Monday, May 24, 2010

I got a question...

Good Morning! How is everyone out there in blog land doing today?? I'm at the library again.....And just wanted to ask this:

So I'm working on the mouse lots of pictures coming oneday.....But my problem is the floor. It's not dirty enough......I did cobblestones out of paperclay, then went back and used railroad ballast to fill in the cracks......And then the bf said 'it wasn't dirty enough' I painted it darker and it's still too clean......And suggestions on how to dirty it up??? I thought about grounded coffee beans, but I really don't want to use any kind of food product......Any suggestions would help! OH...And I got the inside of the house done last night. I've used Styrofoam and paperclay to do this house and I must say....I think I like it!!!! It even has a shower:) The next step is making the outside look like it grew into a tree.....I see a lot more Styrofoam and paperclay in my future:)

OMG.....Is it cold in this here library!!! At least I don;t have a smelly lady sitting next to me this time, LOL>

Oh...and for those of you that have been following Lane's story (my neighbor's son)...He finally finished Chemo!!! But when he went in for his bone scan/chest x-ray....the found another tumor in his lung. Poor kid just can't get a break. Last week he was out in the yard chasing my boys around in his walker...and now he gets to start this shit all over again. SO if you don't mind tonight when you say your prayers, please keep Lane in mind! He needs all the luck and prayers he can get right now.

Until Next Time......