Friday, February 27, 2009

I really, really, don't like this gluing stuff!

I started gluing in the sea shells last night. Ya know, this has got to be my least favorite things about miniatures....Trying to glue tiny little things in tiny little spots! Uggg! The 2 big shells aren't glued in yet....I'd rather have a little sea horse or something.....LOL, that will be my mission find 2 tiny sea horses! Oh, and I still need to fill in those empty shelves! More gluing? How much fun!

I got the sequins glued on the one bird house, although I still think it needs a little something extra. Thought you'd like to see what the cake platter ended up looking like......Also made the crate it's sitting in. Then, while I was digging through that junk last night, I cam across another chair. Looks like Grandpa started to assemble it, but gave up...... It told me it wants to be pink, too......but, with a different flower! Guess I'll have to visit the fabric store sometime? Oh darn......hehehe

Thursday, February 26, 2009

While I had the pink paint out.....

I figured I'd make some more girlie accessories for Katie's Corner....First was 2 pink birdhouses. These were made using some scrap bosa wood....cut to size, glued, and then painted. The one on the left still needs a 'hole', although I plan on gluing on some sequins instead. One day I'll have to write a tutorial for these birdhouses, they're a pain in the butt, but not to hard to make! If that makes any sense?!? I also made a shadow box. I didn't use any pattern for this. I just simply cut out a house shape, and then cut the borders as I need them. I had no clue what I was going to put in it..... Until, I found my shells..........It's amazing what you can find when you actually look through all that stuff you've accumulated through out the years! :) See my tiny little dice?While I was digging though my 'junk' drawer ...(LOL, more like a treasuer drawer!!)....I also found this...
*2 Pink Doors
*One white metal head board.
*A round clear disk thing that could possibly be used as a table top.
*The wave piece was the top to my daughter'd first dollhouse...may it RIP :(
*Those tiles chips came from the home improvement store, they're samples for some kind of counter top....I thought they'd make an interesting cutting board....Just have to find something to put over the hole, maybe a bowl or something?
*And then there's the little scrapbooking frames....I figured I could cover those with material or paint, and make some beautiful picture frames or mirrors or.......BTW...This is the top floor of Katie's Corner...It's where I'd live if I was small enough:) Debbie had asked where I was going to put the little pink chair, and I think this is where it may end up. Looks like that space to the left of that cabinet might be a good spot. I'll have to finish everything and get it in the room and take pictures again. First I have to go glue all those little tiny shells into the shadow box....something I have been putting off all day!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A website with loads of ideas!

While out searching for ideas, I ran across this website I thought you might enjoy. (Although it's not miniatures, it's great for inspiration!) It's called the Zanzibar Trading Company.....and has items from over 100 countries. There is so much see, it's unbelievable! And all of it is absolutely beautiful!!!

*Scan down and check out the Retablos by the Jimenez Family album....very, very colorful!

*I think the African Bottle cap Key chains are pretty invent full!

*Check out the Touchstone Pendants from New Zealand for some polymer clay inspiration!

*There's hand carved gorillas...and all proceeds go to International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP)!!

....and don't forget to check out their photo album before you leave....lots of eye-candy!

~Masks, Jewelry, Pottery, Baskets, Fabrics~


The Little Pink Chair

After a long, long nap yesterday......I re-did a chair. It was a kit originally, probably assembled by my grandfather, and pretty plain. I painted it pink, then dry brushed on a coat of white. After sanding, I painted it with a clear coat. I used a scrap piece material for the pad, wrapped it around the old pad and glued. I'm really happy with how it turned out, Very Shabby Chic!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just need a minute to vent....

I swear, the man upstairs, took every stupid person, and put them in my path this morning! Ugggg! My poor kid was just waiting for me to do something embarrassing. First, let me say....If you drive an orange Hummer, or any other big a** automobile....Stay outta the parking garage! And if you're brave enough to venture in there....Don't be a dumb a** and park in the part that has a BIG sign that says COMPACT CARS ONLY! Yes, that means you.....You see that area next to the parking garage with all the big trucks, Yup!! That's where your suppose to be!! Second! When you park you car, pay attention to how much space you leave the driver of the car next to you, that person has to be able to open their door! They don't want to have to climb over the passenger seat to get in! And last but Most important. When you take you kid to the allergy doctor, remember where your going. Those signs (All 20 of them!!!) on the wall that read "No food or drink aloud in the allergy office due to patients that have allergies", are there for a reason! That coffee your drinking counts as a drink, ya know! And all the cologne or perfume you rolled in before you stepped outta the house this morning is not helping either! Come on now people, Let's get it together!!!!!

