Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's talk Bricks

I've had Katie's Corner in a few houses over the years, and I always seem to outgrow it..
And then we got our hands on a fish tank.... and I sat for a looooong time trying to figure out how I wanted to do the walls. And then it came to me.... (That happens a lot! I'll feel completely clueless on how I want to tackle a project and it will sit for months, and then one day- It just makes sense:)
So....Katie's Corner was getting a brick wall. But not just any brick that had been around for years. And one that someone had plastered over....but over the years that plaster had started to come off.....Am I making sense? I wanted an old wall! So.....
I used a piece of self-sticking- cork- scrapbook paper (well, I used 2 sheets) ...and began cutting out bricks. At this point the kids came in and saw what I was doing and asked me if I had lost my actually after getting only this far- I was beginning to ask myself the same question- I needed a lot of bricks!
 But I had help:) Of course they are only good at keeping my lap warm and making sure nothing gets away, but least I don't get lonely- Cause you know the kids were Not sticking around to watch Mom glue bricks
 This is really an easy process- It just takes ForEver!
I drew out lines where I wanted the bricks to be- this also helped me stretch out those 2 sheets of cork paper.
 After all the bricks were stuck in I went back in and painted the cracks gray. I wasn't careful about staying in the lines- this all seemed to blend together to make it look more like a whole piece in the end.
 I had a few bricks left over and decided I wanted some bricks to peek out from the stucco... so I used the same lines from before and added a few areas of bricks here and there.
 These bricks got 'stucco-ed' over. I am also starting to build up the layers of stucco to try and get it level with the bricks. This is the undercoat.
I have also went back and used watercolors to brighten up some of the bricks.
And then I did a light white wash over everything.
 OK...If you look closely at the next picture you can see there's different layers of blue stucco. I started with the white one the bottom......and let it dry. Then I added the next layer with a little bit of blue paint...and stucco-ed over the areas where the white was- but not overlapping, just slightly inside the white.....The I let that dry...then I added more stucco with more blue and did the whole thing over again. I did this process several times until I ended up with a texture I liked. I really hope I making sense here.
-This is where my two big frames are going to live- I was just making sure they were going to fit and that everything looked good together:)
 The last thing I did was dirty it up a little. Seems stupid after just doing the whitewash- but all these layers do show through- and make all the difference in the world.
I am so pleased with how this turned out:)
 I think it's perfect for a back wall in an old vintage store:)
Until Next Time...


Kim said...

It is gorgeous Katie!! I can't wait to see it installed with everything else!

Marisa said...

Im impressed it looks really good :)


onbeingaminimum said...

It looks fabulous Katie. I always admire those of you who are so brave with paint after spending so much time making the 'look'. I am a terrible coward which means I never truly achieve the aged, distressed or weathered look I am after.
I can see the real art is the building up of layers like you have done here but the biggest point is to be brave!!
Great job!

Lucille said...

A fantastic job!

Ara said...

Wow - i love it! Every coat made it better and better! Love your eye for detail! hugs, ara

Ilona said...

This is gorgeous work, Katie, splendid!! It really is a realistic old wall.
Greetings, Ilona