Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 ideas in one post

Recognize these?

They're Monopoly pieces..... crackled of course. I made these to go in the Painted Lady... and I am really happy with how they turned out. The windows and doors are stamps that I carved out of the end of a pencil eraser. These were 2 of the old wooden pieces.... hopefully I can find more, because I Promised the kids I won't take any more of their game pieces. However there are a few sellers on Etsy that have plastic houses... and they work just as well.

Next is where I decided to go with the gazebo. I knew I wanted it white.... and that I had to cut a piece out of it so some one could get in it.... Then I got stuck....

So I googled gazebos.... and realized I wanted somewhere where someone could relax. I loved the long white curtains that made it a little more private. Then I began looking around my stash to see what I had.

And I found this little chair. I'm thinking it needs to painted white, too.... and I have to cut that loop of at the top.

The rug is a cake doily that Minikat sent me.... and the 'planter' is an egg cup- it will get a moss treatment sometime soon.

Poor little thing sits right next to my bed, begging to be finished. Hopefully Jollie gets hers soon, and it will inspire me to finish mine:)

...until next time...


Unknown said...

So many good ideas! Love the small houses.

Jollie said...

Hi Katie I got mine today (see my blog) Thank you SO MUCH!!!!
I am also brainbreaking about how I am going to transform it into a little fairy gazebo ;)
Yours looks great in white and I love the chair! But I should paint the chair blue (robins egg or pastel I believe, would look great with the rug and the planter)

Hugs Jollie

MinisOnTheEdge said...

what a cool idea! Those Monopoly pieces look Great!!

Lataina said...

I ♥-♥-♥ the little houses!!! I think the gazebo is off to a great start! Looking forward to more. =)

by Sonya said...

Your little home are really great!
I love the one you have sent me!

My Wee Life said...

What a great idea:) Now where did I put the old Monpoly game?

Astridbears said...

wonderful! Your blog is lovely and I love your header!

Kim said...

oh my goodness Katie- that tiny gazebo is sooo darling! I love the little chair! I love the houses too :)

Roberta said...

My dear, I'm happy to say that your giveaway is arrived!!!!!
How many things do you put inside???? A LOT!!!!!!
All is fantastic, you are very sweet, but I really folled in love for the little matrioska, the little little wood doll....wonderfull!!!!
Thank thanks and I will post all the picture very soon!!!