Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hate it when this happens!!

Well, my computer died!! Uggg!! So, I thought I'd jump on my Mom's computer and tell ya'll that everything is OK....I just can't BLOG!!! :( I'll probably wait till after Christmas to fix it..............This up coming week is kinda busy, and I won't have the patience to deal with the computer. Personally I'd like to pick it up and throw it out the door, but......that wouldn't make it work either! So, I'll just have to wait!

I hope everyone has a GREAT holiday season! Be safe and don't eat too many cookies. Who knows, when I finally get the computer fixed, I might actually have some minis made??? Time will tell. OK.....Blog World~ Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year!!! I'll be back someday!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Starting to get it Together!

I finally dug out the Christmas stuff....See Debbie, I told ya I had one like the boys:)Made a few Christmas presents.....My sisters will be getting this for Christmas:And my Mom and Dad will be getting this......It has all my favorite pictures from this year!And well........If your tired of kitty pictures, you might want to RUN........

Here's Otis napping, love how he has his feet propped up on the couch! And well..Here's Otis sleeping with his head down........don't understand how that's comfortable, but OK?And Ms. Pocus found the banana basket.....See her foot sticking out, too funny!!!And here's Otis and Daddy taking a nap. Poor Otis, Daddy is hogging the couch, you see how Otis has his feet...he's pushing on the couch so Daddy doesn't get any more space.....Hahahaha!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Tried to Make Life Easy......

I'm starting to get somewhere with this Christmas stuff, I think! About a month ago, I bought Christmas cards.......I even got return labels, stickers and addresses on them, Yup, I was on a roll. About 2 weeks ago, I had the kids sit down and sign all the cards.......I just had to wait till I had a little extra money, so I could get pictures developed. I normally send a collage of pictures of the kids with my Christmas cards........However, my printer died about a month ago, so I was out of luck I figured I'd enclose my favorite picture of the kids from this year. Remember, I was on a roll, LOL........until I got home and realized that the pictures I got are TOO big for my Christmas cards, UGG! And I can't trim them down, cause I jumped the gun and wrote on the backs of the other words, if I trim them I'll end up cutting off part of what I wrote! Gees!!!!! Thank goodness I'm a pack rat, or I wouldn't have all those extra envelopes from last year!! So, Yes, I had to re-address all my Christmas cards, I sure know how to make things hard, huh!!! LOL!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kitty Updates

Sorry, no minis today.......I had to start getting the homemade Christmas gifts made last night~ nothing like waiting till the last minute to start a project....LOL~ I guess you might say that Sometimes, I work better under pressure! So, I can't show you pictures, so you'll have to do with a few mug shots of the kitties!

We found JD sleeping in the most unusual place last the fruit basket, Yup, right on top of the bananas! Funny thing is, is that he was still in that basket this morning....Must of been comfy, I guess?!?!

Pocus says hello.......One of the things I really like about photographing her is all her colors really pop out! She really is a pretty kitty, now if I could just keep her from dragging things out of the trash!And then we have Mr. Otis....He's just a little Spoiled, huh??? Otis has been spending his days in the new bathroom, He loves playing in the tub, and has managed to already tear apart my new shower curtain....Poor shower curtain, it never stood a chance!! (But in his defense, it was just a cheap, inexpensive, plastic, shower curtain!)

OK, well I better get a move on these Christmas gifts! I will try to squeeze a mini or 2 in in the next couple of days........You do realize that it's only a week till Christmas, Yikes!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Bags

OK. Seriously! This is getting really old, really fast......My computer is trying to die on me! I turned it on, sat down to write my morning blog........and the monitor went to sleep....then it decided to reboot itself?? I must have a bug or something.......guess I know what I'll be doing later today!

As for minis.....I started these a couple of nights ago. Drew up my own patterns on some drafting paper, and traced them onto Christmas scrapbook paper. I managed to get them glued together yesterday......and finished decorating them this morning.
I need to invest in some different tissue paper....I want variety! This plain white tissue paper is boring.....wonder if I could stamp some images onto the tissue paper, hmmmm? And, I might add some gift tags.
Ok, guess I'm off to figure out what's up with the computer. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I See Lots of Plants in My Future!

