Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And Today I'm a Candle Maker

One thing I love about miniatures is how one day you can be a book maker, and then the next day you can be a candle maker. I might never get bored again!

I spent the afternoon yesterday, burning tea-lights and hand dipping candles. LOL, I know, I could of found an easier way to do this, however, I have (lol, had...)an abundance of tea lights, so I thought I'd put them to good use. So.....here's the view from my lap, You know my helper is always close by!! I still don't understand how he made it through it with all his whiskers, but he did.....He's just too nosey!!

Any guesses as to what those little balls in the next picture are??? I'll give you a hint....It's rolled up moss in candle wax.........And there is a point to it, but I'm not going to tell you just yet.......I wanna figure out what I did with my book first, don't want to be giving ya'll any wrong information!! LOL So, for now, take a wild guess! :) Oh.....I also borrowed a few of the kids crayons and added some to the wax to get the different colors~ there's dark orange and black in my next batch. More pictures to follow later.....

And for all my Otis fans........ Daddy has lost the war over the his pants, again. Seems Otis stole them from him while he was trying to go the the bathroom.... You'd think Daddy would of learned to close the door by now:) LOL

Sunday, September 27, 2009

To All My Blog Friends....

Just wanted to share these videos with you. I know...it's nothing to do with artsy stuff....but I promise, it's worth the 5 minutes it takes to watch them!!! It makes me smile the whole time, and It makes me think of all of you. There's so many places this guy goes to that each of you have talked about:) So.....Enjoy the show:)

Where the Hell Is Mike??


Enjoy and let me know what you think:)

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Mini Memories

We do not Remember Days......We Remember Moments

I decided to take one of my scrapbooks, and re-do it in mini.....:) You can see the mini one at the bottom of the picture. The real one I bought from the Dollar Store, and it's little enough I could carry it in my purse if I wanted to. I love this book!! It starts with the early years...when the kids were still babies, and stops a few years ago. And it was really easy to put together!

And the mini one is even cuter!! I scanned some of the original pictures onto the computer and then shrank them down. I used the same technique I used to make my other mini books....there's a tutorial somewhere back in my blog for it......And it's really easy!! :)

And did I mention cute?!

And here's what one of the real pages look like....
Sorry...not one for words today...They just aren't coming to me?! Can't tell you how much I typed and deleted just because It didn't make no sense! Gees....

Monday, September 21, 2009

A New Shop Owner

I have had my eye on this guy for some time now....and finally the other day I broke down and bought him! I thought he'd be perfect for the Skate Shop....And Drew thinks he's cool, too!! He's a little out of scale, stands 7 inches tall, but in real life- he's a big dude, so "No Problemo", Right?? LOL.......

Meet the Terminator: AKA Arnold Schwarzenegger....the Governor of California

And what's that he's got.........A dragon letter!!

Don't know if you can tell....but Otis has been in here "Re-designing". A few skate boards are missing on the back wall~ he ate the little holder things that I had holding them up. And he loves this cork floor. I forgot to turn it around the other night....and next thing I new Otis was in there plucking up the corner......You can't see it in the picture, but I think I may have to pull up the whole thing and lay a new one. There's also little teeth marks in both cabinets. Let's hope Ahhh-Nold does a good job protecting the place:)

Hasta la vista, baby.

I'll Be Back!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A few more memories...

Ok, So I've been digging through everything around here, trying to find some really cool things to scan...and this is what I have so far. The vanilla envelope came from a special friend, so that makes it important to me. And not only does it have a Moulin Rouge address label, but it has some really neat stamps on it, too....and it came all the way from New Zealand!! I actually stuffed these to give them a little character. Next is the one with the dragons...the one on the right....it's one of Drew's letters that I have kept, and thought it would make a cute addition to the Skate Shop. Under that is the cow one~ it's one of the last letters I got from my Grandmother before she passed away....And she Loved cows!!
And the last one, the one on the left.....is an envelope that I know I've had for 20 years, lol, I bought it simply because "It was pretty!" Hahaha.....I knew I loved it, but had no clue what to do with it, until now! So I put some older stamps that I had on it, and sent Drew a letter the other day! See.....it is Pretty! Isn't it!! And it's even cuter in mini!!

My last picture is of the kittens. Yes! They're All still here. And they're not so little anymore. Here, the bf has the front door opened and is trying to lure them in the house with a little wet food. The one up front, who's head isn't in the picture~ is our cat JD. And the kittens are....from left to right.....Bella~ AKA` Precious....She's so Purty!! Next is Fuzz and then T-boy(short for tabby boy), the twins. The black one is Sphinx, and my buddy Possum is the black and white one. They were all sitting there licking their lips!! It was so cute!!

Alrighty then......I'm off to find something to keep me busy today.......

Until Next Time:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One of life's little lessons.....


