Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marshmallow Manor gets it's first visitor!

Just when I was beginning to think that this house was too small for Otis to mess with, he showed me otherwise!!! LOL......Look close, you can see his head in the bay window, He's actually chewing on it!!!

LOL....Thought I'd show you that Otis is as big as the house is......If he was sitting up straight you wouldn't even see the house!!

I've gotten a lot of work done on it this weekend. The whole house got a coat of Joint Compound, then a coat of Ivory paint, although if you ask me, it looks yellow, not ivory!

Those white things above the windows will get roof tiles......It just Styrofoam, coated with Joint Compound.

And I started the inside....hahaha~ Otis came back and thought I was going to let him try and squeeze his head in here again.......

The red is too bright for my likings, so I'll probably give it a wash of brown or something.....Looks good with the wood floors, huh?!

OK...I'm off to think about how I want to paint the inside of the bay windows....

Until next time........

Friday, May 29, 2009

No more Marshmallows!! Woo-who!!

I told myself if it was the last darn thing I did today....I was finishing those Marshmallows!!! Honestly, I'm sick of looking at them, and bored. doesn't take much, Haha!

Haven't seen the strays today?? Casey.....if I do catch them, I planned on taking them to the humane society...I know I can't have any more...I just want to be able to have good homes, too....And that doesn't mean living under my house!!! Hahaha....Oh...and one day I will come back and share our opossum stories....Haha!! I tell ya, if it's not one thing it's another!! on to the house!

Yesterday....I did a little marshmallowing.......glued on the window frames.......
And I got the Styrofoam glued in under the bay window.
And after I got bored with that....I did a little rock work under the window seat. I realized my seat it is a little crocked, and it bothers me...but I'm going to try and look past that! LOL...I'd like to do some more stone work in here, but have just ran out of paperclay, again!!!
Then, before I went to bed last night, I put 2 coats of light green paint in Cora's sitting room. I also glued tissue paper to the wall that's laying down, and painted that. Just wanted to give it some kind of interest! Still thinking it's going to need a couple more coats, but I really like the color.
And today..........Marshmallow Manor got off to a rough start...My oldest poured his whole bowl of cereal into the house, and I 'bout died!! So, now that the house has had a milk bath and dried....I can get on with finishing it!!! Kids!!!
If you can't tell......I'm DONE with the marshmallows!!!! Not sure what I'm doing next, but I just wanted to show ya'll that the house is getting a little closer to be done!!

LOL...I need cat advice

I know, you're probably tired of hearing about the cats......but this is good. So remember I told you a few posts before about the stray that's been coming around.......If you missed it, go back and read the post , it's long~ but it's a good read! Anyways...When Rufus first started coming around....he had a little gray and white kitty that followed. (This is as close as she will get to me)
Rufus comes right up to you, and acts like he's known me for a million years, but this little gray kitty has always kept her distance. She was there for a while...then we didn't see her. LOL....Yes, I now know she's a girl...........

So, yesterday morning, I awoke to a horrible cat fight outside the bedroom window! I got up to go see what in the world was going on, and as I was walking out the bf was coming in (he had to come back by the house before he went to his job)......He was laughing, and talking about how the gray and white kitty was back and chasing some brown cat down the street. Then he said he wouldn't be surprised to see if she had kittens under there that she was protecting...LOL, and I didn't believe him!! Not until I put some food out and went back in the house to spy.........A minute later the gray and white kitty comes out from under the house...then not a minute later and out comes a black and white kitten!!! It's not a baby, baby...looks like it's probably 2 months old or so. ........and then out popped a little brown/tiger striped one! I couldn't believe it! Rufus has brought his family to live under my house! Yikes! And the funny thing is, is he's not even the daddy....I know this because the kittens look just like the brown cat that the momma was chasing earlier that morning...and I know that cause I spent the better part of the afternoon, with my head under the trailer.....watching the kitties sit and stare at me. There's 5 of them under there. And I think Rufus is the alfa kitty. (Well, the momma seems to be the true alfa, I gotta Kitty Party going on under the house(trailer), and I wasn't even invited, How rude! LOL..... the bf is mad at me cause I'm feeding them. HELLO~ there's babies under there, I can't just ignore it when I'm the one that has to sit in the house all day, and I know they are there!! He's also afraid that the momma cat is going to run off our cats. She did chase JD out from under the trailer yesterday, and it was rather funny. I think D has finally met his match with her. He's normally the one running everyone off!