I finished the plant for the Skate Shop, I think......well, I still need to add some 'dirt', but for the most part I think I'm done. And pretty impressed! Not too bad for my first try. I wish I could figure out how to make the stems a little less wiry......any ideas out there? I'd appreciate any advice! :) I even made the basket/planter it's sitting in....just covered the cap from a can of shaving cream with twine and glue. As for the leaves, I started with green paint... then did some yellow highlights, followed by some dark green then brown highlights. Oh, and I sealed them with a gloss finish.I think it needs to be a little taller, but for now it will half to do. Who knows, Cora's house may end up with it before it's all over.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I found this site that has A LOT of links to plant tutorials!!
...................Just thought you might be interested...........

Go Away Mr. Grinch.........

I got the solid color wheels glued in yesterday.....but that's about as far as I got with the Skateshop. Don't worry, I'm still thinking about it, I'm just not in the mood to paint all those trucks (the things the hold the wheels onto the skateboard). I have a lot of them to paint, and well.....I just wasn't feeling it. So, I figured I'd make a tree for the back corner in the shop. I've never actually made a plant before so we shall see how this turns out. I used painters tape, because that's what I had on hand, and taped them onto a piece of floral wire. Shhs....I think I got about 10 leaves made, and I was over it!! Hahaha.....and I only have about 20 more to make. I figured I would paint them when I get them all made..........I only hope it ends up looking like the vision I have in my head! I had to run to Michael's yesterday for that green spray paint.....and while I was wondering around, I came across this:
~A bag of Christmas Buttons!!! Do you see it? 3 Christmas Cookie Cutters.......they may be a little big for the dollhouse, But, I'll run with it! Who wouldn't want an over sized gingerbread cookie anyways?? OK...someone please send the Christmas bug over here and Order it to bite me! I'm just not feeling it this year.....I still haven't put up a tree........haven't done a single Christmas craft.....I, do have my Christmas cards 1/2 finished........and I'm starting to want to make cookies....2 weeks away, and I'm feeling like the Grinch!! Help!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Just Couldn't Wait Till Tommorrow!!

I had to show you this today! I went ahead and positioned the cabinets in the shop. I really like how this is coming along! You see the puppy?? That's Lucky....a dog that lives at my oldest son's Grandmother's house.......When I saw him, I couldn't get over how much they looked alike! Perfect~ the skate shop will have a guard dog!! Maybe I need to make him a little spike collar or something?!This is probably one of my favorite corners! Someone has been watching The Rob and Big Show on the's a wonder that any work ever gets done. Then there's the Toy Story skateboard! This was my son's favorite movie as a toddler......I laid it up against the desk to look as if it's the shop owner's board...Maybe that's what he rode to work this morning?!?!
And I got the grip tape display covered.....Hope my kid doesn't get mad that I cut a bunch of pictures out of his magazines:) Hey, they were for a good cause!!

Ok, back to painting the wheels....Just waiting for my green ones to dry so I can glue them in.

The Wheels on the bus Go Round and Round.....

Oh, what?? You don't like my singing?? LOL...Me neither!!

Spent some more time working on the skate shop yesterday. I got the designer wheels glued into the cabinet. I glued them onto a piece of clear plastic~ I knew I wasn't going to be able to glue them directly into the cabinet~ they would of never lined of perfectly.....And this way, I can just slide the whole thing in at once. And I got the display for the grip tape made. I just used scrap booking paper, made a bunch of boxes with one end open, and then glued them together. I think I might cover it with cut outs from one of my son's skate's just too plain....

Alright, Let's go see what I can get into today?!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Skate Shop is Coming Together Nicely!!

I spent way too many hours yesterday, putting these little tiny sticker all over the counter. And of course the bf was here to tell me the right way to do it. I love all his ideas, but gees.....Go away already!! LOL........I put the stickers on straight, and he comes along and tells me they're suppose to be crooked! Oh, they're suppose to look as If I just slapped them on, huh?......I gotta gunk up my pretty counter??? OK...... And heaven forbid I stack the stickers in a nice neat pile! What was I thinking??? Hahaha....Yes, I glued them all in crooked! I do agree that it looks much better like this!!
And what skate shop would be complete with out colored grip tape?? LOL....I actually started by looking for colored sandpaper online, in which I couldn't find any. Then I figured I could just paint regular sandpaper. (Yeah, another duh moment for me....why is it that the easiest thing is normally the last thing you think of?) So here's my painted sandpaper, Uh, I mean my grip tape in all its glory.
The white box at the end is a template for something to hold the grip tape........that's today's project: making a display........hummmmm? Where's the cardboard??

