Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Time:)

Took the kids home for 4th of July this year................
And thought we'd share some pics with you!

Grandpa broke out his old uniforms, and the kids played dress up...... We are a Very proud military family. Let's see....My Dad was in the navy, My Step-dad was in the Marines...and then their other Grandfather (on their Dad's side) was in the Army...all are retired now. Then My Uncles were in Vietnam.....and both My Grandfather's fought in WWII. I'm very honored to have them as my family!! Hopefully one day, my kids can carry on this tradition:)

I love the candid shots you take in between trying to get that perfect family photo. Here's my daughter being a typical 13 year old girl, and her little brother looking at her like she's crazy, lol.

Did you notice my youngest' Mickey Ears??? My Mom had bought the hat in Disneyland....and we though it went perfectly with the flight suit! He's so freakin' cute:)

Let's see...... My oldest gave Tator a few rides around the yard on the four wheeler....It was too funny! This dog LOVES this....and actually barks at the four wheeler till some one gives him a ride, too! LOL

The kids got to light off some sparklers..... was actually hard to get a picture of this one, he kept spinning around with them!

These were Very sparkly sparklers!!

And then there was the "adult" fireworks.......

This one reminds me of a Star Wars Light Saver....hehehe

Loved this red one!

And Yes! there were a few big ones...

It was good to see the whole family....actually got to sit down with everyone and eat dinner.....don't think we've done that in years! One of us is always MIA.

So...........Did anyone else besides for me save any of the firework 'trash'?? LOL.....I did! I have the makings of a ceiling fan and a base for a table. But you'll have to wait till later for that!

Until Next Time!


onbeingaminimum said...

You have a family to feel really proud of. Enjoy them every day.

Sans! said...

Well said, Janice, I echo you :). Love these happy pics, Katie ! :)

Kim said...

Katie, your children are so darn cute! Wonderful photos!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday ♥

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Very cute pics of the kids!
I remember searching the neighbourhood after Guy Fawkes (Our firecracker night in November) for all the left over 'treasure'when I was a kid, lol!