OK...Now how do I get them out?? I can't just leave them under there.....the bf told me to stop feeding them and they'll just go away, and well..... we know that's not going to gotta figure out how to catch them! Yeah Right! Bah hahahaha

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Book Tutorial~ Part 2

The covers to these books are even easier than the first part! After you have found your cover paper......cut it into a one inch strip like this.....

*OH~BTW: I suggest using a Sharp paper cutter.....mine is so dull from cutting tiles, it barely cuts paper anymore, and this book's pages are a little rough around the edges, sorry about that!

Ok...back to what I was saying....
Then, start to fold it around your book. Make sure you go back and reinforce your fold lines....

Make sure it's snug!

And then cut off the extra piece.

Now you should have this.......

I just use a glue stick for this part, and glue the inside of the cover. I then put the pages in the book, starting at the middle. The outside pages will get glued to the inside of the book.......

And now you have this:
The last part is to decorate the cover. I find book covers online, shrink them down and print them out....I also do the title in Microsoft~ and glue those down the spine.
*These little books do not read from page to's more or less just an idea of it. You can open the book and read any one of the pages, but they won't flow from page to page like a real book.....I do try and make the first page using the very first sentence...but other than that, it's Just fun to have.

I hope this helps, please let me know if I need to explain anything further. I told you they were easy, just time consuming!! Have fun, and don't forget to post pictures of any books you make!!!

The Book Tutorial~ Part 1

I've been promising Mercedes a book tutorial for a while now....and figured I better get to it!!! Here are the little books I make......I like having readable books, makes life more interesting!!

And here's a side shot of the binding...

OK........So First......You gotta find a story. A lot of the older books can be read online if you know how to find them...Just google readable Dracula or whatever, and you should find it with no problem. I also use paragraphs, or parts of a book to do this. So once you have your 'words' take them into Microsoft works, or whatever program it is that you use to write letters with. I shirk them down first, trying to make it as small as possible, but where you can still read it.....Then I put them into 6 columns. There should be a tab for this in your program somewhere. You will see that it gets real short, real quick....Don't worry....Just copy and paste what you already have over and over again, until the whole sheet is full......and print. Don't forget to print the same thing on the back side, just flip the paper over and hit print again!!! Here are a couple of examples....

See...You Have to have at least 6 columns for this to work!!! (This next example has 8)

Now, you cut them into strips.....look at the picture, I can't explain it any better......

Then they need to be cut the other way into 1 inch pieces....See the next picture for what I'm talking about.

Now, you need to fold those pieces in half.

OK...make sure you put all the pages facing the right way...I tell you this because I've learned that the hard way!! I put the folded sides down and line them up using the table. Then I clamp it together. I normally use this nifty clamp thingie that I have....but of course it's MIA....So I used 2 clothes pins and then 2 more clamps to make sure it was as tight as I could get it!

Make sure you have your folded edges facing out!!! And go grab some craft glue! I've used Alene's Tacky glue.

I run a bead of glue down the edge and then use my fingers to smooth the glue out. It may look like you have to much, but that's ok! Let this dry overnight. This is what creates the binding of the book.
Once it is dry....You can open the pages like you see the 'binding'?
I'll be back with the second part in a minute.......but first you have to go find some paper to use for the cover. I use scrapbook paper, but any kind will do.......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I just can't say No!!

I don't think I've ever told you the story behind Otis and how he came to be....

