Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Stamps

First... Let's start with where the idea came from...
I have my Gypsy poor neglected, unpainted gypsy wagon. I had wanted to paint it yellow with green and red trim like the one in Wind in the Willows... Until I was introduced to
Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted a girlie- pink- gypsy wagon. The critter that will live in it will be a fortune teller.Among other things, I wanted an Oujia board for her to have. So I found a rubber stamp in Cherry Pie Art Stamps store:) It's a little big for 1/2 (half) scale, but it fits perfectly on one of the walls inside the gypsy wagon.
 I also purchased this "Wheel of the Year" stamp. What witch doesn't need a pagan calendar?!
 These next stamps have been purchased over the past 2 years. This Palm Reading stamps is one of my favorites! I have so many books and notes on palmistry from when I was younger. One day I should try and redo some of that stuff in miniature, too....after I get a printer.
 This "Welcome to the North Pole" would be perfect in Santa's Workshop.... I'm on the hunt for Christmas stamps- but I'm just not finding images that would work. If I can see it 'hanging over a fireplace' then I know it will work for miniatures.
 This one a friend bought for me. I didn't notice it was a angel at first... And now that I do, I think it's perfect for all your shabby chic needs:)
 I spend a lot of time looking for the perfect rubber stamps to make my signs with! And I absolutely love it when I finish a sign, and it looks better than what I thought it would be! All of the signs shown today can be found in my store:)

And on the Home front...
We've been busy! A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that Porkchop was having a hard time walking- and his little 'knees' were swollen. So I took him to the vet, and turns out that he has not one but 2 broke legs. 2 breaks in each leg right in his 'ankles'. And we have NO idea how this happened. The vet said it looked like it had happened 3-4 weeks ago.... and that they were already starting to heal. So no casts... and no pain meds. Chops is in really good spirits and he doesn't seem to be in a terrible amount of pain... and the vet didn't want to give him pain meds because then he would think he felt better and would use his legs more. ((If he starts to act like he's in pain, I can pick up something for him.))
 And he's not allowed to play. Do you know how hard it is to keep a 10 month old kitten from playing? He's normally the holy-terror of the house (well behind Otis)... and he's just so pitiful now....
 You can see one of his swollen legs in the next picture. There still swollen, and I hope that's all it is. I'd hate for my baby to have crooked legs!
And as for me... testing went well. I have to wait to talk to the doctor, and when I know what's going on, I'll update my blog. But for now... I'm going back to bed. Chop-Chops needs a cuddle partner:)

Until Next Time:)


Caseymini said...

Katie, I hope that you and Chops both feel better soon! You are lucky he didn't need the cast. My Widget messed up a back leg and needed the cast...Not fun. I had to keep him separated from the other cat and the cast covered so he wouldn't lick it...Have you ever tried to knit a sock for a cat? I did...It worked. Hang in there. Get well soon. Love the new signs.

onbeingaminimum said...

Would you please stop tempting me with all these wonderful new pieces Katie. You will be needing a truck for my order!!

Lucille said...

I like that stamp with the angel. So sorry about your kitten but relieved that he's on the mend. That gypsy caravan you plan to make sounds like an exciting project. Gypsy caravans have always fascinated me! Hope you will be able to recover from whatever condition the tests uncover!

Ascension said...

Espero que tus pruebas salgan bien.
Siento lo de tu gatito, seguro que pronto mejorara.
Me encantan esas laminas, quedaran genial en tu nuveo proyecto.
besitos ascension

Kim said...

Poor Chops! I hope he feels better soon- what a nice cuddle partner to have though :) I love all the new signs- your signs always make me want to start new projects!! Pinterest is so dangerous, isn't it? I could look at that site for hours!

Ana Anselmo said...

I hope everything is going better now! I love your new signs! and everything else, as usual.....(I am your fan , you know it)
Lots of hugs