Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New signs:)

These are not finished... But I didn't want to wait to show you:)

I recently bought some new stamp sets to use in the store and thought I'd share them with you. One set is a cupcake- ice cream set:) That's where the 'Celebrate the Sweet Life' sign comes from...The lighting is terrible so please excuse the picture. The sweet moments and the sweet tooth sign came from this set, too. And there's also cupcakes and ice cream cones- Perfect for when I do custom shop signs:)

The 'Home Cooking' stamp I couldn't resist- I thought it be perfect in a kitchen or restaurant?!

Then I bought a beach set to use for a custom order, and lucked out with all the other stamps that came with it:) There's the life guard signs...the 'Make Waves' sign...but out of all of these my favorite has to be that little Coastal Blue 'Sea Side' sign:) I don't think I will sell this one, it's going in my collection... but I do have more cut out to make:) Around the outside of the circle it reads: "Down by the sea. Under the boardwalk. It's just you and me."
I LOVE it!!

I'm working on some custom orders right now, and when I age them I will age these too.

*And just because....this heart monitor is not holding up to my night sweats...Poor thing is just sliding down my chest, lol. And it's Itchy.. and gross looking. Just wanted to complain for a minute.

Until Next Time!


Fabiola said...

Bye Faby

Ara said...

The signs look gorgeous!!! Love the home cooking one as well! Sorry about the monitor giving you problems :( hugs, ara

Sans! said...

I will give you a hug but that may cause your monitor to shift :). Just wanted to bring a smile :) and to tell you those signs are outstanding!

clare said...

Loving the new signs, so pretty. X