Friday, August 26, 2011

Well.... We're home early!

What a strange week! An earthquake and a hurricane?! wtf? We didn't feel the earthquake in NC, but my bf felt it here in Va... and my other sister felt it in DC.... crazy!

We got kicked out of North Carolina yesterday due to the hurricane that's coming..... in a way I'm kinda glad, cause I'd rather be here with my trailer and cats! We've been praying for days that it would just go away.... but I fear it ain't listening to us!

So while I can... I thought I'd jump on here and show you a little bit of our week!

I took this picture Wednesday evening...... Stunning! I can't wait to blow it up and frame it!

We stayed in a house that was called the Happy Crab! Which was perfect considering my Nephew's birthday party was all done in Sponge Bob:) The house was huge.... with a whole lot of stairs! We sure got our exercise considering the kitchen was on the 3rd floor! It's a good thing I've got 3 kids, cause I don't think I would of been able to run up and down all day!

We celebrated my Nephew Gavin's 1st Birthday Wednesday! He's so awesome! And busy! LOL

I spent the morning baking, and my sister decorated these:) Aren't they so cute.... and Yummy!

My favorite part though was watching him eat it:) Too cute!

We found out Wednesday evening that we were being evacuated Thursday morning.....Which was the day of the wedding. Luckily the Preacher moved up the time for us... So my sister was still able to get married.... But we had to do things a little backwards. (but if you know my family, we do everything backwards, so why not that day,

We had to have the car packed when we left for the wedding, because we had to drive out of Duck, NC and into Kitty Hawk, and they wouldn't let us back into Duck.... So we did the wedding cake before the wedding! I wanted to make sure my sister had the traditional pictures of cutting the cake.

Speaking of the wedding cake.... Isn't it cute! I've done cakes before, but never like this, so I was kinda proud:) My Mom made the fence around the cake, and I did all the chocolates.

And this is what they did to it. We couldn't take it with us.... And were actually going to leave it in the fridge for the home owners.... But.... It started with everyone eating the chocolates, then they started using the chocolates as spoons and dug out the middle of the cake. LOL.... At least they enjoyed it, huh! Honestly... It didn't bother me! I was just glad everyone liked it!!!

I rode with my nephew to the wedding, and the poor thing slept the whole way. He's so cute.... He held that rope the whole time!

And my sister had her dream wedding on the beach! That's me on the left... then the preacher, then my BROTHER in law (I'm a little excited about that, I've never had a brother! And he's awesome, Fits right in with us!!!) Next to him is his best friend holding Gavin.... And then the guy on the right is my Dad.... Getting ready to hand of my sister! I think we all cried!!! Actually getting tears again now thinking about it!

All in all it was a good trip, just wish I didn't have to say goodbye to everyone at the end though.... I miss them already!

So... we're home.... and now we've got a hurricane coming, Awesome! I just PRAY that it doesn't take my trailer!

Until Next Time!


A. Wright said...

Ok, I was starting to get anxious about you guys. Glad to hear you are home safely and you will certainly be in my thoughts.

Thank goodness you were able to squish in the wedding and the birthday(hehe lots of cake squishing too)!

Kim said...

I was worrying and wondering about you Katie- I'm glad you are home- but glad your sister had her dream beach wedding too. You all look so wonderful!!! What a sweetie pie your nephew is!!!! The cake is fabulous- and that sunset...swooooon :) I'll be saying a prayer that you and everyone in the hurricane's path stays safe ♥

Caseymini said...

Katie, I will be thinking of you and your family. I am glad that you got home ok. Now stay safe!!!
No playing at Wizard of Oz with the trailer!!!

Ana Anselmo said...

I am very happy for you and all your family!!! Your sister is beautiful!!! but I love the little guy, he is so cute!
I am just now seeing the TV news, and they are talking about the hurricane Irene- I hope everythig is ok with you and all your family, (thank you for your post)-
Love and hugs for everbody

Plushpussycat said...

Good story and photos! Nice to see a picture of you, Katie! I'll pray for you, your family, AND your trailer! :-) Take care.

Lataina said...

Katie! You're baaaacckkkk!!! lol
I think this is the first pic I've seen of you. You're so pretty! And I now remember the last pic you posted of your daughter. My goodness she looks just like you!

It looks like you all had a nice time between the b-day and the wedding. =) Too bad Irene is ruining this weekend for so many people and events that were planned! =(

Welcome home!!! =)