Most of it can be found back through my blog under the label Cora's House. You will have to wait till we can get Cora's new presents put in...All of them~ including the things that all of you have sent her in the past few months!! Thank-you for helping me with this build!! I couldn't of done it as good as I have without all of your help!! You All are amazing!!!! :)

Cora's 12 today! :)

I still can't get over how fast they grow up.....It seems like just yesterday, we were bringing her home from the hospital!! I'll never forget the first conversation she had with her Daddy they day we brought her home......He was telling her that if she wanted to grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer, that it be ok with him....And that he Really wouldn't mind if she decided to play for Duke University either!! LOL~ He's a Big Duke basketball fan!! I remember laughing and asking him if we could get through potty training and boys first, LOL! Time sure does go by fast!

Thought you'd enjoy seeing the cute invitations she picked out this year......Her skating party is today...And Nooooo, I will not be skating!! (But my ex said he would, as long as I don't laugh...........hehehe) Yes, I''ll have my camera with me!! :)

And now for what I made her.....I've been working on this all week....I figured I make a bunch of stuff for the daughter's room in her dollhouse! (BTW~ It was a year ago today that she got her house...and if I can remember, I will do a post about it later!) OK.....So on the paper plate we have..........Posters, books, a tv, and a bulletin board!

I love how the TV turned out!! I darkened up the image in Photoshop~ and it really made all the difference! The TV is a magnet I bought at the Dollar Store.

And next is my favorite! I am so proud of this little bulletin board. I did it in the shape of a house.....just wanted something a little different! There's pictures of her growing up, tigers, Jacob from Twilight.......Pink~ Her favorite singer...........Yasmine~ Her favorite Bratz doll, a picture of Me.......oh, and there's a picture of her and her godfather. I think she's going to love it!! (She's with her Dad right now...so I know she won't be getting online in the next couple of hours.......I can't wait to see the expression on her face!)

Then last night, I made necklaces, too......I'm just using straight pins as the thumbtacks here.....Just prepierce the holes, and cut the pins down.....Really simple! ((Thanks Mercedes for the idea on how to do a bulletin board!!!)

And here's one last picture before I go. It's a card with a painting my Grandmother did when Cora was born. My Grandmother passed away before she got to met Cora, but they would of loved each other very much. Grandma was very spunky, and very Artistic. She lost a lot of her eye-sight when she got older....but kept on painting. She had this BIG magnifying glass that sat on her table, and she painted under it! Yes, this was the Grandma that left me her paints:)
Inside the Card it reads:
June 27, 1997
For Cora,
Welcome to the family! I hope you and your big brother, Drew, will be as close to one another as I was with my brother! Have a happy and wonderful Life!
Great Grandma Howard
Great Grandpa Howard
So....Here's to the next 12 years! I love you Cora!
Until next time.........

Friday, June 26, 2009

Name that flower...

OK.....So a long time ago, there used to be these beautiful flowers outside our store......That was until they decided to re landscape the lot. I asked the guys if they could save me a few........and It wasn't until after I clocked out that I had realized they had a whole box for me. So, naturally I took them home, planted them and then waited for them to bloom.........and I waited, and waited (btw, I'm talking about years here....lol).....Finally two years ago, I decided that they must need more sunlight, so I moved them...........and then last year I got a bloom!! Yes!! One single bloom!

Now I've seen these plants planted in yards around here, and they can be over 6 foot tall.....but not mine. I have no clue as to what they're called.....So I was wondering if anyone could help??
Once I figure out what they are, I might be able to figure out what they want..........

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 American Icons have passed

When I turned on the computer this afternoon, I honestly thought the headlines were a hoax! After losing Farrah Fawcett
this morning to cancer………I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

Another American icon, Michael Jackson, has died this afternoon…..And I thought I’d take a minute to say thanks to the music that he shared with us! I’ll never forget the first time I watched Thriller on MTV…..MTV was brand new (or at least in my world it was), and it was almost taboo in my house to watch it. But I remember getting home from school, before my parents returned from work….and rushing to turn on the TV to watch MTV…Even if it was only for a minute….I just had to see something. I do remember watching the Thriller video for the first time…I watched the whole thing and didn’t budge until it was over. I sat about 2 inches from the TV, hunched over on a bar stool, watching in awe…..Not only was his music awesome, but his video was like something I had never seen before! It made me want to dance! Yes! I have tried to do the Thriller dance several times in my life, and I am sure you have, too!! And if you haven’t tried the Thriller dance, I’m sure somewhere in your life, you’ve tried to moon walk something!

Stepping forward a few years, and the time of CD’s came about. I was always the last one to have new technology…..and it was no different with the CD player. But I do remember my first CD! Yup! It was a Michael Jackson CD!! The Dangerous album! Although I must admit, I’d rather of watched the MTV videos! I mean, come on now…….Who else could dance like Michael did?? Ok, Maybe James Brown could….But For Real….Michael has lead the way in the music industry!

Flashing forward 15 years………I found myself taking a cross the country drive with my Sister. Along the way, we managed to pull of a trip to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio! There’s something about seeing those famous articles of clothes that the Great Ones once wore! I never really realized how tiny Jimi Hendrix was until I saw his outfits on display. But it was Michael’s clothes that really got me excited! His glove! That famous glove was there, shining ever so brightly. And if my memory serves me correct, so were his clothes from different videos that he has done! Either way, it was very exciting to see a glimpse into their lives!

