Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's talk Movies, TV and books

The kids and I went to the Library yesterday. My youngest loves Star Wars... and while I was showing him where the movie books were.... I came across 2 that I feel in love with. The first is 'The Art of Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon.' If you ever need eye candy for dragons or Vikings.... this is your book. But I still can't believe that I missed this house in the movie... I'm going to have to watch it again and see what else I missed. Anyways.... The house is an old ship turned on it's side- How smart is that?! I love all the moss on it...and the shields.... and the little birdhouse by the door..... and the wind chimes made out of bones. Oh how I would so love to build this in mini!!!

Oh... and there's a lot of history in the book about the girl who first wrote the story. Did you know she was about 8/9 when she started writing this. You'll have to read the book to learn more about her summers in Scotland... What an amazing childhood she had!

The other book I got is called "Coraline... A Visual Companion" by Stephen Jones. Another beautiful book...... And this house I know about:) As soon as I first saw it in the movie, I wanted it. A pink house! How sweet is that.

But when I started at looking at the behind the scenes photos, I realized I missed my calling in life. I shoulda been a set designer! OMG- I could spend all day working on this- How about you?

This book has been a good read, too! Did you know they had to use over 200,000 faces for Coraline.... Or that someone had to make over 450 Scottie Dogs for the movie scene. Crazy huh! There's a lot of work that went into this movie! And the story- well it came from a Dad that told these stories to his little girls at night. I just love learning about all of this.... It is so inspiring!

OK... Now first let me apologize about the fuzzy pictures. I sat the other night and watched all 13 episodes on Youtube.... and while I watched I took pictures of things(lol... I won't tell you I took over 150 pictures, lol!!!) Anyways...... Remember the Wuzzles? They are one of my all time favorites! How cool would it be to build the Land of Wuz??

We start with Bumblelions house! It's a Big beehive with a sports theme....

And then there's Butterbears house! I just love all the pink! And the fact that there is a butterfly roof! And butterfly shutters..... So pretty!

And then what about Hoppo house! Love the big bow above the door and how the bow tails become curtains! I also love the angle on the front of the house... Just so different! And again so inspiring!

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures.... I'm off to think about all the things I should be

until next time....


Kim said...

Coraline is one of my favorite books. I love Neil Gaiman. I didn't catch that ship house when I saw the movie either- and I really loved that movie! Happy Wednesday Katie!!

Caseymini said...

Katie, there is a place on the coast of england that they actually have little cottages made from boats like that. A friend of mine sent photos of some to me last year. Really fascinating what people can do with recycling!LOL

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Katie, wow to work on those film sets eh, that would be awesome! I love the house in Coraline, love the film too so going to have to check out that book! My lot love the How to train a dragon film Ive never watched it with them so will have to now! There is so much eye candy in todays movies and us miniaturists look at everything differently to others dont we, we imagine how we can turn it all into dollshouse projects! Kate xxx

Marisa said...

I never read those books :( my mothers best friend hooked me on spy/mystery/thriller paperbacks so I read a lot of that growing up. as long as I was reading my Mother didn't care..she had 4 other kids to worry about so the bookworm was left on her own :(

I wish I would have read things like that though but I have seen the movies and that boat is fantastic you should do it in Mini

Marisa :)

Lirael said...

If you like Neil Gaiman's work, try watching Stardust. The movie is as good as the book :)

Plushpussycat said...

Fun! We miniaturists are all set designers, in a way. I do a lot of set designing when I design my plushy mini vignettes and when I take photos for my greeting card line. Thank goodness it is so much fun! :-)