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Woo-Who! My Package Finally Came!!

I sat by the window all afternoon waiting....actually I was waiting on Friday in some hopes that the package would of taken the pony express!! LOL! Anyways like I was saying, I sat by the window all day waiting on the mailman......And when he finally came, he was package less!! I was so disappointed!! Figured I had to wait another day......until the UPS guy knocked on the door!! Woo-who!! My box is finally here. Let's check out the contents.........
~ There's shingles for Katie's Corner
~ There's a cabinet for the Skate Shop
~ The mirror in the upper right corner will go in the parent's bedroom in Cora's House.

~I finally ordered the right set of books for the bf......It's the Wizardry school book set!~The bathroom for Cora's House....- Check out finish on the bathroom set. Not at all what I expected, but I really like it!!~There was this year's 2008 Christmas plate. This is my Christmas collection......Don't laugh, One day I'll have more.......One day I'd like to make a mini Christmas Kitchen!! I'd love to have a gingerbread scene......I'll never forget the first Gingerbread house my Mom and I made. We'll just say she broke out the glue gun before it was all over with!! LMAO!!! Such good memories:)And last but Not least......HBS (Hobby Builders Supply) sent me the most beautiful set of Christmas cards!! They are of mini Christmas scenes......9 in all! I'm sorry the picture is so crappy, the flash washed out most of it, so I had to crop it down to one side. I have NO clue why when your on my page you can't make the pictures bigger? Anyone have a clue as to what I may have done???I guess now that this stuff has arrived I have no more excuses as to why I haven't finished anything?? LOL.......Dang on blog world......You'll have corrupted me so bad, my one little house has turned into a whole village of houses!!! And just think I still have 3 roomboxes to make (after I finish the ones I have already started) before I can start any kind of new projects! Shhs!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Turn Your Bottle Caps into Trays!

Told ya I'd come back......

OK, so the other night I was trying to make a few trays to set the nail polish stuff on. I have these little circle mirrors I use for perfume trays, and thought they'd also make a cute tray for this....Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted one of the bf's bottle caps and thought....I betcha this little mirror would fit perfectly inside......So I gesso-ed, painted and then glossed the bottle caps. works! And it's cute!! I even added some nail stuff to one of my pink platters to go in Katie's Corner......We're going to have some happy dolls around here!!! LOL!I even made some canisters.....It's crazy the amount of dollhouse things you can make out of beads!!I saw this picture in one of my dollhouse books, that had a silver cougar next to a chair. I really liked how it looked like a when I was at the Dollar General the other day, I picked up a bag of animals. I have to say, these poor fellas are not that cute! Just look at that lion...what in the world is up with his mouth?? Either way, when I get a chance, I'm going to take them outside and spray them silver!! We shall see what comes of them later!
Ok, well I'm off to find something productive to do today, Wish me luck!!! LOL!! See ya next time!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've come to the conclusion that I have some lazy kitties. All they did this weekend was sleep, eat and then sleep some more. Here we have JD, leaning his head over the side of the chair to see what 'the kid' is doing....
And Pocus found a cuddle partner! What could be better than curling up on the couch for an afternoon nap??And well.....then there's Otis.....he just makes me laugh....he so soft......and can't even walk by him with out wanting to pet him. And then he sleeps in the most absurd positions!! He's on his back in this picture......
And this is how he was lying this afternoon, stayed there long enough for me to go hunt down the camera and then sat for a photo session........Maybe he was a model in his former life? As cute as they may be, they're still L*A*Z*Y!!Me, I learned a couple of very important lessons this weekend!!! So, the other day I went to my local home improvement store (I won't mention any names today!) to buy paint for the bathroom. I spoke with the guy that worked in the paint department for a good while about what to buy, and so on...He pointed me in the direction of primer and paint.....and I asked him "Do I need anything thing special to clean this paint up with?" And he said "NO, It's soap and water clean up." Now, I don't know why I didn't just look myself, I had the gut feeling I needed more, but I figured the guy knew what he was talking about. Right, the guy in the paint department should know his paint?!?! OK......So I buy the paint...come home and primer the bathroom..........looks good, huh?!?!

