Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just an update:)

Still haven't got the computer fixed....but then again, I haven't really had the time either......Hopefully soon:) I'm dying to show you all the pictures we took this weekend. We took Cora to camp in West Virginia......and took a couple of detours along the way......We did make it to the penitentiary....but I'm not impressed with the pictures that were taken. We used the flash, and yet, half my pictures are black...Wonder if it was the ghosts messing with me Again??? LOL

I've also rediscovered the world of nail art stickers...LOL...Found some beautiful strawberries, and made a whole set of stuff to go in the kitchen at Marshmallow Manor!!! I also found a whole bunch of polymer clay pieces that people glue on their nails now.....My way of cheating! I'm just too lazy to break out the clay to make lemon slices, lol....and now I don't have to:)

OK....Hope to be back soon! Miss ya'll like crazy:)

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Kim said...

I miss you too Katie! Can't wait to see the kitchen!!! You're still gonna show us the penitentiary pics, right?