Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Randomness

Check this out:) I saw my cardiologist yesterday because I've been having problems with my heart rate... and they hooked me up with a monitor for the next couple of weeks to make sure I'm not losing it. But look at it:) No more wires! No more electrodes all over the place... Just this little machine the sticks to you. I can even take a shower with it....just can't submerge it in water....Oh, I am so pleased! Now I just hope I can catch these PVC's(meaning my heart beat is skipping). My SVT (means my hearts beats too fast) is out of control here lately. I take my regular meds at night, then I've been taking extra doses during the day, and I don't feel a difference. So hopefully they can see what is going on and get me on some better medicine. Keep your fingers crossed:)

After my appointment yesterday I took a drive out to one of the most comforting places I know. This is the lake I grew up next too...When we were kids we swam in it everyday- sometimes from the time the sun came up to the time the sun went down. I have so many Good memories here....from getting a concussion...to spending my days sitting out in the middle of the lake on our wind surfer. No, us kids didn't wind surf- we could barely pull the sail up- but we'd take just the board out and sit on it all day. (lol- I got the concussion from back diving off the wind surfer- jumped up and came straight down on the board- luckly I had friends with me to pull me out of the water! Good Times, hehe) But this was always my thinking spot. When things weren't good at home I could come down here and watch the water and somehow it always made things better. I even brought my oldest here when I had to tell him something important. But yesterday I found myself drawn back here- and it still feels like home:) A part of me just wanted to jump in and swim again. I don't know.. I can't explain it... There's just a freedom that comes with it.... Stupid heart!

It's been raining A Lot lately and poor ole Rufus is scared of thunder. And we have recently discovered that he hides when it starts to get loud...here he is under a cabinet- he has himself crammed in the back there! Poor kitty! He did the same thing when I took him to the vets last week. For as big as he is he sure is a big chicken!

See my alarm clocks? LMAO! Felt like we were having a party or something this morning...at 5 am!

Oh... and the little guy in the middle is Porkchop. Don't think I've introduced him yet...Soon I'm gonna have to do a "I have an addiction to cats" post and introduce you to everybody.

Porkchop is really the apple of our eye around here... Well, until he steals you lunch. LMAO- my oldest has lost 3 sandwiches so far to him...Can't turn your back on your food at ALL around here! That's why he's named Porkchop- when he was a kitten, the bf gave him a piece of a porkchop that was way too big- and he ran around here with it hanging out of his mouth Growling. The other cats were trying to get it, and he wasn't coming off it, lol. And the name just stuck!

Thought you might like to see a custom sign I made for Victoria over at Dark Squirrel Miniatures... I did the under coat with a pale yellow and crackled over it with black. This was also the first time I used embossing powders to do a sign, and it turned out Perfectly! The letters are a shinny silver and stand out beautifully:) I'm glad she got me to broaden my horizons:) ...ok I'm just realizing this is a picture of the sign Before it was aged..sorry about that. You can see the finished sign here.

And last but not least! My dayliles have started to bloom. If I'm lucky I will have them blooming for another month or so. These ones were just planted last year, and are doing really good:) And as the bf learned the other day- they don't smell, but they will leave you a little orange Hitler mustache when you smell them to closely! lol

Until Next Time:)


Unknown said...

Katie please be careful. The heart is a sensitive organ. I hope that the pills will help you. Get well soon.
Your cats are adorable.

Unknown said...

Interesting post. Hope the monitor helps to figure out your problems so you can get the right medicine.
Your sign is great and you have beautiful lilies.
There's always something comforting to sit by a lake, and you have in addition good memories from "your lake".