Friday, January 31, 2014

Ready for Spring!!

Well Hello there:) Thought Id stop by and say hello... It's been awhile! Not much new here... Still trying to put 2013 behind me and move on:) 

I have been doing a little work here and there, but to be honest, it is just too darn cold to do much of anything! I can't wait for spring:)

I have been making a collection of paper items. I've actually been working on the tubs for months- they need so many coats of paint to make them feel sturdy, that I got bored and put them up for a long time... I've also found that using thicker paper helps- duh! The first batch I did in Vintage White and made them look older by making my rust spots bigger... At least in my mind they look older:)
I've always had a passion for these pitchers.. Even have my own collection in the real life of ceramic ones:) These are listed in my store.. And I have single ones that I can list. 
The tubs I'm still photographing and will get listed one day- as always if your interested, feel free to email me and we can talk:)
I love how they stack:)
And I still have a box full to paint:) I'm thinking pastel colors for Spring? 

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year! 
Until Next Time:)
(I'll try not to stay gone as long next time, lol)