Monday, March 24, 2008

Cora's dollhouse

I thought I'd share with you some pictures of Cora's dollhouse. First, let me give you a little history behind the house. One of my best friends found it in the trash and brought it to me. She knew I'd fix it up and my daughter was at the age where one was appropriate. My bf and I painted it blue and I painted each room a very bright color....We are not afraid of color around here....seriously, you should see MY house~ orange living room, fushia master bedroom and not to mention my red hall. But, I am getting a little of the subject here. So, back to Cora's house. The house has been around for a little while now, and not showing it's age any better. Not to mention, that one of our cats thinks he is some kind of gargoyle, and sat on the roof, and well, it is not going to hold up forever.....One more time, and I think it is gonna be a gonner. I have pictures of this cat when he was a little fella and small enough to sleep in the attic.....and Now...well, he's deadly!!

The blue room is the living room. The big hutch in the back was mine when I was little. The couch used to be pink, I think it was found with the house. I just painted it black. Worked really good! The coffe table I made out of bosa wood, and now that I see it in a picture I think it needs to be darker. There is a little polymer clay pot on top of the fireplace. I love this room at Christmas. We have a lot of decorations!

The kitchen (the yellow room) is missing it's stairs......the brothers have disappeared with them?!?!?! She just got the fridge, so things are a little cozy. You will notice pictures on the walls. They are peices of scrapbook paper, cut into squares, backed with another sheet of scrapbook paper. (The picture in the living room is a picture I cut out of a watercolor magazine.)
I remember how to crochet long enough to make a blanket, pillow and a bean bag chir for the orange room. All of the beds in the house are handmade. Oh and my favorite thing is in the attic. I built a dollhouse for the dollhouse. You see it, it's in the back left corner...Yup, it even has furniture!!

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