Friday, April 29, 2011

Picture Heavy this time:)

I was finally able to pull myself away from the tv and got some 'work' done. But first let me start with this:

I found it at AC Moore's the other day in the clearance section for $0.50!! I bought 2... One for me and one for one of you. If you'd like to have the other one, I will send it to who ever asks first... However, If you take it... You gotta complete it and get on me about completing mine. I plan on painting mine white, and doing a little scene inside of it.... It's tiny and the roof part comes off. It's about 3 1/4 inches tall. I found it in the cake decorating section! So what would you do with it if it were yours?

Next we have the angel. I love how she looks in person, but I can't seem to capture that in pictures today...

Remember, First she was painted with Gesso...then sprayed with probably too many coats of stone spray. Then I went back and added brown and green paint to age her... And last night she got mossed.

Now I just need to take a good picture of her?!

I went ahead and mossed one of the trophies, too. I really like how it came out.

I was going to fill this one, but I kinda like it as it is... I can fill the others later. They'd be pretty with flowers, too. It stands 3 3/4 inches tall. I know it seems a bit tall... but I think it would make a good focal point in a garden...

As usual the inspector came by....I don''t think JD was impressed with the smell of the moss, because after he smelled it he snuffed his nose and walked away.

While I was outside... I went ahead and took a few pic of the roses..... This is our tea-roses.... Smells so wonderful!

And these are the bf 'Orange Crush' roses... I swear he has a hundred blooms on that thing!

My rose bush is doing well, too. But it only has a few blooms on it. LOL.... and my blooms are bigger. Last year one of the blooms was the size of my hand!

And here's the daylilies that got planted yesterday! I still can't believe she brought me that many! I'm hoping this will fill in over the next few years and that the whole fence line will be covered:) Hope my neighbor doesn't mind?!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend... My parents will be here late tonight and tomorrow I hope to walk the beach with them.... Which will take me into my next idea... The International Sand trade. More on that later:)

Until Next Time....


OK... So, I was a little annoyed when I woke up this morning as saw that I missed the wedding! I soooo wanted to watch Kate walk into the church! My family and I were in Scotland when Dianna got married, and we were living in Wales when Prince William was born.... So it's all rather exciting to me, as I am sure it is to you..... I'm hoping they will show it again sometime:) I woke up as they were walking out of the church... and they just got to the balcony and had their 'first' kiss.... sigh....... What I wouldn't give to be there with London right now... Everyone looks so happy!

...But my real problem is I can't seem to pull myself away from the TV, lol. I have work to get done, and a house to clean, clean! My mother just informed me that they will be here tonight, and not tomorrow.. and that makes me panic a little. I have too much to do, lol. And all I want to do is watch tv!! Terrible!!

OH, and I need to turn this computer off! I didn't tell you yet, but I got a Laptop! My sister sent me hers..... Isn't that awesome! I can Not tell you enough how awesome it is to lie in bed and surf the net!! Very very convenient!

Ok.... I guess I got to go.... I gotta go wave my magic wand and get this house clean. fun. fun.

Until Next Time...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Due to the cloudy day...

I'm revisiting the garden again....

Haven't really done anything productive today.... well, I guess I can't say that cause I did get some bills paid, and I did manage to swing by the thrift store and pick up 2 pairs of comfy pants because I can't seem to get my a** in the ones I have here.... and when I got home there were two trash bags of daylily bulbs, irises and one elephant ear plant from the Flower Fairy ((Thank-you Flower Fairy!!!)) .... so the bf dug holes, and I got them all planted:) One day.. our yard going to be sooo full of flowers :) -when it's not raining I will take pics:)

As far as minis go... I've just been trying to finish things up. I have way too many projects going on! And I've been getting side-tracked so easily here lately! I wrote a list to help me out, so we will see if I can stay focused!

....shhh! This bunny is sleeping!.....

And Check out the strawberry in the next pic... It's almost all seed! And I just love this little laughing pig:)

So... Maybe tomorrow I will have something complete? LOL..... Or I'll have more garden pics:)

Until Next Time....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How about an afternoon in my Garden?

