Sunday, March 30, 2008

The dollhouse for the dollhouse

This is the dollhouse that I built to go in my daughters dollhouse. I also made all the furniture.

Invasion of the kitties

This is Otis when he was little, sleeping in the attic of the dollhouse. He was so cute, he won a contest on MySpace! And well, as you can see, he doesn't fit into the dollhouse anymore. However, he thinks he gets to sit on top~ now he's at lest 7 pounds heavier, and I don't think Cora's dollhouse will survive again.
This is Jd, he's sleeping in a room box that my son is turning into a skate kitties are so bad!!
I don't really think I need his approval, but Otis insists on checking everything out!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dollhouse Swap

I'd really like to either host a dollhouse miniature swap or get involved with one. If anyone would like to be a part of one, please leave me a comment and soon as I get a couple of responses, I will let everyone know more details. Or if you have any suggestions as to where I can join a swap, please let me know! Thank-you!!

Cora's dollhouse

I thought I'd share with you some pictures of Cora's dollhouse. First, let me give you a little history behind the house. One of my best friends found it in the trash and brought it to me. She knew I'd fix it up and my daughter was at the age where one was appropriate. My bf and I painted it blue and I painted each room a very bright color....We are not afraid of color around here....seriously, you should see MY house~ orange living room, fushia master bedroom and not to mention my red hall. But, I am getting a little of the subject here. So, back to Cora's house. The house has been around for a little while now, and not showing it's age any better. Not to mention, that one of our cats thinks he is some kind of gargoyle, and sat on the roof, and well, it is not going to hold up forever.....One more time, and I think it is gonna be a gonner. I have pictures of this cat when he was a little fella and small enough to sleep in the attic.....and Now...well, he's deadly!!

The blue room is the living room. The big hutch in the back was mine when I was little. The couch used to be pink, I think it was found with the house. I just painted it black. Worked really good! The coffe table I made out of bosa wood, and now that I see it in a picture I think it needs to be darker. There is a little polymer clay pot on top of the fireplace. I love this room at Christmas. We have a lot of decorations!

The kitchen (the yellow room) is missing it's stairs......the brothers have disappeared with them?!?!?! She just got the fridge, so things are a little cozy. You will notice pictures on the walls. They are peices of scrapbook paper, cut into squares, backed with another sheet of scrapbook paper. (The picture in the living room is a picture I cut out of a watercolor magazine.)
I remember how to crochet long enough to make a blanket, pillow and a bean bag chir for the orange room. All of the beds in the house are handmade. Oh and my favorite thing is in the attic. I built a dollhouse for the dollhouse. You see it, it's in the back left corner...Yup, it even has furniture!!

Hand Carved Stamps

I have never been able to just stick with one medium, let alone finish anything I start. These hand carved stamps were simple though and I ended up carving out a few. Yes, they are just stick people, but with character! I even made a few greeting cards with them. Oh, and one day, when I actually make a business out of my hobbies, I will use one of these stamps on my business card.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Books for the dollhouse

The bookcase that will go in the back corner of the store~there is one store bought book on the bottom shelf.....a dictonary- it doesn't open like mine do though. Yes, After making that back shelf for the dollhouse, I decided that it needed books. I made one with a polymer clay binding, and I liked it. It is bigger than I'd like though, so I'll have to work on it. The rest I made out of scrapbook paper and preprinted words. I copied the first chapter of the books and played around with the size until I liked it. I printed these pages in columns, making it easier to put them together. I still have a lot of books to do, but for now.....I am rather over it. At least I got all the books for the bookcase done!
See my mess.....I work so much better when everything is everywhere!Here are some more books that will go in the shop-dollhouse.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For the doll house

I'm glad I used to pay attention when my Mom made wreaths. These aren't very big. One will go on the back wall, and the swag will go above the door.
I even made a few birdhouses. One has a sticker, the other a rub on transfer.

The bookcase

I built this bookcase to run the entire lengh of the wall. Then I realized that there was no way that the dolls could reach the top shelf, so I built a ladder. One day I'll figure out how to put rollers on it. Here the bookcase has been painted,
And the baseboards were added. Oh, and there is the owner of the shop....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The floors go in

See my mess. Here I have my hard wood floors in the process of going in my house. Well, it's not really 'hard wood', it's actually bosa wood. The floor really brings the box together!
All it just needs a base board and crown molding....

The Begining of the house

When I started making food for my daughter's dollhouse, I made a few extras for myself, or maybe it was the other way around, LOL. Either way, here is what I am doing with mine.

After making the food I realized I needed somewhere to put it, and what better way then building my own little box. I have big plans for this box. I even had to take a break for a few days to get my ideas together.....I had too many ideas. So after gluing the box together, I began to create......piece by piece

This is table is made out of bosa wood. It will be the main piece in the room.

Do you see the table in the box?? Oh yeah, and I have started to paint the walls, I also used plaster to give the walls texture.
The window and the door were installed by friend, they came premade from the craft store.
Welcome.......the outside of the house still needs a lot of work!
It's called apricot.......I love the color!