A long, long time ago.....we got a kitten from a family friend.........I'll never forget the day we picked him up...the bf's friend told him if he had any problems with him...We could bring him back. We thought that was a little odd...but took him home anyways. We had always wanted an orange cat! So we brought the monster home....and the bf named him Lucifer. He was the bf's cat...but I loved him, too! But, OMG...was he the little devil! He stole a chicken wing out of my pot on the stove one time, and once it was a chicken leg right out of the KFC bucket. LOL, he hid under the bed with it, and the bf had to fight him to get it away from him, lol...he was about the same size as the chicken leg at the time was rather funny watching this grown man fighing this little fur ball over a chicken leg!!! He was a mean, naughty cat, but we loved him.

When he was almost 2...he started getting out. He'd stay gone for days, then come home and sleep for days. He often teased him that he must of had a girlfriend or something that was keeping him out. Shorty after that we lost Lucy......and it really took it's toll on the bf. I've never seen a man that upset over anything!

Then not to long after that....another friend came over one night with these two orange kittens....I actually heard them coming down the street cause these cats were screaming for their Momma!!! When the friend brought them in, the bf didn't really want much to do with him....but I feel in love right away!! *I was only aloud to keep one, and the friend disappeared into the night with the other kitten- and told us later that he gave it to someone in the neighborhood. Anyways the Bf named him Otis after a character from The Devil's Rejects~ one of our favorite movies.......and soon after he feel in love too!!! Otis is a brat, but I don't think I could live with out him. He's sitting in timeout right now, because he won't stay off the kitchen counter....and my oldest is trying to wash dishes, and that cat wants to lie on them~ Gross if you ask me!! And today, that ^$%^(% climbed into the cabinet again, but this time he pushed a bunch of dishes out of the cabinet and broke the crock-pot my Mom just gave me at Easter! Yes, he is a menace!!! But at night when I lay down to sleep....You can here him running down the hall, and he jumps up into bed and lies in my arms like a baby and gives me how can I not love him!! He often reminds me of the story of the dog Marley! He just got stuck in a cats body!!

We have often wondered if Otis was Lucy's offspring. They both have the same markings, and they both hump~ yes! Like a dog humps! Lucy liked socks, and Otis prefers a furry blanket. I find it very, very strange! LMAO.... I've never had humping cats before...And Otis is fixed?!

And here's where it gets tricky....This is Rufus (Another character from the Devil's Rejects)....and he is a stray. He started coming around about a week ago and as soon as I saw him, I just got that feeling that this could be Otis's brother.....He's the same size as Otis, just skinny. He has those paisley things on his cheeks like Otis does, and Lucy did...He has Otis' four little white feet.....and he's a talker, too. And super friendly! I just can't help myself......I had to feed him. So now, every evening, Rufus (The kids named him that this past weekend) comes to eat dinner......*And no, the kids haven't watched the movie, but they know about it, and the bf told them that Rufus was another character and they liked the name....It was either that or Capt. Spaulding...and well we just liked the sound of Rufus better, lol!

And tonight he let my oldest~ Drew, sit with him. Aren't they so cute! He eats, then go into the dirt and has a good roll around, Every night!

However....Poor, Poor D is not happy about this arrangement. He says this is His block and no other cats are suppose to be here.....He's still trying to chase Rufus off, but I bring him inside and give him special treats when Rufus shows up. LOL...He's still mad though....Look~ He won't even look at me, lol!!!
LOL...Like the color of my living room walls! It's called China Town Orange, And we love it!! hehehe...can you tell that the bf likes zombie and vampire movies~ or at least that's what we've been watching this
OK~ Mercedes! I'm waiting for glue to dry right now as we speak.....and all I have to do is make a cover.....All my pictures are loaded up, just need to write this out now. I made sure to take lots of pictures! I promise I will have it done in the morning!
Oh and I finally made it to the post office!! And the grocery store!! And got some joint compound!! And TP!! WOO-WHO! I'm on a roll today! Just have to get some more marshmallowing done, and I feel like I did something great today:)

I love getting gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

I got 2 packages recently from 2 very talented artists!!!

First We have a gift from Sylvia at
She sent me 2 beautiful canisters and the most delicate tulips I have ever seen! I just love the colors in them......I'm thinking the canisters will go in Katie's Corner....and the tulips might end up in the planter on the outside of that shop. Thanks a million Sylvia!!!! You're box should be on it's way Today!!!

