Monday, November 1, 2010

I don't know how I forgot the pink??

When I was putting some of my birdhouses away, I noticed I didn't make any pink birdhouses.. And You know I gotta have a pink one, so...... I made some more houses:)

I've been using what ever I can find to finish these. Clock parts, tiny screws... more nail stickers...And Earrings..... Now if I could just find my wire cutters~ I've looked every where..and I just can't find them~ It's actually been driving me nuts that I can't find them, and I can't even tell you how much time I've spent looking for them, Uggg!!

Don't forget to make the pictures bigger so you can see all the details... There's actually 2 birdhouses on the bottom 'shelf' that have stickers on them. The peach one has a peach flower in the middle...and the pink one all the way to the right has a white flower design...

I'm really loving these 'pink' ones..... When I find my wire cutters, I plan on using some earring studs for their posts.... They're gonna be so pretty:)

~I bought some wood this past week to make some shadow boxes:)
~ I don't suggest eating chips while working on your birdhouses, cause before you know it, one of those potato chips is going to be supper hard, and then you'll realize that you just tried to eat a birdhouse! Yeah.... You can laugh.... I did!
~My darling sweet mother spent some time in her yard Saturday morning collecting acorns for me...She left them on their outside table while she went to run errands.... And when she came back, the acorns were gone... But 'Those Darn squirrels left you the caps' LMAO~ Poor Momma! Didn't realize you were setting up a buffet, did you?? LOL
~I just recently discovered the world of Victoria Plum, and would die to get my hands on some of the books! Which brings me to my next thought....
~Shhhh... this one is a secret though..... I bought the Hedgehog family(You know~ The Calico Critters!!) this weekend. I totally couldn't help myself...They bring back so many childhood memories of my biological father!! Our cats used to drag them in, and if he could, my dad would nurse them back to health and release them elsewhere..... I just had to have this family when I saw them in the catalog... and when I went birthday shopping, there they were. It was fate:) ...OK, You ready for this, LMAO~ They're gonna need a house! OH MY..... Hahaha.... Oh what to do??!!
~Oh... and I put a sofa kit up on Etsy... and a couple of ages chess pieces:)

Until Next Time.........


Lataina said...

Pink!!.....of course! I love them! The ones with the stickers are too cute!!! =)

Ana Anselmo said...

Hi Katie! I love your tiny birdhouses, they are so cute!!!
and I love your stories, you always make me smile, thanks for that!
a lot of mini hugs

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Beautiful houses! Love how you paint them.
On etsy i bought some acorn caps and i read on most of the listings that were selling them that they bake them at a low heat in the oven. I think its makes them stronger and prevents breakage, although not sure.Don't know if they bake the acorns.
Made me laugh your vanishing acorns to the squirrels lunch, lol.
wonderful minis from Casy in the previous post, she is so clever!