Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello from Oklahoma!

Yup! You read that right..... I'm in Oklahoma City till tomorrow, then I will be on a plane ride back home:) My sister and family got transferred to OK, and she needed someone to ride with her and the baby, and you know I love road trips, so here I am. Took us 3 days to get here.... which is pretty good considering we had the moose, Um... I mean my 4 month old nephew with us. Poor thing was so tired of being stuck in the car seat, he either slept or he screamed! But we're here.... and tomorrow I have to say goodbye! Brings tears to my eyes just thinking of leaving him....kinda got used to having him around this week!

So the trip has been kinda boring....Saw lots of trees!! However, there were a few things here and there that got my attention. First you'd see a beautiful church...then you'd see a XXX Adult toy store sitting right next to it....I guess when you get done shopping, you're suppose to go pray for forgiveness or something?? LOL ........Saw lots of barns, and a few had quilts hanging from them....Gives me ideas to do some in miniature:) Got to drive through Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock......Didn't stop or anything, we were on a mission to get here.....but it was neat to see the cities from the road. I'd love to spend some time in Tennessee...Beautiful state!! Lots of things to see!

As for Christmas..... I don't want to go there. I AM soooooo Pissed over a Christmas present that was bought for one of my kids.... I just don't feel like some people really think about things. Totally ruined my Christmas! But hey...the buyer got 'brownie points' as he put it..... I just hope that they were worth destroying my family over! Anyways.... Now that I've had a week to think about it, when I get home....Things are gonna change. I just need to find the energy to get my point across! Hey, people! Before you buy something for someone else's kid....why don't you ask the parents first, It would make everyone's life easier if people could respect the way people want to raise their kids, ya know!! Well....think that's all I need to say about that! Ugg!

As for Cora, she's doing a lot better. She's still a little congested.... but that will pass with time.

And as for me...... I am soooo ready to be back online! I'm using my brother-in-law's computer right now, and it's making me miss my computer. I have sooooo many pictures to show you:) And I miss reading everyone's blogs! ......don't know when my computer will get fixed....still trying to come up with the money to get my tooth finished...had a root canal, and filling, just can't afford the crown yet......Oneday?!

Oh, and I got a few barns built and painted before I left.....and they're so freaking cute:) Just have to drill holes in them and put the roofs on, Ya'll are gonna love them:) I hope, lol.

OK.....well I guess that's about it........
Until Next time............


Jollie said...

Hi Katie,

Nice that you had a great time driving your nephew and your Sister to Oklahoma City.
Hope to read more about your miniature work soon...
So come home save! ;)

I am working on one of your tutorials at the moment (the silver little birdhouses from paper).

Warmest wishes, Jollie

A. Wright said...

Can't wait to see your barns :)

I agree, you should put your foot down about what you feel are innapropriate gifts for your children. So what if you lose "brownie points", you gain responsible parent points!

Hope Cora is well and happy new year to all

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you taking a look at my blog at-Marquis
and my miniature lighthouse paintings. I read a bit about you and with my same loves of birds, birdhouses, lighthouses, barns, reactions from an audience admiring your tiny creation and the satisfaction you got making it.
I'm about to post some new little birdhouses I've just made if you care to look - a lighthouse birdhouse sounds like something that would be fun to make. Take a look at the new shingle idea on the roofs of some.
I can picture that on a lighthouse and I can tell you how.

Karina Schaapman said...

greetings from

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

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