So with that being said……I just want to take a moment to remember a legend. Remember what he has done for the music industry!

I know there’s a bunch of controversy surrounding Michael's life, and I understand that every one is entitled to their own opinion! Mine is simply this: I was not there to know the truth of the matter. And that there is always 3 sides to every story….His, hers and the truth. I just know that Michael Jackson made Great music! Music that made you want to get up and Dance! Thank-you Michael for sharing your passion with us! I only hope you can find peace in the after life!

Picture Time!!

Recently I did a trade with Kat from http://katthehatlady.blogspot.com/. She had posted these glass jars online, and offered to trade them with someone. I was so excited when she picked me! I sent her a mini shadow box in return.....but you'll have to wait till she gets it to see.....Here's my jars and a hat!! I put some Cotton Candy candy sticks in one.....it's going into Katie's Corner!! The other 3 will go into each of the kids houses.....just have to make some candy sticks to match......lol, I need and idea as to what kind of candy stick would go with A Star Wars Toystore and A skate shop......and well, Cora's getting pineapple flavored ones to go in her kitchen:)

Next we have a kit that Ana from http://miniaturesforever.blogspot.com/ sent me:) Last night I curled up in bed and watched back to back episodes of Bones and put this little shelf together. It's suppose to have a mirror in the middle and I was thinking I might put cork in there instead?! Still haven't figured out where it's going~ Maybe in the big brother's room in Cora's House?? LOL, Yeah! I know I still need to finish her house!! One day!!

Next we have a few Hello Kitty keychains that I found at the mall yesterday! I thought the one on the left would be cute in Cora' sitting room. The Pink Tiger one is going to Katie's Corner.....and the little 'goth' one on the right will be going to Cora for the daughter's room.

And now for some Otis pics.......I swear this cat's been sitting on my printer for 2 weeks now?? Do your cats do that...Pick a favorite spot, and sleep there for days??? Then they get bored? and find a new place??? He's funny, when I watch videos and stuff online, I'd swear he watches them too!!
And when he gets tired...he's just makes himself at home and takes a nap. Poor baby~ Mommy really needs to get all her junk off your cat tree so you can get your whole body in there and not just your head!

Yes! The opossum is still here.......and I don't get it! My cats are hunters, nothing makes it past them!....I can't tell you how many dead critters I have found on the porch over the years......Even woke up Christmas morning to a rat on the welcome mat! So Why are they letting that opossum eat ALL their food?? Don't get me wrong, I don't want them to hurt him/her; or get hurt themselves.....I just don't understand why they sit and watch it eat?? Do they think it's a kitten or something?? You see Pocus in the picture, Just watching the baby opossum eat??? Crazy!!

...and speaking of Opossums....Anyone ever watch the Bones episode where Bones is trying to chase away a really slow opossum??? Too funny!!

And one last picture! This doesn't happen often, so I'd thought I'd share it with you!! All 3 cats are sitting together!! OK, maybe they're not together, but all 3 are sitting on the same table, lol!
OK...I'm off to finish up a few things for Cora's birthday.....I can't show you pictures yet, But I will this weekend! All I'll say, is even I'm impressed!!! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Look at what We got.....

Saturday....while I was cooking dinner.....a package arrived from Mercedes!! I knew it was coming, but I am always so surprised at how freakin fast it gets here!! I was able to open it, so we could take a peek, but told the kids we had to wait till after dinner to open all her little packages!! Cora made me promise I wouldn't snoop, seeing as I was keeping the box in the kitchen with me, lol!

LOL.....we ALL opened our stuff so quick after dinner, I forgot to take pictures! The kids each got a writing tablet and the cutest magnets....And Cora got a pink bracelet from Liberty! Now....you know how kids are~all their treasures have now been scattered about.....But not mine:)

I kept everything in the box so I could share them with you! First we have a mini scrapbook!! She used my tutorial to do these, And I must say they're Awesome!!!
I really got choked up when I saw the picture of me and my Mom in it.....
And got even more teary eyed when I saw the picture of her and Liberty in it!!! How special is that!!! ;)
She also sent lots of other little gifts!! There's a table with pink flowers painted on it....ribbon....basket making stuff, a little pineapple, coconuts, dragonfly charms!
There were stickers..... LOL, Lots of Dragonfly stickers:)!!!

Here's a picture of the canisters up close. My favorite is the pink one with the dragonfly!!!
Next we have a pink basket that will go in Katie's Corner, and some crates that are absolutely perfect! We both love Moulin Rouge!! ;)
And look at this birdhouse! And that tiny nest! Awesome!!! There's also another canister with a carnival tent on it....
In this next picture if you look at the middle, you will see 2 house pillows!! I'm thinking they 'll go to live in Cora's living room!! All the other stuff in the box is what she used to wrap everything. She's made some really cute bags with a tutorial I posted awhile back. I'm So proud, LOL!!! And I saved the wrapping paper and that weird white (packing)stuff in the bottom right corner....Don't know what it is, but I have fallen in love with it's texture!!!
And last but not least...I have 2 cards! The little girl is a print of a painting her sister painted, I asked Mercedes if I could shrink it down and copy her idea of making a mini card out of it??! ...And the pineapple card was to Cora. I have a bunch of paper things now with pineapples on it.....I'm going to have to figure out a way to shrink them and make something for the kitchen with them....maybe a collage??
Thanks again Mercedes! As Always, it has been so much fun trading with you!!!!! :)