Monday, October 7, 2013

The beginning of Pumpkin Season..

For the past month or so I have been sculpting pumpkins:) I needed a few for the Treehouse and figured I'd make some for the store. I've always made crackled pumpkins, but this year I made some that look real.. Or at least in my mind they look close:)
I did several sets.. Some are really shiny.. There's dark orange ones and a lighter colored orange set. There's two white sets:)
And then I made a few of these:)
Again I needed a set for the Treehouse and I made a few extras for the store:)
I even found a couple of crackled ones in my stash:)
Hopefully I can finish up my pictures tomorrow and finally get everything in the store. 

..Until Next Time..

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Ara said...

They look lovely! I have a few I made from a craft show and I totally forgot about them! They are not near as lovely as these!! HUgs! -Ara