OK...I think I'm over that! I hardly ever venture out, and when I do this is what I get, Shees! Luckily I had the kid with me to remind me Not to act like a Baboon! LOL....

...I'm off to find happy thoughts!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hope your ready for long one....

When I got online this afternoon to read every one's blog, I learned that I had a had an award from Casey.....

How Sweet is that! Thanks Casey! Made my day!!! Of course there's a chain here....I must list 5 addictions, and then pass this award onto 5 Fabulous blogs! Of course I think you All are fabulous....but I can only choose 5!

And the award goes to.........drum roll please...........

1. Chris from Thanks for filling my head with all kinds of crazy ideas!! ;)

2. Moe from Thanks for making me laugh so hard it hurts!! And boy does she have a hand for polymer clay!!!

3. The Mini Food Blog at WOW! What else can I say! There's so many beautiful miniatures displayed on that blog, I'm jealous. I want one of everything! OK, maybe 2!!

4. Debbie's page (Not that her other 2 blogs don't deserve it too!!!) This blog is the 'bible' to online miniatures! I spent so many hours in there the other night, I started seeing double...And I had barely made it to the D's!!! Crazy, I know!! Thanks Debbie for taking to time to organize all those links for us. And if you get a chance check out her other 2 blogs......, and and did I mention that she's part of the Mini Food Blog group, too!! Shees....that's one busy lady!

5. And last, but not least..... NuNu's Blog 2. I wish I could read what is written, but the pictures are to die for. It literally makes my jaw drop open...Go see the tomatoes and you'll see what I mean. So, NuNu, if you're out there....this award is for you 2!!!

Wow! That's hard...only picking 5! There's so many great blogs out there!

OK...and now on to my addictions........Miniatures- duh!, Polymer clay- double duh!!, LOL, Milk, yes I said milk! Can't get enough of it! Candy~ sweet-tarts, gobstoppers, gummy worms....still waiting for my teeth to fall out~ Hey, maybe that's why I drink so much milk, to counter-react all that sugar I eat!! And the last would have to be.....well I guess if you asked the family, they'd say my blog......and all of yours! I'm constantly going, "Hey, come look at this!" or "OMG...this is too cool, You gotta check it out!" I know I can see my boys rolling their eyes into the back of their heads, going 'Oh, No, not another picture!', but they indulge me! So thank-you to the family!!!

And to wrap things up...a picture for you. I went to lunch with a friend today, and happen to pop into Hungates for a minute to see if I could find anything of interest....and there they were. Lots of Calico Critters! I was so happy I actually jumped up and down like a little kid. I used to get these when I was a little girl, back when they were Maple Town People. I just had to buy one, and this little bunny spoke to me. I took her outta the box so you could see her better......She's so cute! Honestly, I really wanted that bottle and that walker for the nursery, and as a bonus, I got another baby bunny!! Yippie!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something for the kitchen....

Just a quick picture to show you what I made today. Nothing too exciting........ yet. That cake platter may become something fantastic by the time I get done painting it. I used polymer clay as the base and a beer cap as the top. It's calling out to be painted some kinda pink, possibly with little white flowers....I dunno yet. The bowl with the spoon inside, is a little big! My daughter's Barbie may end up with another accesory...LOL...she loves it when I mess up! The rest of the spoons will find themselves living in the kitchen of Cora's House.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

And what's even more fun to make than Strawberries???

.........Blueberries! Hahaha......OK ok......blueberries are no fun to make, but they sure do look perty on top of that tart, huh?I spent the day playing with the placement of the blueberries....and have come to the conclusion that less is more. Oh, and speaking of LESS IS MORE, the same goes for sprinkles! I had some left over frosting, so I tinted it pink, and added it to the top of some chocolate cupcakes. Then I got a little carried away with the 'sprinkles'!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Strawberry Tarts???

