Sunday, December 30, 2012

Because it's about making memories

I made Christmas simple this year. I am running out of energy for Everything, so I have to pick and choose my battles.... And I wanted to enjoy Christmas. So this year was the first year we didn't put up a tree. Yes, it made me sad- but I just didn't have the energy to fight Otis off everyday... and wanted to put my efforts elsewhere this month. But after the kids went to bed Christmas Eve- I felt like a Bad Mom for Not decorating... and so I pulled out the 'important stuff. After all- this will be the last year Drew will be home for Christmas. ((He got accepted into the diesel program at UTI in PA and will be leaving me in August for at least a year.)) So...I felt lke I had to do something...
 So I decorated the curtain rod. Please excuse my living room. Thats all I have to say, lol.
There are certain things that make Christmas...
The angel on the top of the tree-
Or as we do it in our house-
The Barbie that sits on top of our tree.
So She got to sit in the center...Couldn't forget the Barbie, lol.
I broke out the scrapbook paper garland...
And hung a few Glitter Balls....
And even used my Dragonfly lights...
Well.... The kids thought it was funny:0 And that's all that mattered to me:)
 So..... how do you trick teenagers.
 I mean- by the time the reach this age- they get hard to buy for. You don't just want to give them money- cause that's no fun. Well- to them it might be. But I like to see them open gifts. And they want to shake everything and try and figure out what stuff is..... So what do I do.... I find the biggest boxes I can and hide their stuff in it. So they can shake it all the want- They aren't figuring out nothing! One year we filled a box with all of my son's old clothes and taped his playstation game to the bottom of the box. He was sooooo confused.... and we laughed so hard! I must warn you though- make sure you buy extra wrapping paper- or you will find yourself wrapping only a half a box on Christmas Eve like I did:D  But don't worry- the actual gift was wrapped too, inside the box. Gotta have double protection with teenagers!
 After we visited with everyone here, We took a trip up north to visit my parents for a few days.
OK.... I'M Sorry Mom for posting this picture (Mom doesn't like her picture taken)
- but I think it's cool- so deal with it:D
I took several pictures of everyone opening gifts... and it seems my Mom had someone there with her- do you see the orbs? Well- they're not in my other pictures- only in the pictures with her.... ?
((I know, I know... some people say dust... I'd just like to think differently:))
BTW.. She's opening a beautiful watercolor painting of Tugboats.
Mom loves Tugboats!
 But the most interesting part of the trip was watching these two.... What started as an oil change turned into "My engine needing to come out so they could get to the oil pan out because the plug/bolt in the oil pan was stripped and wouldn't come out.) And OMG.... was it funny. This is my son on the ladder trying to tell his Grandfather that it wasn't going to work.... and that's my Dad telling him it IS. What a mess!!
 This is why my son is saying it wasn't going to work.... Grandpa was going to hang my engine of this contraption... Now in his defense- that is a 30 ton strap.... However- I don't think those are 30 ton rafters, if you know what I mean..... Well.... The engine never came out... grandpa ended up with a black eye somewhere in there and 8 hours later my oldest son was driving my car out of the garage. Oh... and the heater had died on the way up there- so they had taken a look at that- seems a bunch of napkins had fallen behind the glove box and caught on fire- nice. My Dad just keep saying he didn't know how we had gotten up there. And I keep telling him it was because my car Loves me:)
 And before I go... I thought I'd show you what I found for my parents for Christmas. I bought this at AC Moores. And, Yes! I took measurements and sketched out a pattern before I wrapped it up. I want to try and make it in miniature one day. I just think it's so cute:)
I hope everyone has had a great Holiday Season!
I will 'see' you in the New Year:)
Until Next Time:)


The Old Maid said...

Best wishes for the New Year to you and your Family!

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Happy 2013!!
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