Sunday, July 21, 2013

That time of year again

I took Cora to camp on Saturday and just  wanted to share a few pictures with you.. Sorry for the gap in posts... I will return to everything shortly:)
The first picture is of The German Valley in West Virginia.. 

Then that's a picture of Cora walking across the rock beds at Audra State Park in West Va. This place is beautiful!! I only wish we could of spent more time and that we had both the boys with us- but this was a Girls Trip only. Just me and my daughter;)

And last we have The Seneca Rocks in West Va. I drive by these on the way up and on the way back... The picture doesn't do it justice- it's huge! I'll never forget the first time we drove by it years ago and stopped with all the other tourist to take pictures. And my youngest son said "I don't get it, it's just a rock..." Lol.. Well yes! But have you ever seen a rock that big? :)

Until Next Time...

Monday, July 8, 2013

A little secret...

Some days.. Listing an item will make you want to pull your hair out.. Thought I'd take a minute to explain myself.. lol... My best friend says I give away all my secrets.. And I try and tell her that's the point. When I make something from 'trash'... As we all do... I try and turn it into gold, and some days I get carried away with it and make armies of em'. For example.. The Monolopy houses.. I have painted a lot of Monolopy houses and resold them for a profit. Yes.. The are just a Monolopy House. But when I get done with it, I'd like to think I've turned something that most people might see as a tiny piece of Art. And who in the world has time to sit around and paint Monopoly houses??? I do, lmao... Yea.. That's me.. Sitting over here keeping my 8 1/2 fingers busy.. But.. My point here is.. She doesn't think I should tell people what is is that I'm working with and yet I feel as if it's part of my being. I like recycling.. I reuse the Monolopy money too.. Yuppers, it gets stapled together in stacks and becomes mini notepads in my purse.. Now there's recycling at its finest... Now where's all this going? And where are the Pictures?? Lol.. Hold on!

This is a set that my Mom picked up for me for $3.00. It was unfinished, unsanded.. Uneverything.. 

So I sanded... And sanded... Which btw.. I use an emery board.. Always have because I have better control with it.. And I sanded some more.. Then I painted, and did another coat, and another and another and then the sanding begun again.. 

To make some thing look old.. You have to put a lot of work into it!! 

So the question becomes... Should I or shouldn't I? I dunno... I just do...

It's who I am. Not matter what mom paid for it, I still put a days work into it:)

Until Next Time...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Dishes

I went to North Carolina yesterday with a friend.. And we stopped by a little thrift shop on the way... I bought a bag of these for a dollar..
They are seashells. I plan on using them in the Sandy Bay build for dishes. I like how they have the little pointy things on the bottom.. It will keep them from rolling around. 

I love the cartons you find on YouTube. That's where these pictures have come from. We don't get this in the states.. So thank god for YouTube... I grew up overseas.. Grew up watching Postman Pat and the British version of the Fraggles. Yes there is a difference. Also miss those PG Tip commercials. And Kinder eggs.. And Lion bars... And oh my.. How did I get from seaweed to chocolate, lol?
(Another great sign on Pinterest) 

Until next time
Ya'll be safe today, Happy 4th!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


See.. My wondering mind has kicked in again... And I ran into these guys yesterday. 
So they got a coat of sealer.. And sometime over the weekend 3 of them will get listed in my store. Not sure which one I'm going to keep yet, maybe I'll let Cora decide?!

These are what we call around here Mermice... Lol. The idea came from Jill Barklems book Sea Story.. One day I want to build Sandy Bay and so the collection/building/creating part has begun... 

I think I like this story the best because its by the beach. If you can check out my Sandy Bay Pinterest board.. You will see neat things like a kitchen table with seashell legs.. And a bathroom wall lined in razor clam shells. They also eat seaweed:) I'm thinking I could add a lot of interesting seafood to their kitchen. I want to use a lot of the things from the story, but I also want to add things. I have never lived more than twenty minutes away from the beach.. So it just feels right:)

These were sculpted and then hand painted by me before I broke my fingers.. Me and the polymer clay don't get along too we'll these days.. But then again holding a tiny paint brush The Right Way isn't that easy either. One day:)

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Go away bugs!

It's just that time of year when the garden is blooming, and I want to be outside...
But the Mosquitos are terrible.. Lol. I even had to bring Fred in.. He's our only outside kitty- and he's more of a porch monkey than anything:)

Today he's a house cat... Sorry buddy. Your staying inside with us- your little butt is red!

I'm moving at a snails pace over here.. But I'm moving. I got a bad case of ADD. Do a little of this, go look for that, find something pretty, and onto the next project I go.. Forgetting why I ever came in that room to begin with... Ugg. 

I am on a mission. I would like to get these birdhouses done and outta my bed. I do a lot of work here.. I can watch movies and relax. ....... Until Otis or Rufus  or Cleo or u get the idea.. But if I'm sitting- one of them thinks my lap is where they belong. (Yes- Otis just sat down!) He doesn't relealize he's not staying today... I have things to do.. 

Like show you one last picture.. These got listed this morning.. I was gonna sell one and keep one but the I decided to sell them as a set. I hope you like them, too:)

So until next time... I got a kitty to run off:)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Birdhouses are Listed

Just wanted to let you know.. I've begun to list the birdhouses on Etsy. 
This pink one is one of my favorites, too. I just love those dainty little legs.. But I have a heck of of time finding them.. I had ordered some, but when they got here, they were fat and chunky... So I made this:

I think the fatter legs had more of a Halloween look to them. I listed this guy too, but it sold as soon as it was posted. But I still wanted to share it with ya:)

And for those of you who are interested.. I posted 2? Pictures of my finger on my other blog- I'd add a link- but I have no idea how to do that from my phone. Let me know if you can't find it and ill try to help you:)

Until Next Time:)