Saturday, December 3, 2011

Red Paint and a Squirrel Tail...

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays...... We did. We spent a quiet evening at home with the kids:) Of course the drama was over where the turkey was going to be cooked. Our oven is not working at the moment.... And I had decided I wanted to try and cook the turkey in a Crock Pot- But I couldn't seem to find a Turkey small enough to fit in our Over sized pot... So then our neighbor offered to let me use her kitchen seeing as she was going to be at her families' all day. Then the day before Thanksgiving she calls me to tell me the her power is out in her kitchen. So we called an Electrician.... and I have a good friend who also called around the same time and offered to bring me a roaster. Well around the same time the Electrician showed up, so did the power company, and the pouring down Rain mind you, lol.... Seems other neighbors were having similar problems... and something about something that is way over my head- but by the end of the evening the power was working again... and all was well. LOL. Turkey got cooked on a bed of red apples and was delicious! But very dramatic, lol.

So..... I ordered a stamp for my store. I figured I stamp my signs, only seems nature to have a store stamp right. I ordered it from The Stampin' Place on Etsy. Really good customer service- Really quick turn around and shipping! And I have stamped everything! LOL.... No Casey- The cats did not get stamped, lol.... although the new box of cat litter that sat in the living room for too long did, lol. And so did that stick in the picture, lol. I know it's only half a stamp- but at least it's the part with my website...plug, plug.

But let's talk about this red paint. I've been working on this order for a friend for Christmas. She wanted signs to give her friends for Christmas.... I made them, took them out side to seal them- but I've been having problems with the sealer. At first I was thinking it was the weather. Then I thought it was clogged. I soaked it, poked it... and that didn't work.... so I bought a new can. And made the dumb mistake of spraying all the signs. Those are the ones in the bottom set. Well.... now they are frosty....

You can see it better in this picture. Look at the middle sign. That has a coat of sealer on it. Do you see what I mean. The top sign does not. I could kick myself in the butt for spraying ALL those signs. I tried to sand the frost off ( see the 3rd sign down in th epic) but then it started sanded off the ink, too. So I just redid them.... those are the ones in the picture above in the top half of the pic. I still have to cut them down, sand them and age them..... but I refuse to send something that is less then what I would want. I think I might try and Modge podge the frosty ones to see if I can't save those. I've spent way too much time on them to just throw them away.

Now see... I sprayed this 'lady' sign with those red ones yesterday and you can't tell! It looks fine?! This is a hand carved stamp that I made a loooong time ago. Don't think this one will be going in the shop, but if your interested, I can make one for you.

...Now who does this remind you of?
Too cute- I just had to buy this set!

OK.. I must warn you... If you gross out easy- You might want to leave now..... Sorry

My youngest was walking through the backyard the other afternoon... When he yelled:
"Ahhh Gross- Maa- There's a dead Squirrel in the yard..... Oh wait- Nevermind- It's just a Tail!"


Thanks Guys!

...until next time....
I'm off to start listing the unfrosty signs...


Caseymini said...

Katie, are you sure that it didn't fall off of Davy Crockett's hat?I know what you mean about cats. I once had one of my cats present me with the back half of a dead rat and expect praise!LOL What kind of spray are you using on the sign? Maybe it is a bad batch from the company... I use a lot of Deft spray sealer and have never had a problem{fingers crossed} so far.

Lady Jane said...

Love those little signs. So cute. Hugs, LJ