At least that's what I think they look like.....some kind of tart with a scoop of ice cream and a big strawberry on top.......
...........and of course you know that you can't ever just make one!!! I tell you, though, after the third strawberry or so, I was ready to be done! I had read Casey's blog a couple weeks back about making cupcakes and kinda went from there. I won't go into detail, she did a much better job explaining the how to's, look for it under her food label. I didn't have any of the molding stuff, so I used some scrap clay for the mold. Once I made the mold, I baked it, then began sticking pieces of clay into the little holes, and desperately tried to pluck them out. Of course I don't have a lick of cornstarch, talc powder, or any other similar substance on hand, so I ended up using a LOT of water instead. Still was tricky to get them out of the holes, but I managed. I suggest investing in some of that molding stuff!!!
So....Thanks to Casey ( for suggesting we use electrical caps as cupcake molds, Thanks to Debbie ( for reminding me I wanted to try and make a mold (she made truffles!), and Thanks to Jody ( for reminding us that strawberries are meant to be big!! Not to shabby for my first go, huh ladies?!

And now a moment with Otis....

Every morning, and at other random times during the day........Otis enjoys a good game of catch. His latest jungle gym has become the bathtub. His favorite toy....the top ring of a milk jug! He loves it when you throw it up over the shower curtain, so he can dive into the tub and retrieve it. Then he brings the red thing back and drops it at your feet. When he was little he enjoyed playing this game over the bed. Now he likes to play in the tub.........his favorite time being right after you get out of the shower. I'd swear he likes the slip-n-slide effect!! This morning I pulled out the camera and took a few shots.......Thought you'd get a kick out of it.......He's very entertaining!!!I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Bah Hahahaha....Imagine this, over and over and over and over again....Absolutely hysterical!!He hops out of the tub so fast, you'd almost think he didn't have his toy.... But he always does...............and he brings it right back, so you can throw it again......very tiresome some days!Sorry the pictures are a little blurry....he's just moving that fast!
LMAO!!! He's got almost the whole thing in his mouth...looks like a very red tongue sticking out! Too funny!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy seeing him bounce over the side of the tub! Now that he's napping, maybe I can get some work done?!

Look, I actually made something!

Yup! You heard me right! I did something productive! I made a picture frame for one of the paintings I did. I even made the mat.....just cut out a piece of cardboard, then covered it with a piece of scrap booking paper. I painted the frame with 2 coats of acrylic paint, then applied a varnish. I REALLY love this little painting.......
...and so does my daughter! She's already claimed it for her house.......and I think it works perfectly!!!
Honestly, I'm surprised I was able to get anything done at all. One of my outside kitties, JD, came home with a chunk of his ear missing Wednesday night. Either he was involved in a fight, or he got it hooked on something.......and now has a horrible hole! Needless to say, I haven't let him back outside yet, and he's been squawking about it ever since. He's very demanding....gets right up in your face and if we couldn't hear him or something. Of course his satellite dish is MIA, or he'd have it hooked around his neck! And possibly a muzzle on his mouth!!

Poor, poor kitty...........all he wants to do is go roll in the dirt. Besides he has has rounds to make....heaven forbid another cat comes in his yard!! And Yes, he's fixed.......he's just a bully!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

....Here's 1/2 the anwser to your question....

I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help here, Casey.....for I have no clue where I got these. It's possible I got them out of the scrap booking section at either Michael's or AC Moore's. You can see what I have left of the bottles in the upper left corner of the picture. Thought if I showed you a picture of the 'set' I bought, you might have a better idea as to what to look for. Oh, and I made the tops outta polymer clay. I made them in the top of the bottle, then carefully plucked them out, and cooked them. (Actually, I put them in the freezer to get rock hard~ makes clay really stiff, really fast!) Here's another picture of them.......
*And Debbie.....I would of never thought of cutting out a bib.....duh! Thanks for pointing that out to me!!!

A Few Good Buys!

While shopping at AC Moore's the other day I came across these treasures! First is ribbon that could be used in the nursery....haven't decided how, but for a dollar a roll, I couldn't help myself!
Then I found this mini easel and canvas. Perfect, huh!! They were $1.99 a piece, and now that I think about it, I probably should of bought more!I also found seed packs at the Dollar General, they were priced 3 packs for a dollar. Although the seeds that are in each jar, Don't match their labels....I figured no one would know the difference. The seed jars will live in Katie's Corner......You see them in the back??

OK.....well I'm off to find something productive to do. If that's possible, LOL....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going back a little here

....and thought I'd show you some of my cakes. This first one is an all 'chocolate' cake....with roses and lilies in between each layer. (There's over 80 flowers on this little cake!)

