Sunday, June 23, 2013


I feel like a dummy now... All I had to do was up load the blogger app... Everybody together now... Duhhhhh. Lol 

That's the treehouse in the last post.. I've been working on it here and there.. Still having a really hard time with my fingers , everything takes me twice as long, BUT.. I can DO it:)

After sculpting this tree knot for days, I decided I wanted another home instead.. And cut everything out and added a hole.. Not to sure who's gonna live here yet:)


Caseymini said...

Love the tree house! Coming along nicely, Katie.

Glad you learned to use the new iphone. More posts I hope...

No mention of the hand...How is it coming along?

Marisa said...

I have a cheap Zeki Tablet and I have to go to Amazon to get my apps but I've only got the free games that I play all the time. your treehouse looks great..hope your hand feels better


Alamom02 said...

I just love your treehouse. The knot would be a wonderful home for a cute little bug! Hope your hand gets all better soon!

Sans! said...

Wo! That treehouse is truly impressive! And the one below!

By the way, you are no stranger, Katie and you are always in my thoughts !

I see from these creations that you are working with your hands again and doing fine work. Your persistence is inspiring.

But blogging with iPhone? I think I may throw the phone across the room out of frustration :).

Thank you Katie for visiting my blog . I have missed being here.