Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its just been one of weeks!

Well..... Let's see...

My computer started acting up...
I was trying to find a link on how to make miniature jam.... Next thing I knew, I had porn all over my computer, then it said I had a virus, and that I had to restart my computer, and when I did.... my Internet was gone! So I tried again the next day, and got nothing. Then today, the bf sat down with it.... doesn't quite know what he did, but as you can see I have my Internet back, for now...... But now, my pictures are gone! I have no clue where they are, I can't even get my photo program to open up..... Not to sure how to fix this........... but I can't blog without pictures, what fun is that.

Saturday, our muffler on our car fell off. I'm still playing stupid over here......... you see, I think I'm the one who originally screwed it up. I was in a leaving a parking lot, thought I could drive through th eparking space... and next thing I know I had the car parked up on the medium thingy.... some days I'm really dense, you know. Anyways, we now have a shinny new muffler, and no one knows why:) Good thing no one in my family reads this.... Well except for Cora~ So Cora if you're reading this, this is our little secret, ok??

I'm having teeth issues. Not to sure if it's because I haven't really been to see a dentist in over 15 years, or if it's having this faulty body I have.... But I really, really hate having anyone in my mouth. Well, I had a tooth that was broke in half, and infected, so I had to break down and go see if I could get it pulled. However, the bf said he didn't want me toothless..... So, today I had a root canal done. Not as bad as heart surgery, but still no fun. They had to keep re numbing me about every 20 minutes, because it was wearing off..... No surprise there..... Remember I have bad 'nerves'..... Even had 2 roots in one canal.... and one root that I swear was connected to my nose. But I survived. Realized that sitting in a dental chair is not for me~ having my feet higher than my heart makes the room spin real bad. But like I said...... I survived. (Thank Goodness for Valium!!)

Which brings me to my next complaint! LOL..... Yesterday, the lady at the post office really got my anxiety up, and after already having a bad morning, I realized I was really going to need a refill on my Valium at some point (When the tears start, they just don't know how to stop).... So I called that doctors office, to request a refill, for the nurse to tell me that my doctor is gone. ???? Yup. Gone. So they offered to set me up with a new doctor there, and I will meet with him for the first time in December. This would be my neurologist I'm talking about. And I'm not really happy about this, I really liked the doctor I had! But..... things change...... They did however go ahead and call in my prescription! But when I got to the pharmacy.... they didn't have it.... So I had to play a quick game of cat and mouse..... and about an hour later, I finally got my meds. :)

Oh, and the lady at the post office..... I thought I was asking a simple question, and she wanted to go into some big long confuse that crap out of you explanation, and yet not even come close to answering the question you originally asked.............. and well, I don't have the energy for games, so I think next time, I'll be going to a different post office. ~She was asking me how I wanted to ship my package, and I said 'regular mail'..... And she said 'we don't have regular mail'... and then went back through that long list of shipping options..... And when she got to the bottom of the list, it said 'first class'.... Then I said to her, " So I guess when I say regular mail, I should be saying first class.' And then she said...... 'I don't know what your saying, I'm not aloud to assume anything.' At this point I was in the mood to 'Never Mind' her, and yet she wanted to go through those shipping options again. OK.... For real, I'm not 2.... I just wanted an answer to what I thought was a simple question, and yet she turned it into a headache! Gees Lady........

You still with me......
So..... Now that my mouth is killing me (actually I think it's my gums that are hurting from all those shots?) .......I'm going to take some more meds and go to sleep, Maybe tomorrow it will get better!

**As for my minis go, Wait till you see the new birdhouse I built. The boys in my house says it looks all wrong.... Instead of putting it on a post, I made a table for it to sit on. I used these tiny spindles for legs, and that's where the boys say it doesn't look right. I disagree.... And think that it's long skinny legs make it a feminine piece..... We will see what you think when I find my photo program......

Oh yeah! And I managed to glue one of our pretty couch pillows to the couch! :D
Not to sure how I did it...... Didn't even know I had done it, until the bf told me he had to cut it off the couch! Nice!! LOL!!

So now that I'm a mess, I'm gonna go and sand some more wood. It's very therapeutic, you know:)

Until Next Time


DLSarmywife said...

Oh Katie!!! Big hugs! I can only imagine what you've been through. here's hoping your photo program finds it's way home. Not to mention the rest of the week gets better!

Kim Gillian said...

Oh sounds like you have had a very difficult week...things will get better...and when you not feeling well it seems like everything that could go wrong does...I'm sorry, I would also be confused by the Post Office worker, my goodness!

Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

-Kim :)

Lorraine Escapita said...

Oh Katie... you need a hug! One of those hugs where you can just cry and then everything feels better when it's all over. :)

Debbie said...

Oh Katie your having a week like us. I certainly hope it improves very, very soon. Hope you feel better quickly, there's nothing like tooth ache..

cockerina said...

Katie, the miniatures are our anti-stress!
then, after a day at the post office, dentist, car parking, the pharmacy, I think that instead of Valium you should do a lot of bird houses!
they help you more than any medicine! ah ah!
I hope that your headache is over ... and I hope the "lady" of the post will be gone on vacation the next time ... ah ah!
Kisses and good day!

Tabitha Corsica said...

Oh Katie! When it rains it pours! Some days it is not worth getting out of bed :-).

But today will be a better day. Just keep thinking that and it will be so.

Caseymini said...

Katie, I am right there with you on the dentist. I have the opposite problem. They always give me too much novocane. No matter how many times I tell them not to, they go right ahead and do it again and again. I hope that your rest of week goes better. Want me to come help you look for the camera program? Good luck!

Marisa said...

oh honey that was a terrible day, I have days like that sometimes and I just muddle through them

it gets better dearheart


Kim said...


First off....(((((hugs))))))))

I hope your teeth feel better soon. I love computers so much- but when they don't work it is soooo frustrating! I think my heart almost stops everytime something happens to mine- why do people need to create virus's? There doesn't seem to be any purpose for them except someone somewhere gets an evil little laugh. sigh. Also, why do so many postal workers have no sense of humor or personality? There is one at my post office I avoid also because he gets sooo irritated when I ship overseas. Seems to me he gets paid his wages no matter where I ship-right? I hope this week gets better for you- I'm crossing my fingers that you get your pictures to work again. My toes too ♥

Ana Anselmo said...

Oh! Katie!!!! lots of hugs!

Christine said...

You have every ounce of sympathy about dentists and teeth and doctors who disappear! Don't they know we rely on them to look after us ALL our lives! And Postal 'Services' ARRRGGGHH!