The next 2 pictures are of what will one day be a cake shop. That's scrapbook paper in the back ground...I propped 2 pieces of it up, strictly for a photo. Now that I think about it, I hope I was smart and put it some where safe....I'll need it one day! I made the shelf, and the 3 tables are wooden jewelry boxes I found at Michael's. I've been looking in the HBS catalog and trying to decide what house will work best. I need a small 2 story house for this....Any ideas as to what house will work? The downstairs is going to house all the cakes, and an area for customers to sit and do taste testing. The upstairs will be a kitchen, an old fashioned kitchen, I think.....a black and white checker-board floor with pastel appliances. Poor cakes.......they're packed away for another day. I think with Valentine's just passing, and seeing all the great candies and cakes that everyone is making, that I'm getting the cake 'bug' again.......maybe....or maybe I'm just thinking...........................First I Must Finish Everything Else I've Started!! Hahaha....well, technically, this is something I've started......But I was talking about the 3 houses that are begging to be finished. OK...I'm rambling on to finish painting the cap from a bottle of mouth wash gold. It's going to be a laundry hamper when I get done!

Until next time....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I just can't come up with a catchy title today?!

What a loooooong weekend! I must say, after the whole thing with the shingles, I lost track of all things crafty. Don't worry, I did do a lot of thinking. I'm sure if you had been sitting next to me, you would of been able to see the smoke coming out! I found lots of ideas for the Star Wars Toy Store........those I'll save for another day. Even did a horrible little sketch of what I want the store to look like. I'm starting to get excited about that project....LOL, I guess that's how it goes.....You gotta have 10 projects going on at once to keep your attention.

Thought I'd show you a few things from Cora's house. I found an old faucet knob under the sink, good place for it, huh.....I thought it made a beautiful base for an end table! The top is a wooden disk that I painted gold.
Next is what used to be a tooth paste cap.....Makes a lovely gold trash can!
And this is where I'm at with the bathroom. I felt it was much too big, and the old layout made no sense. So I spilt the front part of the room into 2 areas. Right now I have a piece of foamboard in there, haven't decided if I want to use that or wood.

The little room to the left of the foamboard is going to be a sitting area. I put the cafe table and chairs in there....I've got a tea set stashed for the perfect place to sit and chat. Maybe I can add a bookshelf in the corner........Time will tell.

Ok...well I'm off to think some more.....LOL, I can hear my Mom saying now, "Try not to hurt yourself, dear!" Hahaha......

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Hate When That Happens!

Do you ever get into a project, to only realize, there at the very end, that you don't have enough to finish what you've started??? Yup! I ran out of shingles!! Ugggg! I only need about 30 more.......guess I'll have to wait till I can order another pack....Darn it, I was on a roll!! Of course I decided not to listen to the bf, and started shingling from the inside out. (What? I wanted it even on both sides!) He had warned me....I know.....But, you know me, I gotta try it the hard way once, sometimes twice, lol! I still have to go back and add a little more stain to where I made fresh cuts. And I have to reinforce that corner. I swear, it looks like you could blow it away. (It's glued pretty good, but I don't think it will stand a chance to Otis.) I thought about putting Ivy, or something, up the sides..and then I could cover up the mess I've made outta that corner. I dunno.......I'm sure by the time I order more shingles, I'll figure it out!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Katie's Corner Gets a Roof!!

I know, I know......I'm suppose to be painting a castle...........Haha......Well, I got side tracked.......and I'll blame it on Casey. Every time she does a roof, I tell myself I need to do mine. One, I've been waiting for it to warm up a little...and 2, well, I'm just a procrastinator! LOL!! I've had everything to do it, I was just scared of messing it up. But today, I took a chance................and broke out the shingles and stain. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.........I put my shingles in a large zip lock bag, added a little bit of stain, and mixed it up until all the shingles were coated. I dumped them out of the bag onto a cardboard box, and then used some old, brown-paper bags to soak up some of the excess stain. After they dried, I used Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue (Thanks Casey for the tip....the glue works really well for this!) to attach the shingles to the roof. I still need to do the bottom sides, and those corners are making me want to hide, But I'm sure I'll figure it out!!
The color is probally better shown in the first picture.....not too sure the I like the lighter color.....Now that I'm looking at it from a distance I think darker shingles would of looked much better. Maybe I can add a wash to it, give it more of a dark brown look. Whatca think???

Friday, February 13, 2009

Roch Castle

Sorry, the last blog got a little long, so I thought I'd write 2 blogs today! Aren't you luckly!!!

Ok, so I'm still in my painting phase of life, but have moved on to something a little more difficult! Ready for another story?? LOL......