I LOVE taking my little 'statues' out into the garden for a photo op! My pink Roses are in full broom right now...

I finished aging the bunnies yesterday, but got side tracked yesterday afternoon. Went to lunch with my bff and did a little shopping while I was over there..... I picked up a new pack of nail stickers, and had to run over to the craft store for some more sticks. While I was there I found something that I thought was too cute to pass up, but you'll have to wait for the rest of that story later....
Today.... I'm in the garden!

I love how this bunny is peeking over the cliff, even though he's really just sitting on a log with a bunch of mushrooms.

And I love taking pictures with the wild strawberries in it... This little pig looks like he's trying to stay out of the sun.

So is this bunny!

I think I took over 70 pictures today, lol..... Like I said I'm enjoying my garden:)

I was also able to get them loaded up in Etsy! I'm on a roll today...... haha

Until Next Time

*I didn't add moss to these bunnies because I didn't think it looked right; however, I'm still thinking on the angel and the trophies...

Monday, April 25, 2011

White or Blue?

So... I got the bunnies and trophies aged... now I just need to spray them with a clear coat of sealer... and I'm thinking I may try and add moss to a few.... Tomorrow!

Today.... I'm playing with the cabinet again.... I recently ordered the tiny dessert bowls that are on the 3rd shelf. They are just so cute! I'm thinking eventually the plates may go in the cabinet, but first I gotta find a few more white items to fill in the gaps...

And then there's the blue dishes I've been working on. I really like these, but not to sure if I'm going to keep them... I just like the white a little more:)

...And then there's Fred! This is an old picture of him and how he sleeps.... Yesterday, he slide right off the counter, head first! Poor fella, just sat up and just kept shaking his head. He does this daily.... You'd think he'd learn.....but, no.... he's back there again today!

So..... I've got to finish dinner.... It's my ole' man's birthday today... and I made some rice and Jerk chicken!! So yummy!!!

Until Next Time......

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorry to keep you waiting!

But this is not exactly working out the way I planned it. We made a video- not a good video- but one where Drew drew a name out of a bowl.... But I, for the life of me, can't remember how to upload it, lol. I've had issues with the computer lately, and have lost a lot of things... I did find my music though:) Thought I had lost that.....I'm listening to Blue October right now:) It's nice to have my songs back!! So..... I know, I know... You're here for the giveaway! :)

I took everyone's name and their favorite color, and put it on a piece of paper... cut them up, and then had my son help me fold them all. Then he drew a name............

Drew drew Roberta's name! Congrats Roberta! Please email me your address and I will get everything in the mail.... after I wrap it up all perty like!

Thanks again to all the people that entered! I was shocked to have so many people involved this year! Thank-you!!!

OK... so this is another one of those things that I had hoped to have done today. When I spray and paint these animals... I first apply a coat of gesso-and/or- glue to them to help the paint stick better. And when you spray something, you can still kinda see the original color underneath, so I like to also paint a layer of paint in there.... So after they get their first 2 coats.... They get sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed.... However, If is is humid- They will not dry quick enough for someone who is as impatient as me! I finally brought them in, and put them in front of the fan.... Tomorrow I should be able to age them:)

I've got a few projects going on here... There's a set of blue dishes that were those metal ones that have the spots... I gesso'ed them first, then they got a few coats of paint, before getting a few coats of glaze. It seems to take days to paint something properly!

I did manage to pick up a tube of bunnies and piggies from AC Moore's over the weekend.... I had really hoped to have them finished today being it's Easter and all...... sigh......maybe tomorrow?!

While I was taking pictures- I though I'd share one of my Mother's bright ideas with ya:) She got a new dishwasher recently, and took the silverware container out of the old one for me- She thought I could put my paintbrushes in them.... Even put little foam pieces in the bottom so nothing would fall out. But I'm using it as a paint caddy! It holds all my favorite Folk Art paints right now... Pretty nifty, huh! (Oh... and do you see the blue goat at the bottom of the page? He's the last of the antique animals I'm painting. Those that will be sold from now on out will be ones that I have found recently.)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I'm off to start wrapping Roberta gifts:)

Until Next Time!

