Monday, May 28, 2012

An Arts and Crafts House

Friday night.... the bf and I went to the most beautiful wedding at The Hermitage Museum and Gardens....when you get a chance- check out the website. You can see the front of the house there. I ran out of space on my memory card about 30 pictures in...but here's a few pics that I thought you might like to see.

We loved this girl, and all had bets going as to who would be the first person to try and make out with her. Hey- You get enough liquor in anyone, and I bet she'd be they're best friend, lol.

I loved all the planters around the grounds. Gave me lots of inspiration for more garden urns! Look at the green moss around the bottom- Love it:)

The house itself is built in the Arts and Crafts style... and OMG, there was so much detail:)

Just look at all that work:) Makes you wonder how long it took someone to carve all that?

Or how many people carved it? Was it just one person that did all this? It's just so stunning!!

I'm sure I could spend a whole day here just taking pictures....They have a rose garden here that one day the bf and I would like to see. You know we love our roses:)

Lol... Thought you might like to see what me and the bf are looking like theses days:) We don't ever get a chance to get all dressed up, so it was nice to have an excuse to look all 'fancy':)

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend.....

until next time...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

And they didn't even know it was my birthday:)

Sometimes I think I have too much fun setting these little scenes up:) And let me tell you- This one is special!! You see the veggie board:) It was made by Debbie and I have to tell you- Was a complete surprise! Debbie had promised to send this to me a long time ago- but then she became ill with heart issues herself, and it got put on hold for a little while. But OMG... Was it worth the wait:)

Debbie- I've been waiting for the rain to go away so I could take it outside and play:)

I hope you love the pictures as much as I love the prep board:)

I still can't believe all the detail in it- My critters will be having a wonderful afternoon snack. Cause you know there's nothing better than picking a warm fresh tomato on a summer day and eating it straight from the vine:)

I was also able to do a trade with Kim last month- and it, too came around my birthday! I had asked her for a piece of pink cake and look at all the goodies she sent me!:) Some will be going in the garden room and the rest will go in the pink bedroom. I just love all the pink:) Thanks again Kim!!!

And then this was a purchase I made using money a friend had given me:) I bought these from A Lavender Dilly .

The Christmas one will go in Cora's dining room.... And I'm not sure what I'll be doing with mine yet, but it was one of those things I had to have. I love her plates... well I love all china- big and small:)

My Birthday was over a month ago....I am just late with my post and didn't want these people to go unrecognized. They all do such beautiful work:)

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 New Signs

Ok.. So I know I am waaaay behind on my posts, and I owe you a bunch... But I had to share pics of these 2 signs I just listed in Etsy. I've used thicker wood then I normally use... and they've been aged a little more. I LOVE the owl- it's just too sweet:) Especially in the lily. Wouldn't it be cute above a crib?

And then there's the Hocus Pocus sign. Again another sign I just love!

I've been working on a sign for a Witch's shop for a customer order, so I've made a few Halloween signs, too. I took pictures of them earlier, but it's still cloudy here, and I wasn't impressed with them. It's been raining off and on for what seems like days now....but- I've figured out I can use embossing powders on my signs- and let me tell you- It has opened up a whole new world for me, lol. There's always something new to learn, huh?

Until Next Time:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For all you snail lovers:)

My neighbor recently moved a neighborhood over...and while we were over there the other day helping her plant her blueberry bushes... Her son pulled these guys out.....And then I got an idea...

So I ran home, and got a few signs.... and then Ta da....

Of course... I didn't even think of the fact that I was letting 'snails' crawl all over product that was to be sold in my store..Until my daughter said something. I think they're cute.. She thinks they're gross....

The snail that is out was super friendly.. He stayed out the whole time... even when I moved them to take different pics.. The other guys/ or girls.... just hid...

Either way... I love the pics I got... And since I use waterproof ink now.. I was able to wash them off:)

Now if I could just get the sun to come out so I can take more pictures... I could list the rest of the signs I have made.....

Until Next Time...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank God I have JD to amuse me...

I needed some fresh air yesterday....

I needed some sun....

Maybe it was the fact the I just needed some time to sit and think.

And this is what happens....LMAO!
I was sitting in the middle of the yard... Looking at all the beautiful weeds, I mean flowers, when I decided to make a 'daisy' chain...It started simple.... With just the white clover flowers... But it just wasn't I begun to hunt around the yard and found dandelions, pink clover flowers...buttercups, and then even the 'wheat' grass got weaved in..... I had no idea what I was going to do with it until Fred walked by... One sniff of it, and he was gone.... But not my D!

Nope... JD actually let me put it on him, go in the house and get my camera.. and then I shit you not that cat wore it for over 2 hours until he rolled around in the dirt and it came off. I think he liked it:)

He really did have me laughing though.... At one point it had slid down over his eyes, and he still didn't care... But then he shook his head...

And it slid down around his neck like a Hawaiian lei....

I think he thought he was special or something... at one point he even came over and stood on top of me like a mighty king...I'm telling you...D liked his necklace!

And If I don't say so myself.... It sure was Pretty:)

After awhile I took it off and put it back on his head for a few more pictures. This time though... those 2 pink clover flowers were in front and sticking out... It was cracking me up, every time he moved his head...they'd bob up and down....My cat already knows I've lost my mind, so it's OK.

He looks amused, Doesn't he?


Still... he sat there and posed for me.

I got pictures from every angle!

I'm telling you... It's the simple things in life! Whens the last time you made a daisy chain?

Until Next Time...


I do have mini posts coming up. I want to share with you what I 'got' for my birthday... and a project that I working on.... just saying....