Monday, May 24, 2010

I got a question...

Good Morning! How is everyone out there in blog land doing today?? I'm at the library again.....And just wanted to ask this:

So I'm working on the mouse lots of pictures coming oneday.....But my problem is the floor. It's not dirty enough......I did cobblestones out of paperclay, then went back and used railroad ballast to fill in the cracks......And then the bf said 'it wasn't dirty enough' I painted it darker and it's still too clean......And suggestions on how to dirty it up??? I thought about grounded coffee beans, but I really don't want to use any kind of food product......Any suggestions would help! OH...And I got the inside of the house done last night. I've used Styrofoam and paperclay to do this house and I must say....I think I like it!!!! It even has a shower:) The next step is making the outside look like it grew into a tree.....I see a lot more Styrofoam and paperclay in my future:)

OMG.....Is it cold in this here library!!! At least I don;t have a smelly lady sitting next to me this time, LOL>

Oh...and for those of you that have been following Lane's story (my neighbor's son)...He finally finished Chemo!!! But when he went in for his bone scan/chest x-ray....the found another tumor in his lung. Poor kid just can't get a break. Last week he was out in the yard chasing my boys around in his walker...and now he gets to start this shit all over again. SO if you don't mind tonight when you say your prayers, please keep Lane in mind! He needs all the luck and prayers he can get right now.

Until Next Time......


Kim said...

Katie- I have been keeping Lane in my prayers, but will start praying harder now! How much does this poor boy have to fight? It does not seem fair- I wish I could take it all away for him.

What about using some actual black dirt to try making the house dirtier? Do you think you could just seal it with a matte spray after you were done and it would stick? I look forward to seeing what other people suggest because I've been playing around with making things dirty and messy too. So glad to see you post and glad you didn't have to sit next to anyone smelly :)

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Katie!
Nice to hear from you! Liberty was asking about 'that girl from America' the other day.
Can't wait to see some mouse house pics.
And don't worry - there is something of yours in the other room of the shabby house.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I can not think of any way to make your floors dirty apart from paint.
Maybe just keep painting some areas with different browns and grey acrylics.
For ageing floors i have heard that mixing oil paint with artist paint thinner and varnish is good, but have not tried this yet. Maybe make a rough bit of floor to practise both of these on.
I think the oil paint can be used to make a dirty floor but also with greens for mossy floors.
I hope the little boy gets better and the tumour goes. Lots of love to him and his parents.
Nikki xxx

Ana Anselmo said...

hi Katie! to make a dirty appearance I use a set of powers that are used in the railway models. This is not expensive and you can make several different "tones" of dirty, very easily, the set comes with a glue and a brush, and is very easy to applied.

CA Verstraete said...

why not use a progressively darker dirty water (diluted black paint) wash? You can keep deepening the color as you want?

Hope you're doing ok!

Ara said...

When I dirty things up I use those chalk-like pastels. I take a paint brush and rub it over the top of the pastel color I want and then dust it onto whatever I want dirty. Then you can wipe over the top of the floor to get the loose bits off and the rest of it should just stay and look like dirt.

Can't wait to see the photos! And Lane will be in my prayers.

Hugs, Ara

Tabitha Corsica said...

Katie...I usually use layered washes of acrylic paint to "dirty" up paperclay and the like.


Sans! said...

Dirtying is fun because you can do it over and over until you are happy :). I also used paint/ dirty wash paint water sometimes, some glue and then paint over it them look like dirt or dust.

Sweet dear Lane is in my prayers and darling, you take care and keep your spirits up. And come back here to blogland often as there is a bunch of people who will always look out for you! Love ya, Sans!