To hold you over until this Evening...

I have not forgotten about the giveaway... I just want to wait until Drew gets home, so he can do the drawing:) Hope you can wait....

So, until then I thought I'd share a few of my tins with you. You can never have too many tins, especially when you're a crafter! This first one is my favorite. The tin itself is a greenhouse... and if you look closely, you will see that there are A lot of cats! I think it would be a perfect scene to do in mini!!

There's cats all over the tin.... although the ones on the back seem to be getting into trouble... I keep my tooth picks in this tin!

And what about this tin.... With all the birdhouses:) This is another one that would be really cute in miniature!

And this one.... Hey, I see a theme going on here... Looks like I buy tins that remind me of I just love this little caravan with it's puppet show!

I bought this one not only for it picture, but because it's a tin for Entex- a medicine that I took for about 10 years as a kid...helps with sinuses... but I just couldn't walk by the image!

And you'd never believe how much I find them for! The last 2 only cost me a quarter each! Now that's a bargain, huh!

Hope everyone has had or is having a Great Easter! Eat looks of chocolate for me! And I will be back tonight to do the giveaway!

Until next Time.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

One can of Stone Spray...

And a lot of imagination can be a dangerous things...... lol..... Found a few things that I thought would look good 'stoned' as my youngest said to me the other night, lol

A gaggle of ducks.... lol- are a group of ducks even called a gaggle or does that only apply to geese? Hum! Anyways.... these were porcelain ducks that I found as a set....

And why not stoned letters?? This was bought from a set of the kids' letters that go on the fridge...

Then there's the pigs.... The big piggie is a little big- he's probably the real size of a miniature pig... But I still like it...

....what about a pig in the garden?

Or an angel blowing a horn? This was one of those Dollar Store ceramic Angels....

So, In other words..... there's a lot of things that can be 'stoned'. The ideas are endless:)

Until Next Time

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Benches

I just got done listing a few benches in Etsy..... Went with bright spring colors this time... and made all of them small. The longest one is 3 1/4 inches... The one on top is only 2 1/4 inches long. I love it when you see them in the magazines stacked up, so I thought I'd take a pic like it:)

While I was outside taking pictures of the benches, I happened to peek over my railing and see that my clematis' are in full bloom..... They're just so pretty!

Thought you'd like to take a peek inside:)

I've also been working on this.... It's the one from the other day, aged. ((Do you find that when you really, really like something.... You want to take hundreds of pictures of it?? What will it look like here... and what will it look like there? kinda thing??)

I love using my garden as a backdrop to my creations.... And you get eye-candy! Call me weird, but I really think that rust is beautiful! I used the stone spray to give it it's texture, then went back this morning and added some more color to make it look really old. I have more like this... Just ran out of spray, lol. Yup, used a whole can in one night.... Everything was getting sprayed... except for the cats....

Funny story behind this little guy. My daughter and I were at 'the party store' the other day, when I found this little trophy on the floor, I picked it up, and went looking for where it came from. I couldn't find it, so I spoke with the store manager, and he couldn't find them either... And then he said I could have the one in my hands if I wanted it! How awesome is that!! Wouldn't even charge me for it when I offered to pay something for it. He said they get them all the time, so I definitely plan on stopping back in there sometime. But.... While I was at the thrift store the other day buying 'more junk' I found a bag full of them:D So you know I had to buy them.... Also came home with more white dishes for my real kitchen- my kids have been breaking mine lately(accidentally of course!), so It was time to restock... And at 45 cents a plate, I can afford this.... And they all match. I also found some new tins, a couple of fisher price people, a small nativity set, another chess set- for the horses of course! And I bought another glass sundae dish... Now all 5 of us have one. And you know what..... I only spent $10!! So now that I have a million projects going on, lol.... I got to get some of this stuff done! Back to work I go.....

Until Next Time...

