Friday, June 22, 2012

Hotel Signs

I recently found some Hotel stamps online. At first they were a little pricy... so I put them in my favorites and debated over how much 'I needed' them.... Then they went on sale... and You know the rest of the story:)

You can find almost all of them in my shop... I saw almost because one of them has already sold. I have since made 2 more in different colors and will have them listed over the weekend..

I love how they are from all over the world:)

I also made this little Pumpkin Carriage sign. Perfect for a little girls room:) This and the bicycle will also get listed this weekend. I decided to make me a different sign... I will show you it in a future blog post:)

Hope Everyone has a Wonderful weekend:)

Until Next Time...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A new kind of sign

Lately I've seen a lot of picture frames with the multiple colors of boards used in different magazines I look at, and have been wanting to do a sign in the similar way... And this is what was born:) I LOVE IT!!

I had to play around with it for a minute and show you what it would look like in a miniature scene. I used the items I've been using in the last couple of posts.... Oh and btw- that its a coffee table I'm using, which to me is making everything look bigger on the table.

I used a peace of scrap booking paper as wall paper.. I love the boldness of it! I think it goes well with the bike!

I think I'm going to have a hard time coming off this one, lol. I spent all day putting it together. between working on some custom orders..... and playing around with my New white ink:) I think I'm in love all over again!

And today some new stamps arrived. Some that I'm really excited about:) Although I did have to listen to the boys complain about how they Never get anything in the Hello, it's for work........right;)

So Until Next Time...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bath Salts

I was trying to find something else to make to go with all the blue bathroom stuff I made.... and I knew I needed some bath soaps, ect.... Then I got an idea:) Scary thought,

I took some Norton's Sea Salt (the one marked 'coarse') and some food coloring.... and I ended up with some beautiful Bath Salts. I put about a tablespoon of salt in a cup.. added one drop- then took about 2/3rds of it back out. I just used a spoon and scooped out the majority of the color so I could get some really pale colors. Mix and Ta- Da!!

I think it looks really good with the set:)

Friday, June 8, 2012

I finally made something for me:)

I got a little side tracked yesterday... and decided to work on a project that I've been working on forever:) I LOVE these little baskets. I made them from paper, applied 10 coats of paint, crackled them.. and then went back and 'rusted' them. I think I went a little overboard on the rust, But I love where this is going;) Last night I made big fluffy towels to go in the bottom baskets, sheets to go in the other basket... and a stack of blankets/sheets... all tied up with blue bows:) I pulled one of my candles out... Then I also brought in a few gifts from Mercedes:) The table came from her- I have since repainted it... and she also made the little containers with the labels on them. This is where I learnt to 'rust'... not sure I've got it down like she does, but I'm working on it:) Thanks Mercedes:) Oh.. and the big bottle of 'bubble bath' in the bottom basket came from my own handmade collection- it just needs a label:)

I can't tell you how much I love this whole scene. I'm thinking of a Guest Cottage by a beach somewhere... are you?

Just to show you what I started with.... The back basket has been crackled but not 'aged' yet.. Where as the basket in the front has had a layer of brown added to it...

Then I went back over with 'paint' to add the rust spots. I used copper paint on the round basket, but thought it was too shinny... So then I used a dark orange and it was to bright ... finally I found a color that looked just like rust- red oxide? I think... and it worked perfectly. So if you look REAL close each basket is just a little different..

And from a distance, they look Great:)

Now I just need to build something for them to go in:)

Until Next Time:)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New signs:)

These are not finished... But I didn't want to wait to show you:)

I recently bought some new stamp sets to use in the store and thought I'd share them with you. One set is a cupcake- ice cream set:) That's where the 'Celebrate the Sweet Life' sign comes from...The lighting is terrible so please excuse the picture. The sweet moments and the sweet tooth sign came from this set, too. And there's also cupcakes and ice cream cones- Perfect for when I do custom shop signs:)

The 'Home Cooking' stamp I couldn't resist- I thought it be perfect in a kitchen or restaurant?!

Then I bought a beach set to use for a custom order, and lucked out with all the other stamps that came with it:) There's the life guard signs...the 'Make Waves' sign...but out of all of these my favorite has to be that little Coastal Blue 'Sea Side' sign:) I don't think I will sell this one, it's going in my collection... but I do have more cut out to make:) Around the outside of the circle it reads: "Down by the sea. Under the boardwalk. It's just you and me."
I LOVE it!!

I'm working on some custom orders right now, and when I age them I will age these too.

*And just because....this heart monitor is not holding up to my night sweats...Poor thing is just sliding down my chest, lol. And it's Itchy.. and gross looking. Just wanted to complain for a minute.

