Sunday, October 31, 2010

The whole reason it has stayed in the box this long...

Yup! That Otis!!

A little over a week ago I won A Beautiful Giveaway from Casey over at!! I'm still in shock that I won it actually...... But very honored to recieve something so special. You see, Casey and I both started blogging in Feburary of 2008. We didn't know each other... I actually started blogging to find friends that knew what polymer clay was.... And soon after I started blogging, I discovered Miniatures, Again. But not as I knew once them.... I had a dollhouse as a kid and it never even occurred to me that I could paint the walls. lol...or decorate it for that matter..... So, here I was...googling miniatures and one day came across Casey's Blog. OMG! She knew everything! There was nothing that this woman couldn't do! I called her the Miniature Guru in this house:) ((Betcha didn't know that, Did ya Casey?)) Poor Casey.... she thought she was going to write a blog and not get comments, lol. And here I was.... eager to tell her how awesome her things were. 3 years later, and I'm happy to call her my friend:) ..........So, when I won her giveaway..... I was floored! :)

And like I said earlier! I'm still in shock. She let me choose my own fabric, and I choose the same material that Tessie's apron was made of. I love the material, and It would remind me of Casey's Talent and Tessie's Crazy antics every time I saw it:) And now that I have it in my possession.... I couldn't be more pleased!

No! I did not let Otis eat the furniture. I let him have one good sniff, then he had to go:)

I still can't get over how vivid the colors in the material are.
And all that weaving that was done to make something like this. I just don't think I'd ever have the patience to do something like this, So Thank-you again Casey!!!

Look at what else she put in the box..... A mini house!!! ~ and wallpaper, and carpet, and the tiniest trim I've ever seen... My poor head has been hurting thinking of all the possibilities with this!

....and she sent me these 2 tiny houses:) ((BTW... I just picked up some copper, so as soon as I can figure out how to make a roof with it, I'll decorate these houses for Katie's Corner))

And as if all that wasn't enough..... She had previously sent me one of her On the Go Mini Kits! I do have to say that I've already used it several times, so it doesn't look the same as when i first got it. And we((the bf and I)) loved that little glue bottle! But it happens to be MIA right now??)
*Ya'll are gonna have to remind me about the story of the bf and the glue, but later, ok...

And there was lots of goodies in it..... A pink basket~ A beautiful leather purse with high-heels to match:) Wood pieces, findings...... Yes! Lots of good stuff!

I've been racking my brain all week with what kind of roombox I want to put my new furniture in. I thought about doing one of those scenes in a bag, but with these cats, there's no way I'm taking the chance... I could just see it now...... I think I'd cry! But, I think my new furniture would look great in the glass house.... which got me thinking, I know~ scary thought, huh?! But I was thinking that I need a bigger house anyways for The Painted Lady... I just have too much Good stuff that I think needs to be in there. SO, my plan is to get a bigger roombox for The Painted Lady, and then I want to use the glass house to house the stuff Casey sent.... I'm thinking it's going to need lots of plants....You know, somewhere cozy to sit and read a good book... A Small Patio or something.... OMG~ Did I just say I need another house? Yikes! I better get to finishing the ones I've already started, huh?!

Thanks again Casey! This stuff is Amazing!!! Hugs!
Until Next Time.....


Lataina said...

WOW!!! So many wonderful things from Casey. I agree that she knows and does it all. I LOVE her blog b/c you can learn sooo much from her. =) You're so lucky to receive all those goodies. Enjoy!!! =)

Jill said...

Casey really IS a guru, isn't she?! That wicker furniture is amazing. Her incredible talent blows me away~ and so does her wonderful imagination! Congrats on your fabulous win~ you lucky girl!

Caseymini said...

First of all, Katie, I am so happy that you like the wicker. I kind of figured that Otis was involved with your not taking the stuff out of the box.LOL Mookie and Widget haven't used wicker as chew toys yet, but they are tempted by the skeins of thread that I use to do it....

Now about the "two tiny houses"....I was ROFLOL when I read that part...Those are the chimneys for the little house! They aren't attached because that way, you can put them where you want them. Feel free to make them houses if you want to. Have fun with your prize. I like the idea of putting the wicker in the glass house and of course you need another house! Don't fight it!

Witchkrafting with Kat said...

Cool miniatures! Thank you for joining my Haunted House party, Happy Halloween Kat :-)

Kikka N said...

Adorable and so stunning... I am worless! :)