Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With the good comes the bad....

This past weekend, we went to my bf's Grandmother's 81st bday 'party'. It was really nice to be around family, and all my kids finally got to meet his whole family:) But I wanted to share something with ya.... I gave her a miniature birdhouse for her birthday. She collects real life birdhouses, and has them throughout her yard. But she has gotten where she can't get up to see them all the time. It's too cute, cause she keeps a mirror by her chair so she can look over her shoulder, outside, to see the birds. So I figured she might like to have a mini one sitting next to her chair. She was thrilled with it:) And what made my head really swell, is when the uncles were passing it around, studying it. They are all master carpenters! So it made me feel really good to have them examine it the way they did.... 'It's hollow?!' one said...... "How did you age this thing so perfectly?!' .......Oh, I ate it up! And when they asked me what tools I had used, and I told them just an exacto knife, their faces said it all!! They told me I needed tools, and I laughed and said, I'd probably cut my fingers off...... I like working with my knife, more love goes into it when it's all hand carved, right:)?? Needless to say, I was on cloud nine for a little while:)

Did I tell you I had some barns sketched out?? I'm really excited about those. I can't wait till I get my computer back running right, and I can share pictures, again. I miss ya'll!!

And on a crappy note...... My daughter is sick. There's been a cold going though the family, and it has taken more out of her then we'd like. I got a call this morning from the nurse, telling me she was wheezing, and running a fever of 104.4. My daughter hardly ever runs a fever. But when she gets sick, the sky falls out. As soon as I seen her, I knew we needed to head to the docs office for some TLC. They had her do several breathing treatments, gave her steroids.... did a chest x-ray, and concluded that she may or may not have pneumonia. And then we got to go home:) This part always scares us. We've spent many of days in ICU, and I could tell she didn't want to spend Christmas there. I teased with her that we've spent all the other holidays in the hospital, so why not Christmas too. She tends to start to panic when she thinks they're going to keep her there, and I knew that making a joke of it, might make it a little easier to deal with if it happened. But like I said....it didn't. Her fever finally broke this evening and her numbers are looking better on her peek flow meter, so I think, I hope... it's all up hill from here! :)

Well...... I'm off to go curl up in bed with a good movie and my sketch pad. I got some lighthouse books this morning from the library, and I want to see what I can come up with:)


Caseymini said...

Katie, tell your daughter to get well soon. Santa will come whether she is ill or not, but he would rather see her in good health!

I am so proud of you! Master carpenters giving you compliments on your work! But I already knew that it was great. Can't wait to see what you do with the lighthouses. For some reason, those are one of my favorite things.

Hope you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday!

Kim said...

Katie- I miss you!!!! How awesome that your birdhouse was so well received- but I am not surprised because you do wonderful work girl! I hope your daughter continues to feel better and I wish you and your entire family a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Marisa said...

I hope the poor Dear feels better I hate being sick during the winter but I usually am every year

have fun with the light houses, I really like them

Merry Christmas

Ana Anselmo said...

Dear Katie
I hope everything is Ok with Cora, and I am writing you to say that I miss you too and I wish you and all your family a Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year,
A great hug