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Randomness

Check this out:) I saw my cardiologist yesterday because I've been having problems with my heart rate... and they hooked me up with a monitor for the next couple of weeks to make sure I'm not losing it. But look at it:) No more wires! No more electrodes all over the place... Just this little machine the sticks to you. I can even take a shower with it....just can't submerge it in water....Oh, I am so pleased! Now I just hope I can catch these PVC's(meaning my heart beat is skipping). My SVT (means my hearts beats too fast) is out of control here lately. I take my regular meds at night, then I've been taking extra doses during the day, and I don't feel a difference. So hopefully they can see what is going on and get me on some better medicine. Keep your fingers crossed:)

After my appointment yesterday I took a drive out to one of the most comforting places I know. This is the lake I grew up next too...When we were kids we swam in it everyday- sometimes from the time the sun came up to the time the sun went down. I have so many Good memories here....from getting a spending my days sitting out in the middle of the lake on our wind surfer. No, us kids didn't wind surf- we could barely pull the sail up- but we'd take just the board out and sit on it all day. (lol- I got the concussion from back diving off the wind surfer- jumped up and came straight down on the board- luckly I had friends with me to pull me out of the water! Good Times, hehe) But this was always my thinking spot. When things weren't good at home I could come down here and watch the water and somehow it always made things better. I even brought my oldest here when I had to tell him something important. But yesterday I found myself drawn back here- and it still feels like home:) A part of me just wanted to jump in and swim again. I don't know.. I can't explain it... There's just a freedom that comes with it.... Stupid heart!

It's been raining A Lot lately and poor ole Rufus is scared of thunder. And we have recently discovered that he hides when it starts to get he is under a cabinet- he has himself crammed in the back there! Poor kitty! He did the same thing when I took him to the vets last week. For as big as he is he sure is a big chicken!

See my alarm clocks? LMAO! Felt like we were having a party or something this 5 am!

Oh... and the little guy in the middle is Porkchop. Don't think I've introduced him yet...Soon I'm gonna have to do a "I have an addiction to cats" post and introduce you to everybody.

Porkchop is really the apple of our eye around here... Well, until he steals you lunch. LMAO- my oldest has lost 3 sandwiches so far to him...Can't turn your back on your food at ALL around here! That's why he's named Porkchop- when he was a kitten, the bf gave him a piece of a porkchop that was way too big- and he ran around here with it hanging out of his mouth Growling. The other cats were trying to get it, and he wasn't coming off it, lol. And the name just stuck!

Thought you might like to see a custom sign I made for Victoria over at Dark Squirrel Miniatures... I did the under coat with a pale yellow and crackled over it with black. This was also the first time I used embossing powders to do a sign, and it turned out Perfectly! The letters are a shinny silver and stand out beautifully:) I'm glad she got me to broaden my horizons:) ...ok I'm just realizing this is a picture of the sign Before it was aged..sorry about that. You can see the finished sign here.

And last but not least! My dayliles have started to bloom. If I'm lucky I will have them blooming for another month or so. These ones were just planted last year, and are doing really good:) And as the bf learned the other day- they don't smell, but they will leave you a little orange Hitler mustache when you smell them to closely! lol

Until Next Time:)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Larger signs are in the Store:)

What a long week! Between the kids and the bf getting sick and trying to shuffle these cats back and forth to the vets(one at a time because I only have one cat carrier), I'm exhausted! I swore to myself that I wasn't even going to turn the computer on I didn't, lol. It's nice to take a day off every now and then. This week is going to be Hell too...Monday I see my cardio's nurse(he's booked until August but will be in the office).. My heart is skipping every day again- and I tell you it scares the crap out of me! Oh how I wish there was a magic pill for this- I so do Not want to go back to the cath lab! I have several of my other specialists visits this week too...and on Friday Cleo and Wilbur will be getting fixed! Finally!

I wanted to show you some of the bigger signs I have listed in the store:) I am addicted to these bigger stamps!! One can never have enough Beach signs:)

Don't you think this one would be perfect in a log cabin above a couch?

Or what about this one near a front door to a haunted mansion? The possibilities are endless:)

I just bought a 'cupcake' stamp set today.....and have a few other stamps on the way:) I keep trying to finish up all these birdhouses around here too, but I just can't seem to stop stamping, lol. I was thinking about it last night... and it dawned on me that I'm following in my Grandfather's footsteps, and we didn't even know it. He's a retired printer:) Started his career doing type set and by the time he retired, everything had switched over to computers. I like the idea that I'm keeping tradition alive:)

So Until Next Time....