Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Update....

I am just now Finally getting the pumpkins loaded into Etsy. Between the rain, the car dying on us, and everyone having a cold.... well.... you know how that goes...... I just fell behind. So I thought I'd drop off some pictures to share with you:) When you get a chance, you can check the rest of them out on Etsy:)

All of my pumpkins were sculpted by me using a toothpick- and not because I don't have the right sculpting tools, but becasue for some reason I am more comfortable using a toothpick?! Each were painted with a base coat before being painted with LOTS of coats of acrylic paint. After they were crackled, I went back over them with watered down paints to add more age. I feel like I've been painting for weeks, lol. Each pumpkin was also sprayed with an acrylic sealer to protect all those coats of paint.

....look, it has a hat?! ...too cute!

Love those little pink flowers behind the pink pumpkin! With it being October- I just had to make a pink pumpkin! Save those Ta-tas!!

So... Earlier today, I was outside taking pictures.... came in the house for a minute.... and when I came back out the sun wasn't shining in my yard anymore.... So when I started looking around, I spotted my neighbors Beautiful Orange pumpkins.... and knew they'd make a good backdrop- my neighbor wasn't home, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind:)

My biggest pumpkin.... and my smallest pumpkin:)

And of course I can't go anywhere without my shadow!

My neighbor has dogs, so when she's home.... JD doesn't get to come in their yard..... But now that he had their yard to himself..... he was making sure he left his scent Everywhere! Poor dogs- When they finally get outside, they're going to go crazy trying to figure this out!

I still have some more pumpkins to upload into Etsy tomorrow.... but for tonight, I'm done...... well... with the computer at least. I have 'other' pumpkins that need to be finished and one that I'm hoping to have done for a giveaway here soon. Don't worry, it won't be one you can buy it the store, it will be special:)

Ok..... before I go..... I want to thank those of you that leave comments! I know I've been slacking in the whole blogging department and even worse when it comes to leaving you comments, but I'm hoping this will change soon. I was thinking that when the kids went back to school I'd have more time, but for some reason, some one is stealing my days, and I just don't know where time goes these days?

Until Next Time......


Lataina said...

Oh Katie they are fabulous! =)

Ana Anselmo said...

Katie, I already said, but I am going to say it again , I LOVE YOUR PUMPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!