Thought I'd start today's post with a story......Thursday afternoon, I took my oldest Drew to get his allergy shots. The appointment went as usual.....and we were out of there by 4pm. Then not more than 2 lights away from the hospital, my car died! It still ran, but I couldn't get the transmission to kick into to gear.......So, here we are, sitting in the car........in the middle of rush hour traffic:) I had my son get out, and start pushing......and I felt like an ass for sitting in the car....but it wasn't until people started honking their horns, that I really got annoyed. If you remember.....Last week I had breast surgery~ and I wasn't trying to pull out any 'stitches' outta my 3 inch incision. Not only was my 13 year old kid trying to push the car, but he was trying to push it up hill~ and I realized that my son couldn't do it himself, so I had to jump out of the car and help. And OMG~ I had to steer the car with my right arm....and push with my left side~ And of course my left side is the side I had surgery on..........Yeah! Fun, huh!! So, we get the car pulled over.....and then we sat. I called the bf, who called a tow-truck......who came and got us about an hour later....And he (the tow-truck driver) was nice enough to bring us back with him. So my car is now sitting in the shop.......and My son is completely in shock. He just kept saying, that he couldn't believe NO one got out to help us, and instead they honked at us to get us out of their way. We had 2 police cars go by......and neither one of them stopped...and 2 tow-trucks drove by. WTF??? Have we as a nation really become this stuck up that we can't help someone out when they need it. It's sad, but honestly, I wouldn't of expected anything more outta these people. I told my son to let this be his first lesson in that "People are ass-holes!" Yes! Those were the exact words I used! And I wish I would said it to everyone that drove by us the other day. For real for real, I have had a rough week, and at this point, I was ready for a nervous breakdown, and all I could do was laugh. Thanks Guys! Really appreciate that dose of reality!

So....the next time you see a 5'5, 180lb 13 year old kid pushing his Momma's car up a hill..........offer to help! They may need it! (And Yes!!! I already know, I have one awesome kid!! Don't know what I'd do without him!!!!)

LOL....So, With that being said.......lets move on to what's been keeping my head above water this week:)

Ok, I have this box that holds all my memories from childhood......and I'll just say it's a big box:) My Mom kept every card ever given to me......among other things. But a few weeks ago I was going through the box, and came across all the cards my parents got when I was first born....and most of them were still in their original envelopes!! With 15cent stamps on them! To make a long story short.....My Dad collected stamps......so now I want to collect them. And, I've gotten some really pretty stamps from New Zealand (thanks Mercedes!!) and Canada (Thanks Dorren!!) and The Netherlands (Thanks Sylvia!!) .....

When I had Katie's Corner out the other day, I mentioned I needed to fill the shoe boxes.....so, when I had my memory box out the other night, I put aside a few of the pretty letters to copy and shrink! The one in the picture is the first letter I ever got from my Great Grandmother(AKA GG)! It's one of those letters that you fold in 3 and put a sticker on the back to seal it~ Isn't it Beautiful!!! Look close, Where my last name is, Is where the mini ones I made are.........
And here's a close up of a few of the ones I've been working on. There's GG's letter~ front and back. The letter on the far right side was one addressed to my parents, and it has a Martin Luther King Jr. stamp on it!!! And the one with the blue circle thing on it came from Russia. When I was in Elementary school, I had a Russian pen pal, and luckily I kept the letters! How neat, huh!
I have a few more that I want to share with you. I just don't have pics, yet!! :) So stay tuned! I'll be back:)
Until Next Time!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upstairs in Katie's Corner

For those of you that don't know......This is the inside of Katie's Corner. It's My first Big girl dollhouse.......and I made it from a roombox kit. If your interested, you can see the beginning of it in the very beginning of my blog. The downstairs is a general store....and upstairs is where I'd live if I could:)

Here's a picture of the last time I 'played'.......and every time I come back to it....everything is out of place. I just can't seem to keep Otis out of this house! So anyways........yesterday I pulled the house put, and sat down and rearranged........

I had to start under the bed.......The Art supplies had been strolled all over the floor(which is actually the way it is in reality, but hey! This is the land of make believe, right, LOL!) The other 2 boxes are labeled Blankets and Sweaters.......

Next I re-stacked the shoe boxes....None of these boxes are full.....yet.

I also went ahead and put some of the magazines in a basket Mercedes made me.... I also moved that bear and purse down into the corner....

The rest of the magazines went into another container that Mercedes made for me.... LOL~ Yup! That's a Playgirl Magazine with Brat Pitt in front!! Hahaha.....I thought it was funny:)

I slide that container under the chair I made....and filled it up with some books. The Canadian Bird Book that Doreen made for a bunch of us in in front. And one of the clay dolls I've been working on is sitting in the chair.

I rearranged the items on top of the night stands. There's a jewelry box, a sketch pad and a pack of markers laying on this one.

.....and on this one is a finger nail polish kit that I made, a phone and a Dragonfly container that Mercedes sent. Actually, the end tables were also a gift from Mercedes:) She sends lots of good stuff!!

I rearranged the serving tray that was on the bed. I just added the flowers in the corner, thought it was more girlie that way.