THEN, after I got done, I went into the kitchen to rinse out my brush and wash my hands....Now, as I'm washing my hands I realized that this paint isn't going anywhere, and in hands are completely white now....and so is the sink!! UGGG! I knew this would happen....that's why I asked the guy what I asked the guy!! So, here I am covered in white paint, and pissed!! I was at the point where I was going to let my hands dry, and then drive to that local home improvement store and let them know I meant business!!! Good thing the bf was in a lot better mood then I, and he suggested that he go and get some paint remover.

*Lesson 2.........when the bf comes home with Acetone, because that's all he can find, don't let him tell you to just fill up a plastic fast food cup with acetone, so you can soak the paint brush in will eat the cup and leak all down you kitchen cabinets......And it will eat the paint right off your cabinets a lot better than it gets the paint off your hands!!!

It has been such a long weekend!! I'm so ready for a hot bath in my new tub!!! Tomorrow I will get back to minis! I had another a-duh moment the other night I want to share with ya! Until then......

Thursday, December 4, 2008

An award for Outstanding Work...

Debbie from sent me an award!! How exciting! Although I must say, I don't speak any other languages other than English, so I wasn't sure what it was for....But after snooping around, I came across Vicky's page I read that the award is for Outstanding Work! So thank you Debbie for the award, and thanks Vicky for posting what is was for:)

The way this works is I must now pass it on to 6 people, and those 6 people should pass it on to 6 people, and so on.....
So, my 6 awards go to:

1. Chris from
2. Casey from
3. Moe from
4. Cindy from
5. Ana from and
last but not least!!!
6. Sophia from

Enjoy your awards ladies......You've earned them!!!! :)

Don't Forget the Black Fingernail Polish!!

Well, I didn't find anything interesting at Home Depot yesterday, although I must admit, I really wasn't looking that hard. So, I snuck over to the Dollar Store to see if I could find a bargain. I found these baby bottles in the baby shower section...........cute, huh?!Then, last night I got an idea.....What mini person wouldn't enjoy a good manicure?? So, I made lots and lots of fingernail polish bottles!! I take head pins and cut them down. Then I slide on a long bead and glue the whole thing into a large seed bead.......I can't tell you how happy I am with these!!! This first set is for Cora's house. They'll go in the daughter's room...aren't they pretty? My daughter likes to wear all the non-traditional colors: blue, green, BLACK?!?! So I made her colors along with some 'girile' colors. Then I figured I better make something for them to sit on or I'd be picking them up off the floor everyday. I cut 6 pieces of bosa wood, and glued them into steps. Then I glued the little tiny bottles onto the stairs.......I would suggest using tweezers for this!! I use an Emery board when I'm sanding down little pieces like this. The one I was using was coming apart and starting to flap at one end, and then it came to me............if I tore off the flapping piece, folded it in half, and then glued it together......I could cut out mini Emery boards!!!! And then I started thinking about all the things that one would need to do their nails. Cotton balls~ I used little tiny pom-poms. Finger nail clippers~ now that's gonna be challenging!! ..................hmmmmmm??? I still need to find a bead that resembles a bottle of fingernail polish remover, too; but for now.....I think the little people are all set!! (Oh, and BTW...the second set of fingernail polish I made is going in Katie's corner~ and of course I made them all shades of pink!!!)

OK, well I'm off to find a better background. Don't feel bad, I can't hardly read it either, I just liked the butterflies. But, I figure the point of a blog is for other people to read it, and if they can't see it.....well, you get the point!! So, off I go...........

Until next time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Minis in the Plumbing Aisle?!?!

Well the good news is that I now have a tub and a shower....and water!!! But due to one missing bolt......we still have no toilet! I can't even tell you how many times I've been to Home Depot this week. However, I have managed to pick up a few items to turn into minis. Our plumber laughed at me for rummaging through the all the parts......Hey! There's some good stuff in the plumbing aisle. Starting at the bottom, we have 2 end caps.....but I see a cookie jar or a planter. (They even make them in copper~ wouldn't copper planters be pretty??) Next we have some pipe I plan on using to make bolster pillows with. Hopefully it works out the way I envision it. And then while I was over in the trim aisle, I found a wooden dowel that will work perfectly for curtain rods in Cora's house. Wonder what else I can find tomorrow when I have to go find that bolt for the real toilet??

Mr. Otis found a way to stay outta trouble today! We played fetch all afternoon. Here's a picture of him trying to squeeze in between the bed and the wall to get a milk top I accidentally threw down there- Milk tops are his favorite toys!

Too funny, huh!!

Ok, well I'm off to bed.

Until next time.........................