Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Books for the dollhouse

The bookcase that will go in the back corner of the store~there is one store bought book on the bottom shelf.....a dictonary- it doesn't open like mine do though. Yes, After making that back shelf for the dollhouse, I decided that it needed books. I made one with a polymer clay binding, and I liked it. It is bigger than I'd like though, so I'll have to work on it. The rest I made out of scrapbook paper and preprinted words. I copied the first chapter of the books and played around with the size until I liked it. I printed these pages in columns, making it easier to put them together. I still have a lot of books to do, but for now.....I am rather over it. At least I got all the books for the bookcase done!
See my mess.....I work so much better when everything is everywhere!Here are some more books that will go in the shop-dollhouse.

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