Sunday, February 26, 2012

And idea I saw in a magazine..

Well.... I did manage to do something for myself the other day.... I went to the thrift store:) Hey- For anyone who knows me this is a treat. I do plan on doing a blog post soon about the books I picked up- Yes! I am addicted to books.... Even managed to run into the bookstore yesterday to buy ONE magazine and bought a cat book too, because of another blog post that will come in time. A little while ago I decided (with myself) that this was and still needs to be my HAPPY place.... so. This year I am going to try and keep it that way. OK.....

So... I did buy a magazine called Flea Market Gardens- Something that is Right up my alley... but while I was there- I scanned through a few others and saw something like this: and well.... You know how that goes... I had to come home and put the pieces together myself:)

I really wish I knew where I saw it so I could give credit where credit is due... But I love the idea:)

I still have several urns around here that I never got around to listing and I do believe there is one doll head in Etsy?

But this little fella is going in the glass house..... that one day, too will get finished:)

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Ara said...

Love the idea!!! Wish I was more of a garden person. My poor yard is horrendous. Maybe putting in some more whimsy like this will get me out there in the dirt - ick! Gald you're doing something for yourself! hugs, ara