Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Knew- The Sand Trade

Well...... I learned something new this week.... Did you know it is against the law to ship 'dirt' which includes sand. :( I can't even begin to tell you how annoyed I am with this! I finally come up with a good idea, and I can't do it! It's something to do with the 'bacteria' that could be transported.

So.....I've been trying to come up with an alternate idea..... and .... well.... I'm just not thinking of anything good. And it's quite frustrating! I was excited about this trade- Dang it!

And then on top of that.... my outside cat came home the other day with what looks like a bite mark behind his ear. So he was coned and I've been cleaning out the wound 3 times a day.... And believe me when I saw he Hates being inside.... All he does is cry, cry, cry....... And of course the other cats want to check him out, and he doesn't want them anywhere near him- There's been lots of growing and hissing- noise as I call it.... Needless to say.... He's keeping me busy, and making me mental!

Oh.... and the washing machine died..... It almost deserves it own blog post. We bought it from East Coast Appliance- And I can honestly say that we will Never buy anything from them again. When we bought it, we also bought a 3 year warranty.... But Man do they give you the run around about that..... Took us a whole day of phone calls just to get someone out here to look at it. Then while the guy was here, he left the front door open, and a lot of the cats got out. Took the bf an hour to convince Otis he needed to come out from under the trailer. Our washer needed a part... and that was last Tuesday.... Today is Wednesday.... and if the bf hadn't of called them numerous times yesterday, I don't think we would of heard anything until the guy came back. The lady that the bf talked to yesterday.... said that the guy was off Wednesday and Thursday last week, so the part didn't get ordered until Friday. And they're still waiting on the part. Nice.... I worked in customer service for a long time, so I feel like I have the right to say there's sucks!!! When the bf first called, the lady he spoke with tried to walk him through trouble shooting the problem....and as he said.... why did we pay for a warranty if they expected us to fix it?! When it was delivered the guy told us, that if it broke down, don't touch it or it would void out warranty.... and that if we had any problems, to call them and they'd just bring us a new one.... Yeah Right!!! I'm 2 weeks deep into the laundry pile and it's not getting any smaller....... so yeah.... I'm stressed!

Well.... I'm off to see if I can't get at least one thing done around here........ If I don't choke the cat first...... *sigh*

Until Next Time....


dalesdreams said...

Bummer about the washer. :( You are right, that is awful service! I've found it's never worth it to buy extended waranties for anything.

What were you planning on doing with the sand? A lot of times you can substitute stuff from railroad modeling, as that is not real sand like dirt.

Caseymini said...

Hang in there Katie. It has to get better. It couldn't get much worse! Maybe, after a couple of days, Outside Cat will get used to being trapped. Poor thing. He has probably never been in prison before. Sorry about the sand trade. I flashed on that law. Someplace along the line, I have run into that one before. Good luck on finding a new trade.

Jackie said...

Oh dear you need something nice to happen!! The 'sand' the cats and your washing machine ... hopefully that's your trio of bad luck and it will change now x

Marisa said...

you poor thing I know how that feels when the washer goes on the fritz, when mine died I ran to the Local Laundry mat. got it all done in an hour and went home to relax :)

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

Oh I'm so sorry. I understand your frustration. AT&T internet has been giving me the runaround as well. (One phone call, 8 different departments, 10 different ppl and nothing accomplished.)

Maria Ireland said...

Awww what a pity you cant send sand. It seemed like a great idea still im sure you will think of something . :)

Lirael said...

Crap that really s*cks about the sand! I knew you were looking forward to it.
And if you lived next door I'd do laundry for you! Good luck with the customer service.

Lataina said...

Sorry to hear about your washer, Katie! It really sucks when you have to jump through hoops to get something resolved. I'm sure we've all dealt with incompetence before.=( My problem is that I get all worked up very easily. Around here, the BF is the one that deals with customer service on anything. He has patience for days. I hope things work out very soon. Too bad about the sand trade. =(

Kathi said...

Thanks for the tip about shipping sand. I had no idea. I smuggled some home from the beach in my carry on. Got right through security. Don't tell anyone, but I also brought home three little plantlets. I knew that was a no-no but oh well!
Hope you get a new washer SOON! It might be worth one trip to the laundromat just to get caught up.
Sorry about the BAD service you're NOT getting!

Norma Bennett said...

There is in fact a huge international trade in bulk sand. All those tourists soaking up the sun on Waikiki Beach are baking on sand from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Tonnes and tonnes of it are shipped from here to there every year.

If you want to 'ship' dirt/sand as part of your mini activities as already mentioned the model railway section of your hobby store will have supplies of passable substitutes for both. Pet stores also have sterile aquarium sand of various grades if it's sand rather than dirt you're interested in.

Hope you resolve your other issues!

Jollie said...

I hope that it turned out well now with your washing machine and you can do your laundry again.

Sick cats can be a real pain in the butt!! I know... they can really get on your nerves! I hope that he is doing better now?

Too bad that we can't have a sand trade, maybe we will think of something else to trade, I will think about it too ;)

Hugs Jollie