Then yesterday I got a package from Casey!!! Look at all the goodies she sent me! lol....and Tessie even threw in a couple of lizards!! Thanks Tessie~ they'll make a neat addition to the Star Wars Toystore!!

My favorite thing though has to be the bag and flip-flops!! I have been reading Casey's blog Every Day for over a year now, and have always drooled over her bags and shoes, and clothes...and rugs...and...You get the picture!! LOL. I feel blessed to now own something that The Great Casey made!! (BTW, I have a few things put away to do a beach house one day...and these would be perefct!!)

And look she even made Cora a towel set for the bathroom!! They're soooo pretty!! Now I have to get this bathroom done. No more excuses!! lol..... Thanks Casey!!!! I just can't say that enough!!
Alright.....I'm off to do all the things I was suppose to do yesterday. LOL.....Other than going to physical therapy, I didn't do a darn thing I had set out to I have to do it!!!! LOL.....we're out of the basic stuff~ toilet paper, milk, cat litter.......Yikes! I need to get it together!!! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not impressed over here....

Thought I'd show you some of the things I've been working on.....

First we have some clay tiles I made for Cora's bathroom. I was really envisioning tiles that were different shades of white, but I ended up with white and tan tiles. Not sure if it's what I want, but Cora likes we will see what comes of them.

And next we have the bay window in the upstairs of Marshmallow Manor *I just love that name, makes me smile just saying it:) I figured I'd add a window seat to the upstairs window.....and it took me all night to come up with, it has big gaps, but that's OK cause I plan on filling this whole area with plaster the holes will get filled. Even thought about filling the area will paper clay and bringing some of those rocks insides...We shall see how brave I get... LOL....I have noticed one thing about the way I build houses. First I have to build the outside shell. I see that most of you wall paper and carpet as you go, but I just can't seem to do that. I have to build it, and then let it speak to, I waited for days before Marshmallow Manor told me it wanted to be a cozy cottage in the forest, and now Cora has decided that the Grandma and Grandpa Rabbit want to move in there....that there's No room in her house for them and that they need there own space. Oh, and I have to paint the walls red, cause the bunnies would of used berries to paint with! And wait to you see the other amazing idea she came up with!! ......So at least I know who I'm building the Manor for now, lol.

And next we have Otis...being a very naughty kitty. He decided he wanted to sit in the cabinet today...on the top- where all the glasses are! Luckily we were close enough to hear things starting to fall and were able to get in there before any thing really bad happened. However, he did put up a fight about getting down. I found it so amusing, I had to grab the the first picture you can see him hissing at the bf....

And in the next picture, the bf is trying to pull him out, while he is holding on for dear life....It was soooo funny. Otis hisses and moans and is sooo sassy when he's getting in trouble!!

lol....I just realized the bf is shirtless again, lol.....sorry ladies....he never wears a shirt!!

And one last picture for's a pic of JD way back when he had surgery.....I caught him sitting in my chair reading my email one afternoon!! Too funny!!! But you see how he got stuck with a big plastic dish!!! Poor Fella!! We sure hope you get to feeling better soon Buddy!!
OK...That's it for now.....I've got a book tutorial to get ready for!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A New Floor for Marshmallow Manor

*Ok...before I forget.....I love the name Marshmallow Manor......Thanks Casey!!!, I got bored with the marshmallows..... and decided to do the bottom floor yesterday. I used Popsicle sticks, cut the tips off of them......sanded them down, then I stained them using 2 different colors. Of course I had to recut everything after all was said and done....But I'm impressed. It still needs a coat of Polyurethane....but I like it!

So....we got a new cabinet for our living room yesterday. And don't you know that Otis was there to 'Help'!!

He had so much fun 'tunneling' through the trash!!

LOL...Like I said, he didn't miss a thing!!! He's such a good supervisor!!!! Bah hahaha....

*That's the bf, BTW...... Doing what he does best!!! Now if I could just get him into minis, I'd be in business!!!