When I was a little girl, I lived in Haverfordwest, Wales. During recess, we'd play in the field behind school......And behind the field sat Roch Castle! I loved looking at that castle everyday, rumor had it it was haunted and that there was something walking around up there?! Then, a few years ago, I came across a book called, "Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland. And Yup....there it was! Roch Castle and it's story. Seems a man was told by a witch that he would be bitten by a snake in a year and die. So Rupe (that was his name) built a castle and moved in to the top, so no snakes could hurt him. Then exactly one year later, it happened! Rupe went outside to get some firewood and after he put it in the fireplace and lit it, a snake jumped out of one of the logs and bit the man! Crazy, huh!! I was shocked to see that the rumors were true. What a horrible way to die!

Well............I thought I'd give the castle a shot.

I'm using a blocking technique to do this. I marked out 1 inch squares onto a clear sheet protector thing, and used painter's tape to hold in down. Then I drew out a 2x3 inch box onto sketch paper, and divided the 'box' into smaller squares. Am I making sense here?? LOL....Hopefully you get it. So, I finished the sketch................and now I have to transfer it to thicker paper so I can begin painting it. It looks like fun?!?! Haha, it's hard painting in miniature, feel like I need a big magnifying glass or something. OK, well I'm off to play catch with the Otis, I gotta make him sleepy before I try to pull the paints out, Or he'll insist on helping!



I've Waited 14 years for this!!!

When I was around 14 or so, I started a quilt. It started out rather small, more like a sampler.....and then it grew! I ended up with a almost a king sized quilt before I was done. The thing was, I had no clue how to back it. So, my Mom sent it to my Grandmother, who happens to be a quilter, and I waited.....and waited.......and waited! LOL, Don't worry, I'm not mad Grandma, but dang.....14 years is a long time. When we went to Ca. this summer, I totally forgot to look for it in Grandma's attic. My sneaky Mother didn't though, and was able to bring it home. She has recently started taking quilting classes, and is really fallin' in love with the craft! Anyways, so around Christmas, we went to Mom's to celebrate. She had been picking on me about what she had bought me for Christmas...Said, "I really didn't have a lot of money this year for a gift, so I hope you like it!" Personally I didn't care if the box was full of rocks, I was just happy to see the kids happy! However, when I opened the box.....I started crying. Then Mom started crying, then my kids started crying because Mom and I were crying....LMAO, what a sight we were!!! They thought Grandma had bought me a quilt at the Amish Quilt Auction we had gone to! LOL, I had to explain to them that it was my quilt, that I made a long time ago. My mother took it to her quilting class and had a lady stitch a LOT of dragonflies into it...BTW<>
Hehehe...I've been picking on my Mom that now that she knows how to make quilts, it would be really nice if she made one for her Grand-daughter's dollhouse......and she just laughs at me, and says, Yeah, sure! LOL....Aweee, come on Mom, you know you want to!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thistle Hunting in the German Valley

Among other things, painting has to be one of my favorite things to do. I remember watching Bob Ross as a teen, and have been fascinated with his art ever since. Who wouldn't want to live in one of his 'happy little' worlds, surrounded by great colors?!?! Well, recently, I have discovered his shows are playing on the create channel, and well, I can't get enough of him!! However....I'm doing it in miniature! This was my first attempt, not to bad, huh? This painting was a painting Bob Ross did recently.....Yes, I know they are reruns and that Bob has passed on.This little shore line painting was inspired by a painting I found in a magazine.These next 2 came straight out of a book called Little Landscapes by Priscilla Hauser. I was learning her technique, and what better way to learn it than follow along. I highly recommend reading the book, if anyone is interesting in learning how to paint....I checked it out from the local library!I really need to lower the horizon line in this pic.......You do learn as you go!And this one is all mine! I took a photograph of the German Valley when we were in West Virginia........I really loved all the layers of land in the picture! I'm not totally impressed with the painting (that middle plain is not quite right!), but it's a good first attempt! I do like the idea of it........I was with my Mom the day I took the picture, and she decided that she needed thistles for her scrapbook, and somehow convinced me to get her some. Yeah, I must of had dummy written on my forehead, because I didn't realize that thistles have thorns and are almost impossible to 'pick'! They are very hardy!! LOL...Needless to say, Mom didn't get her thistles.........and I had little thorns stuck in my fingers!! The memory is funny though, so that's what makes it special! Naturally, I titled it Thistle Hunting in the German Valley!And what would a blog entry be without a picture of my assistant? He's really not the best helper, but he's cute, so I put up with him! Oh, and I used acrylic paint on gesso'ed watercolor paper for the paintings.