Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Sink for the Treehouse

Just a quick picture today... I made a sink for the treehouse:) I used polymer clay and the same colors I used for the house. Now I need to figure out a faucet, lol.. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lets Talk Saws..

OA few of u have recently asked me about my hand so I figured I would put these posts together. It's been six months now since my hand got broke. And my middle finger is still no good. Thinking about it- it will always remain broke- the bones in the finger tip got shattered and pushed down. I'm still going to have to have surgery oneday to have them removed.. But I lost my health insurance, so it will have to wait. I can bend my finger and have good mobility in my hand.. But I can Not use my middle finger for anything because it still hurts like crazy and it's still swollen. The back side of my hand throbs a lot too- but I think that comes from holding my finger up- I try and keep it out of the way.. Without flipping off the world, lol. 
There are things I can do.. Like sculpt and paint. Although its really difficult to get my hand into anything small- and no matter what I do my left hand is not as smart as my right hand. Holding a  paint brush for any amount of time gives me hand cramps.. But as you can see I am Not giving up! 
But this is where I'm having a problem. Cutting wood. I have always used an exacto knife to cut everything I need for signs, birdhouses and benches, ect. But I just don't have the strength in my hand anymore to do it that way.. So I'm looking at saws.. Scary!
And I was wondering what you use? Maybe I'm too cavemanish.. But looking through this Micro- Mark catalog has me confused. What's the difference between the saws! What do you use.. Any brands better? Any too stay away from? What kind of saw do you use? So many questions, lol. Just wondering if any one had any advice:) 

Now.. As for the pictures in this post: just thought I'd show you where I'm at with the treehouse.. There's a lot to still finish. But I like where it's going!! Today.. I think I might work on the piece for above the door:) 

Until Next Time:)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Our listings are up!

We all got our listings up in Etsy today around 3 pm.. And I must say! Everything looks great!! Dale from DalesDreams and Linda from CalicoJewels have done an amazing job on our new Americana Line! These are the pictures that I took of my stuff.. And if you get a chance check out all the pictures Dale took and posted on her blog. Our stuff looks really good together. (I'd add the links, but I'm still using my iPhone to do Everything.. N I'm not sure how to do it.. Any ideas on how to fix that?) 

The Day Bed is not for sale! This is something you will see again in my listings. I left the mattress loose so I can change it out to match what I'm doing. It's not really 1/12 scale- but works great for what I'm using it for..
And I also wanted to show you one more thing:) I've actually been working on this piece since I first did the barns- if you remember those. But this barn I made differently. I left the roof off so I could turn it into a toy box.. I just never knew how to assemble the roof so it would open, until I found some hinges in my stash.. 

It's now listed in my store.. 

I'm so bad about talking about my stuff and what kinda work goes into it! I just wish I had the right words:) 

Don't forget to check out our stores:) 

Until Next Time