AND! I finally glued this:

...to the wall. It's the hook from a hook and eye set. I wanted to hang this beautiful cross stitch panel that MiniKat made for me, and I had just been putting it off. I was afraid that cat of mine would get it, so I mounted it in the back corner. My dollhouse kitties are well behaved, so I Know they won't hurt it.......and seeing as it is on the other side of the big cabinet in that room, I don't think Otis can get to it. Now I just need to figure out how to hide the ugly hook. Either a button or something made of polymer clay will work, huh? Any other suggestions are welcome!

And I was so busy playing inside the house yesterday, that I totally missed what had happened to the outside. Now, we knew this would happen, and I'm surprised that they actually lasted this long.....But my Corner Shingles are missing??? Wonder who would of done a thing like that???
Yup! Both sides are missing..........Guess I'll have to moss this roof, and I'll have to make sure the corners are extra thick.
That Darn Cat!!!!
Until Next Time

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Evening with Otis

List of things to do:
First.....Warm up the school supplies before the kid starts his homework.....This will take a few minutes, so be patient!

Then.....find a good napping spot and guard it with your life! (He's actually yawning here, but he looks tough, doesn't he?!)

Next, it's time to give Mom a bath. Gotta make sure you don't miss anything!

And when all is said and done......You gotta go guard the potato chips! You never know who may try to steal a bag in the middle of the night.......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Rest of the Babies....so far

Thought I start this entry with my favorite baby so far...Isn't she cute! I love her brown dress with that gray shirt! And her pig tails.

This next set was the set that was still in the toaster oven, the last time I posted. I went a little lighter with the hair on the one on the right....And for some reason these babies got bigger than I wanted them, but they're still adorable!
And then I made these. The one on the left was made to go in Cora's Red room......Thought she'd be cute sitting in the chair in there. The gray one I made because I like those colors together....poor baby doll! I lost her baby the other day. I had taken her with me to show someone, and when I came home... I was holding her in my hand and trying to unlock the front door when I dropped her......and Her baby fell down under the porch. My oldest was kind enough to climb under there and set out a search party for her, but she was never found. Sounds silly, but I hate leaving her down there all by herself. :(
So, on Monday I decided to try another baby and well....my fingers wouldn't corporate. She's too big, her arms are too long.......her hands are huge......She's just all wrong. But I do like the colors:)

...What, how'd he get in here??? ((~giggling~))
Otis found the perfect pillow...........

Then yesterday....I decided to try something else. I'm sure you Ladies will know what this is....But for sh*ts and giggles.....go ask a man in the house what it looks like. Mine were really Rude with their reply!! LMAO!!! ~No! I'm not going to tell you that they said it looked like a "girl's toy" with bunny slippers on!! BOYS!!! Stupid, stupid boys! So glad I can amuse them!! LOL!

And this is the little girl that got the other pair of legs I made. I still need to make another one. Her hair is to thick...and her eyes are uneven.....But she's so cute it doesn't matter, right. LOL.....Oh, I also have to remember to Wash my hands before I play with white clay. The flower on her dress has dirt all over it! Ugg!

She got the 'good' slippers, lol. (The other set's ears are a little sloppy) Don't they look fun from this angle??
And look....I even gave them tails:)
...and a side view~ can you tell I like my bunny slippers:) ??
....Then when all was said and done last night, I curled up into bed, put in Disney's Tarzan for the billionth time....and played with my babies:) Cora has some little things that came from different sets that I pulled out to see what I could find, and Bingo! The perfect sized high chair for a baby doll! And a bottle and a bowl:)
And then I came across those furniture sets that I got from Michael's.....You know that 1/2 scale sets that all of us were buying a few months ago.......Well.... Look! This bench is just the right size!! All it needs now is some paint .
I have had a lot of fun playing the past few days, and it has helped me to focus on the lighter side of life! Minis bring out the kids in you.....and it is so nice to sit back and not worry about the drama!

So......Until Next Time:)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Every Bunny needs a Baby Doll!!

And Cora's bunny is no different!

Last night I decided I needed to do something 'simple' to just get my creative juices flowing. So I pulled out one of my clay books....and decided to do something in the book in miniature. When I came across these dolls.....I thought they'd be so cute! (*BTW~ I'm looking at 'The Sculpy Way with Polymer Clay' book) If you look in the upper left hand corner of the next picture you can see one of the ones I made......
...and while I was looking through the book I came across these gingerbread cookies and thought that they'd make cute baby dolls for the Baby dolls...They're really easy......mine is the one in purple.....
Here's a close up of the doll......I just love her pig-tails!!
...And her shoes! I made little tiny Maryjane's with socks that match their dresses....lol.....still perfecting that idea!
......And then.......well, You know me, I can't just make one..........
LOL.......The supervisor was even close by to help me show them off!
See how he has that pink one perfectly balanced on his foot, he even managed to keep it there for awhile!
He's such a good backdrop! Doesn't that Green dress Look good with the orange!! Hehehe
....and Yes! There's more......LOL! But you'll have to wait till later to see them.....
So, Until Next Time!