Oh.. and before I forget again... Someone had asked me where I get my tiny starfish- And well, I live by the beach, and there's a sea-shell store on the pier... I do want to get some more myself... Whenever I get my car back from the shop:( However I was looking through Etsy the other night and there are sellers out there that sell them for good prices. OK.... Talk to ya'll later:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Birthday Present!

Wanna see what I bought myself this year for my Birthday?! Isn't he just purr-fect!! As soon as I saw him, I knew I had to have it! It reminds me so much of our orange kitties:) The plate is made by a Canadian artist named Barb Plevan and you can find her Etsy link here. I had it on my favorites list for a few weeks before I bought it, and prayed everyday that no one would see it....

Don't you just love the fact that the kitty has on a turquoise sweater! And I love the color combination she used! She has a couple of other plates, and from what I understand, when she can..... she's going to make more:) She does bunnies, too:) And some pretty cool looking fish! Stop by her store when you get a chance! If you're an animal lover like me, you won't be sorry:)

So..... Two words! SPRING Break!! I have a house full of kids, cats, and the bf! Nothing is getting done, lol.... But I am trying:) Be back later with some more pics!

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

It's the little things in life....

I found this at the thrift store a week ago:) It was hiding on a bottom shelf, and if I hadn't of seen the red in it, I might of walked right by it.

But for 99 cents.... I just had to have it! And it's a table- perfect for when I want to lay in bed and craft!

On my Birthday, my bff asked if I wanted to go walk around the thrift store by his house, and I couldn't say no, lol.... I swear when you have No money, You find everything... and when you actually have money, there's never anything good. ((Well I don't know if I should say never... there's always something that can be found:)) Anyways.... the bff found this:

I have a Mickey and a Minnie in the same style from my childhood- mine are 25+ years old..... They are music boxes.... and it still works. So do my Mickey and Minnie ones too. I do realize he is missing a drumstick..... But for $1.25.... it was mine!

The bff also bought me this plate- and if you look under Snow White's foot you will see the wind up key, Cause this one plays 'Hi Ho, Hi Ho... It's off to work we go' :) In case you don't know- I love Anything Disney!!! And I love plates:)

Thanks again bff! You made my Birthday a good day:)


Until Next Time..

Monday, April 18, 2011

How Collections Begin!

OMG! I feel like I've been gone forever! I knew I shouldn't of opened my big mouth about how Great things were! LOL.... Let's see the car died... well its been trying to die, and last week she wouldn't start....Today, she started right up?? I wanted to kick her, lol! But I was nice, and told her what a good girl she was! Sometime this week she's got to get a check up, cause I need my car! Then the phone got turned off, completely my fault, and I'll leave it at that... and without the phone , there's no Internet... So I've been going through blog withdrawals. And.... I know there's some kind of bug in my computer.... Just can't figure out where. So that's another thing on my list of stuff to do... It just keeps getting longer and longer.

However! There is always light at the end of the tunnel.... I still have a smile on my face! And my mind is still in create mood....

So.... Here's a couple of pictures to tied you over:) First is the cabinet I made not to long ago..... All decorated with my 'white' collection. This is a collection I didn't realize I 'needed' until here recently.... And it's perfect in this cabinet! There's a horse from my farm set, one that I loved dearly as a child. There's pitchers that we all were making here recently.... The ones on the 3rd shelf were used with beads as the bases. On the second shelf there a ceramic pitcher that I have had in my belongings for a long time! I bought the dishes recently from a seller on Etsy..... And I'm hoping she puts more out:) I originally bought them because I had an idea for a project, but when I got them in my hands, they reminded me too much of my own dishes, and I realized I couldn't let them go. Then there's the doll heads! You can find more of them here (and a little history about them).... There was just something about them that attracted me to them.... I have one more head, but I need to sand the bottom of it down so it will sit properly. I'm sure over time, I will rearrange everything! I want this cabinet full!

This next pic is just a teaser..... It's a little something something I've been working on this weekend:)
I will be back soon, Armed with pictures.... I have lots of things to show you:)

Until Next Time:)