Monday, February 25, 2013

Not a Good Start to the year..

I was hoping 2013 would be the year that things would start to look up..
Life keeps throwing me curve balls..
My JD is gone. He just didn't come home one day.
And I'm having a really hard time with it.. He was my familiar.. my soul kitty.
My Buddy!
One day I want to turn this picture into a painting...
Saturday night.. I got my right hand slammed in the front door... and not only broke my middle finger, but also ripped the end of it off... It was hanging on by my nail bed.. They were able to piece it back together.. but I have to meet with a hand specialist now, and they're saying that I'm going to need physical therapy to learn how to use that/those (three fingers got caught- but only one was destroyed) finger(s) again....
So... this means no custom work for awhile.. and no making minis.
This is going to drive me crazy!
I've cried..
I've gotten mad..
And I've laughed..
But all in all...
I'm just sad!
I will be listing items that I've already made in the store.. I love these new stacking signs.. I have 10 new beach ones to list as well... but this week is going to spent with the docs..
 There's also new signs in the store..
and new ones that will get listed soon..
And before I forget... I have a new email address..
you can find me at:
Until Next Time...